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Ziua Internaional a Poeziei mpreun cu Avia Invest i Julius

Meinl, pe Aeroportul Chiinu!

Trim ntr-o lume care se mic prea repede. Trebuie s facem tot mai
multe lucruri n tot mai puin timp.
Poate oare poezia schimba asta? Ne putem opri din a face mai mult i s
ncepem s simim mai mult? Putem ncetini i da emoiei o ans? Doar
pentru o clip. Doar pentru o cafea. Doar pentru ceea ce valoreaz un poem.
mpreun, putem! De Ziua Internaional a Poeziei, Avia Invest n
colaborare cu Julius Meinl i toi cei care vor pleca de pe Aeroportul
Chiinu vor dovedi lumii c sentimentele sunt mai valoroase dect banii!
De aceea, invitm toi pasagerii pe 21 martie la restaurantul Fly Away
din incinta terminalului Aeroportului Chiinu, sala de plecri de dup
controlul de frontier, s plteasc cafeaua Julius Meinl cu un poem. i
ndemnm pe toi cei care se vor implica, s susin aceast cauz pe
Facebook i s-i mprteasc propriile gnduri i experiene n hashtagul #PayWithAPoem_Fly Away, cu toi prietenii.
Cu fiecare vers, cu fiecare nghiitur de cafea, cu fiecare nou poet care
se va altur micrii organizate, poezia poate face o lume mai bun.

World Poetry Day with Avia Invest and Julius Meinl at Chisinau
We live in a world that moves too fast. We need to do more and more things
in less time.
Can poetry change that? Can we stop doing more and start to feel more?
Can we slow down and give a chance to emotions? Just for a moment. Just
at a coffee. Just for what worth a poem .
Together, we can! On the occasion of World Poetry Day, Avia Invest
in collaboration with Julius Meinl and everyone traveling from Chisinau
Airport will prove to the world that feelings are more valuable than money!
Therefore, we invite all passengers on 21st of March at the restaurant
Fly Away, situated inside the terminal of Chisinau Airport, in the waiting
room after border control, to pay for a Julius Meinl coffee with a poem. We
urge all those who will be involved, to support this cause on Facebook and
share their own thoughts and experiences with the hashtag
#PayWithAPoem_Fly Away.
With every verse, every sip of coffee, with each new poet who will join
the activity, the poetry can make the world better.

Avia Invest Julius Meinl!

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