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ntlniri : Aranjamente

A dori programarea unei ntrevederi cu domnul Popescu, v rog. I would like an appointment with Mr Smith please. Fromal, foarte politicos Cnd v este convenabil? When would it suit you? Formal, politicos Putem stabili o ntrevedere? Can we arrange a meeting? Formal, politicos Consider c ar trebui s ne ntlnim. I think we should meet. Formal, direct

ntlniri : Amnri
M ntrebam dac exist vreo posibilitate de a amna ntrevederea. I wonder whether we can postpone our meeting? Formal, foarte politicos Nu am cum s ajung maine la ora 14. Este posibil s ne vedem mai trziu, la 16 de exemplu? I can't make it tomorrow at 2pm. Can we make it a bit later, say 4pm? Formal, politicos Considerai c este posibil s stabilim alt ntrevedere? Would it be possible to set another date? Formal, politicos M vd nevoit s amn ntrevederea noastr pn... I have to postpone our meeting until Formal, politicos Din pcate am constatat c am o suprapunere n program n ziua n care trebuia s ne ntlnim. Este posibil s alegem o alt dat? Unfortunately I am double booked on the day we arranged to meet. Would it be possible to make another date? Formal, politicos M vd nevoit s schimb data ntlnirii noastre. I am forced to change the date of our meeting. Formal, direct Putem s decalm mai devreme/trziu? Could we make it a bit earlier/later? Formal, direct.

ntlniri : Anularea
Nu am reuit s v contactez la telefon aa c m-am vzut nevoit s v scriu pentru a v anun a c am anulat ntrevederea de mine. mi pare foarte ru pentru eventualele neplceri provocate. I could not reach you on the phone, so I am writing you this mail to tell you I have to cancel your appointment for tomorrow. I'm extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused. Formal, politicos Din pcate m vd nevoit s v anun c nu voi putea onora ntrevederea stabilit i prin urmare va trebui s o anulez. Regretfully, I have to inform you that I will not be able to attend our proposed meeting, and shall therefore have to cancel. Formal, politicos M tem c va trebui s anulez ntrevederea de mine. I'm afraid I have to cancel our appointment for tomorrow. Formal, politicos Din cauza faptului c..., m tem c va trebui s anulez ntrevederea noastr. Owing to, I'm afraid I have to cancel our appointment. Formal, politicos