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N.B. V = verb la i finitiv seurt; III =forma a III-a a verbelor neregulate ; -ed, -ing_= termindjii .
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Numele constructiei verbale Aspect simplu (Simple Aspect) Aspect continuu (Continuous Aspect) Diateza activ Active Voice Diateza pasiv (Passive Voice) Timpul prezent simplu (Simple Present Tense)

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Echivalent romnesc

o acliune care se face in mod general sau/ i re etat o acliune care se desfoar in mod continuu, neintrerupt, pe o perioad de limp bine definit subiectul face acliunea exprimat de redicat subiectul sufer acliunea fcut de altcineva o acliune prezent, g6neral ; o, stare pennanent etc.

to be + V-ing

They come here every day. Father wanted to buv a car. He is sleeping now. Mary was eating when he came._ The pupil writes an exercise . dia .a activ


a) forma interogativ interro alive b) forma negativ (negative) 6.

o ntrebare o propozilie negativ

.-1n exercise is written by the diateza pasiv pupil. , The poem was recited by Mary. la toate They play football every timpul prezent persoanele V: week simplu la pers. III-a Tom lilies to play tennis . g V-s es do/does+ Do you love me? subject+V? Does he want to come? subject+ I don't love you. do/does= , She doesn't like sweets. not+V am/is/are+ V- Listen! Somebody is singing. timpul prezent ing We are leaving soon. simplu ; viitor

to be + V-ed/ V III

Timpul prezent o acliune care se desfoar arum, in continuu (Present momentul vorbirii ; are i sens de Continuous Tense viitor a ro rat a) forma o intrebare terogativ (interrogative) b) forma negativ o propozilie negativ (negative) Timpul trecut simplu (Simple Past Tense)



a) forma interogativ (interrogative) b) forma negativ o propozilie negativ subject+ (negative) did+not+V Timpul trecut o acliune care s-a desf urat in mod was/were+ Vcontinuu (Past continuu i neintrerupt ntr-o perioad ing (wasContinuous Tense) de limp bine definit din trecut, sau in pers .I, III sg.) acelai limp cu una sau mar multe actiurn tot din trecut a) forma n ntrebare was/were+ interogativ subject+ Vinterro alive ing?

am/is/are+ Are they eating now? subject+ VIs he coming tomorrow? ing? subject+ You are not telling the truth. am/is/are+ I am not going with you not+ V-in tonight. o acpune desfurat intr-un moment 'vb. regulate : They learned English when timpul perfect bine definit din trecut i incheiat V-ed ; they were in England. corpus vb. neregulate : Tom wrote a nice poem forma a II-a when he was in love . o intrebare did+ Did you see him yesterday? subject+V? Mary did not (didn't) want to come with us . yesterday they were sleeping when he went to pay them a visit. " What was he doing when hat you saw him last week?