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eai0%6 Kiran Potogranty Kirlian Photography @ After returning to Portugal our financial situation kept us from resuming our Kirlian photography research for a number of years. I worked part time in a telecommunications shop, because I was forced to practically retire in the functions that I had exercised for the Portuguese government in Angola for almost 30 years. During this time, we met other people of similar interest with whom we exchanged information and impressions. On top of this, being interested in parapsychology and all matters concerning subtle energy, we ordered specific books from the USA that allowed us to deepen our knowledge on several themes, including Kirlian photography. Most important among the books about Kirlian photography that we acquired, I feel, were The Kirlian Aura, edited by Stanley Kripner and Daniel Rubin, Anchor Press/Doubleday, Garden City, New York, 1974, and The Body Electric, Thelma Moss, Ph.D., J.P. Tarcher, Inc. Los Angeles, 1979. In 1978, I also subscribed to the magazine of the IKA, The Intemational Kirlian Research Association, published in the USA. This allowed me to discover several research studies in the field, as you will soon see. Back then, information about the research going on in the Soviet Union and its satellite countries would have been impossible to obtain, if not for the international magazine Journal of Paraphysics, published in England. They translated and published texts that had been brought from within the Soviet bloc by authorized investigators visiting universities that were actively doing research in Kirlian photography. ‘As we had brought the Tesla generator from Angola, we could then continue the research, but now we were ready to move on to the vegetable kingdom. In front of our residence there were some tree and made a photograph of it immediate! s of the Poplar family. We collected a leaf from one of the trees The corona is radiant inclusively in the petiole as you can observe We allowed 12 hours to elapse and made a second photograph. The corona is smaller and one can already see some deterioration points, mainly where the electrode was applied for the photograph. The corona is softer inclusively in the petiole. In that it was summertime, we thought that this might be due to a lack of moisture in the leaf. To check this supposition we left the leaf to dry more, and later put it into a small container of water, convinced that it would plunger comalguiiaand-ahi ve 92112016 Kirlian Photography yield a photograph at the very lease similar to the second one. As you can observe, it is not the moisture that docs it — it is the bio-energy latent in the leaf. Compare it to the first one. You will observe just a white stain although it was completely moistened. There is no doubt remaining that the corona is due to the latent bio-energy of the vegetable kingdom. We repeated the experiment several times and always got the same results. We also tried several times to obtain the "ghost" effect produced by Semyon Kirlian. It seems he doubted this effect later in his researches, but it was obtained by doctor Victor Adamenko as we said earlier. Experiments made by Robert M. Wagner of the University of California, Long Beach, on April 29, 1975 show that the "phantom effect" was obtained. The author did more than 539 attempts before getting the desired picture! The leaf recently picked was exposed 0.7 seconds at a voltage of SOkV by 330kHz. These parameters were always the same for all the pictures. The first picture was made with the recently picked leaf. In the second picture, the leaf was amputated and, as you can observe, there is no ghost. On the third, the leaf was amputated on the end and placed an opaque Plexiglas divider between the leaf and the amputated part. It had never been in contact with the film, to insure that no moisture was left on the film. As given to verify, we have no doubts that this was the true "phantom effect”. We have seen lots of pictures that are said to be of the "ghost" but they are frauds and easy to detect by one who knows the theory and origin of Kirlian photography. We tried several times to photograph leaves recently picked and amputated but we never had the luck to get the “phantom effect” that you can observe in the third picture. The result that we got was always the one of the second photograph. We also checked that it is easy to imitate the "phantom effect". If, for a brief instant, the whole leat is exposed, and then the point is cut, followed by another exposure, this effect can be produced. This is a very common deception; it is easy to detect for an expert, because although very faintly, the corona corresponding to the cut part can be seen Next: pihwurwpissaro.comialquimiatki ante 22