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„Rigiditatea în genunchi ca pol negativ al triadei astrologice a Pământului are

reflectarea sa în spasticitatea colonului și lipsa lui de absorbție, dar și în gât.

Polul pozitiv este cel al gâtului,acolo unde problemele noastre privind controlul
situațiilor pot fi contactate. Ne ținem gâtul rigid, ne sugem stomacul și astfel
înțepenim genunchii. În sens invers, postura aceasta ne împiedică să obținem
răspunsurile și să eliberăm diafragma, pentru că printr-o respirație
diafragmatică se poate relaxa și gâtul cu beneficii pentru genunchi. Complexul
cap / gât fie cade înainte (cu privirea în jos), fie trage de bărbie în sus, ambele
posturi exprimă vulnerabilitatea.
În ceea ce privește mintea, va trebui să scăpați de șabloanele care vă fac rigid,
ironic și critic. Sunt și credințe / valori mai bune. Cătutați-le! ”

(o adaptare după un articol de Terapie Polară, articolul, mai jos)

Physical: Injury/Trauma
The gait cycle (check for problems with and injuries to ankle/hip and lower back.
Consider arthritic conditions (acid/alkali balance in the diet, bodyweight, wear and tear).
Archetypal (simple) energetic:
Earth astrological triadv, earth chakra, disturbances in earth oval (liver/stomach energy
problems in this area often show up as knee pains on the opposite side to unbalanced organ
Umbilical disturbance (Evolutionary bow position relationship of knees to navel).
Dr Stone says that perineal locks often create temporary obstructions to the deep energy flow
down the legs making the knees “give way” or collapse. (look for neck energy blocks –
consider overall mobility of the neck, rotation, side bending, anterior-posterior translation,
lateral translation, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis and colitis).
Is it at a Chronic – Acute stage.
Earth is often related to FEAR. Knees are concerned with giving up, letting go, falling and
surrender in a general sense. Look for fixity in earth energy emotional correlations. Knees are
also essential for climbing and descending, consider what the emotional implications there
might be to the idea of climbing or descending in life. Think of the upwardly mobile person in
life or one who has lost everything through redundancy or a business collapsing. Knees are
also to do with fear, we quake at the knees or buckle under fear or pressure. We stiffen our
knees to give us a false sense of security. In order to support us emotionally and financially
we often lock the knees back thus bracing ourselves against life and it’s perceived onslaughts.
Soft relaxed knees act help the thighs like the shock absorbers they are designed to be and
allow force to flow easily through the lower body. Soft knees allow us to absorb and ground
any impact on us both physically and emotionally.
Rigidity in the knees as the negative pole of the astrological triad of earth has its reflection the
colon as spasticity and lack of absorption but also in the neck. The positive pole of the neck is
where our control issues can be contacted. We hold our neck stiff, suck in our stomachs and
lock back our knees thus deadening our responses and literally holding back, as the knees
release the diaphragm can relax and the neck lets go. The head/neck complex either falls
forward into collapse or gently up and back into openness and vulnerability.
In terms of the mind look for a general rigidity (over structuring) of the psyche. Rigidly held
beliefs and values.