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In order to answer to the Institutions rising demandings, a special look, as regards the
legal system, was given to the selection procedure of the judicials inspectors.
The Bord of the Superior Council of Magistrats established evaluation objectives
criterias of the candidats in respect with were evaluated not onely the professionals
knowledge, the communications skills and the teamwork capacity, but also the interest for the
aspects involved by the magistrats independency.
As a consequence of the recomandations included in the Europeen Commision
Summary regarding the progres achieved by Romania as part of Cooperation and Verification
Mecanism, in the process of updating actions lines was determined the regional
representative criteria, in respect with the selection of judicials inspectors is realised withe the
assurance of representativity, meaning taking in consideration both geaographic aria and the
number of judges and prosecutors in that aria.
Misiunea inspeciei judiciare este dezvoltarea si implementarea msurilor pentru a
asigura baza unor servicii judiciare precise, rapide i efective, n acord cu dispoziiile legale
fundamentale, respectarea drepturilor omului i independena i imparialitatea sistemului
Pentru a ndeplini aceast misiune, ca parte integrant a sistemului judiciar, cu
competene de analiz, verificare i control, Inspecia Judicar trebuie s stabileasc o
strategie n acord cu responsabilitile sale, n scopul de a aduce la ndeplinire Recomandrile
Comisiei Europene privind reforma sistemului judiciar.
Este evident c realizrile instituiei presupune implicarea ntregului persoanl n
implementarea soluiilor i a msurilor considerate viabile i constructive. Excelena
profesional i calitatea uman a echipei Inspeciei Judiciare constituie o garanie n acest

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