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ey TFF “Tarkiye Futbol Federasyonu “Turkish Foal Paraton Unit No :2020/ 09- 18029 02/12/2020 FIFA Member Associations Dear Sir/ Madam, ‘As you know and as in the previous years, many clubs from Europe and Asia prefer to organise their winter (and summer) preparations in Tlirkiye and play friendly matches with the clubs staying in our country every year. In this respect, since these matches should be authorised by the relevant associations, confederation(s) and/or FIFA in accordance with the FIFA Regulations Governing international Matches and taking into consideration the situation related to pandemic, we kindly ask that your association to fulfil and to ask to your clubs to fulfil the following criteria: * to complete the relevant FIFA form (participating forms) in order to authorise the participation of your affiliated teams/clubs in international friendly matches in Turkey and then fax the forms to Turkish Football Federation to +902163191945 or e-mail to and your confederation within the deadlines mentioned in FIFA regulations. ‘* To notify the details of match organiser ; we would like to remind that, according to FIFA regulations, international friendly Matches or tournaments may only be organised by National ‘Associations (at national team level), clubs or FIFA Match Agents existing in FIFA Match Agents List on the Therefore, TFF should be informed by the National Associations with the details of match organiser and whether the organiser is an FIFA Match Agent or not. Only the application of the above three parties will be accepted and proceeded. The match organiser stated is deemed responsible to take the necessary administrative, security, medical measures for the match and necessary measures and application of the procedures regarding the COVID 19 pandemic as well as related match playing permissions from local authorities. ‘© To inform whether the relevant matches will be broadcasted live in Turkey or not, for all international friendly matches (Tier 1,Tier 2 and Tier 3) which will be played in our territory. * The organiser to request referee appointment from Turkish Football Federation; In line with the Regulations on the Organisation of Refereeing in FIFA Member Associations, The referees for such matches should be nominated by the Turkish Football Federation’s Referees Committee. Hasan Dogan Mill Takimlar Kamp Egitim Tesisleri Cayagzi Kéyli Riva, Beykoz - Istanbul / Turkiye. ‘Tel: +90 (216) 554 51 00 - 554 51 01 - Fax: 490 (216) 319 19 58 - +90 (216) 319 1959 wwwtthorg ey) TFF ‘Tarkiye Futbol Rederasyonu © The requests for such an appointment should be sent to Turkish Football Federation after the application to the above fax or email and latest 4 days before the relevant match (IMD-4 to enable the referee team PCR tests to be performed) to and the payment for the expenses and daily allowances of them of the amount listed in the Annex, according to international rules, should be made in full and as a whole by organizer at the latest 4 days before the match (MD-4) to TFF accounts which are as follows,. The appointments shall be made upon the receipt of payment swift to the same email above. ‘© Due to the current special circumstances, the expenses of COVID 19 PCR tests of the referee ‘team have to be covered by the Match Organiser, those expenses are included to the referee fees mentioned above. The match details and sender bank details must be indicated in the payment swift. Please note that the payment of the amount as half will not be accepted, will be transferred back and it will not be possible to authorise the match since the criteria is not fulfilled. TL account: EURO account Bank: Garanti Bankast Bank:Garanti Bankas! Branch and code: 1. Levent Ticari- 186 Branch:1.Levent Ticari Sube/Ist Account no:6298038 Swift Code:TGBATRISXXX186 IBAN: TR68 0006 2000 1860 0006 2980 38 ‘Ace:9094471 Iban:TR13 0006 2000 1860 0009 0944 71 Please note that FIFA Return to Football International Match protocol will be applied in National A ‘Team friendly Matches and UEFA Return to Play Protocol for club and other national team friendly ‘matches together with Turkish Football Federation Instructions For The Measures In Competitions Due To The Covid-19 Outbreak. The match organiser is responsible for ensuring that the provisions mandated in those protocols are implemented. PMAs and/or the clubs are responsible for ensuring that the health monitoring and PCR testing requirements are complied with by their team delegation members (or individual players, as applicable) before their matches. Both teams should follow the protocols for visiting teams. The test laboratories where the PCR tests are performed should be Turkish Republic Ministry of Health accredited laboratories and the match officials appointed by TFF are subject to check the test results of the teams if necessary. TFF reserve the right to appoint delegates for all matches for the control of the organisational and pandemic related matters and measures. We would like to emphasize that, TFF will authorize international friendly matches only when it receives the above mentioned information/documents completely within the given deadlines and ask the authorisation of the Confederations. Y + Hasan Dogan Mill Takimtar Kamp Egtim Tesisleri Gayage! Kéyli Riva, Beyko2 - Istanbul / Turkiye Tol: +90 (216) 554 51 00 ~ 554 51 01 - Fax: +90 (216) 319 19 58-190 (216) 319 19 59 J TFF “Turkiye Futbol Rederasyonu Please also note that, in accordance with the FIFA regulations, TFF shall inform the relevant association|s), the Confederation(s) and FIFA ifit receive any knowledge about any international match that was arranged and played on our territory and for which authorisation was either not sought or not given. Thank you for your kind co-operation and informing your clubs and your affiliated match organizers, we remain Hasan Dogan Milli Takimlar Kamp Eéitim Tesisteri Gaya Kéyi Riva, Beykoz- istanbul / Turkiye 4690 (216) 554 51 00-554 51 01 - Fax: +90 [216] 319 19 58- +90 (216) 319 19 59 worutiorg J TFF ‘Tarkiye Futbol Federasyonu. “Turkish Fons Faraion ANNEX COSTS FOR REFEREE APPOINTMENTS For the matches of teams in the higher division within their federation (either one or both teams) TL EURO REFEREE 1.762 185 ASSISTANT REFEREE /PP 1.460 153 | ATH OFFICIAL S 1.339 140 [ToTAL 6.021 631 For the matches of teams in the other division within their federation ( both teams) TT EURO REFEREE 1.218 [128 ] ASSISTANT REFEREE /PP 946 99 | 4TH OFFICIAL 842 [38 | TOTAL ~ [3.052 [aaa ] For a national team matches (men and women/ either one or both teams) * please note that accommodation and travel expenses of the refeees have to be covered as well by the organiser 7 Te EURO REFEREE 3.275 34a [ASSISTANT REFEREE /PP 2.670 281 ‘4TH OFFICIAL 2.428 255 TOTAL 11.043 1161 For other national teams matches (u21 youth /men and women/ either one or both teams) TL EURO REFEREE _ 1.218 128 [ASSISTANT REFEREE /PP 7 946 99 ATH OFFICIAL - [saz 88 TOTAL 3.952 414 Hasan Dogan Milli Takimtar Kamp Eajtim Tesisteri Cayad Kyl Riva, Beykoz- Istanbul / Turkiye Tel: +90 (216) 554 51 00 - 554 51 04 - Fax: +90 (216) 319 19 58 - 90 (216) 319 1959,

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