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Iunona sau juno

Iunona simbolizeaza in primul rand femeia ca sotie, viata in cuplu, stabilitatea casatoriei. Prin pozitie, aspecte si raportul sau cu Venus, Iunona reflecta legatura conjugala, stabilitatea, fidelitatea. Se mai poate descoperi ce fel de partener va fi atras de nativ si cum vor fi relatiile de prietenie, in general. Cand asteroidul Iunona este dominant intr-o tema, nativul petrece intraga viata experimentand lectiile casei a VII-a: casatoria, cooperarea, intelegerea, armonia, compromisurile in relatii. Nu doar casatoria este domeniul patronat de Iunona ci si aspectele pur feminine, cum ar fi fecunditatea. Se mai poate vorbi de autoritatea maternala, de drepturile femeilor. Aspectele neplacute se refera la gelozie, posesivitate, ura, razbunare. Multe persoane marcate de Iunona pot sacrifica o cariera in favoarea casniciei asteptand sa primeasca in schimb iubire si apreciere. Cand asteptarile le sunt inselate, apare teama ca nu se pot descurca singure si sentimentul posesivitatii. Pe plan profesional, Iunona orienteaza spre meserii consacrate frumusetii cum ar fi cele legate de moda, cosmetica, manechin etc. Pozitia in semne arata felul relatiei afective pe care o vom trai, partenerul potrivit si pe care il atragem in mod intuitiv dar si felul in care ne raportam la alte relatii sociale. Pozitia asteroidului in case arata domeniul de viata in care avem cel mai mult nevoie de relatii afective si in ce masura suntem dependenti de ceilalti. Aici experientele relationale vor fi semnificative. Pentru barbati Iunona reflecta capacitatea de a trai o relatie egalitara, de a se adapta la viata de familie.

Natal significance: Juno, the goddess of marriage, represents the way you go about trying to balance your needs as an individual with the needs of your relationships. The asteroid Juno's placement in your chart can show you what you need from a healthy, balanced partnership. Transiting significance: Juno transits give you the chance to look at how you relate in a partnership and to take responsibility for the ways in which you yourself can create less-than-constructive situations. When Juno is activated in your chart, ask yourself if you unconsciously give away too much power in relationships -- or if you are unable to put your own needs into perspective for the sake of a partnership.

Juno: Transits can show where you feel helpless, or where you feels you do not have power, or are less than equal to another in a relationship. And it can show where you need to balance commitment with intimacy.

Juno will indicate partnering or "divorce" activity.-in transit Juno is one of four asteroids (amongst hundreds) now used by many Western astrologers to cover territory beyond what the planets represent. These four asteroids have been given names of goddesses and Juno, or Hera, was the wife of Zeus (or Jupiter). The goddess Juno was devoted to the cause of Marriage but she was also married to a powerful and philandering god who betrayed her often. Rather than punish her husband and destroy their marriage, Juno unleashed her revenge on the endless chain of Zeus' other women. Juno was a very powerful goddess. I understand astrological Juno as a way to examine compatibility between lovers and their differing betrayal differs. In the natal chart Juno can be a strong indication of the Internal Marriage of what you are already married to, what conditions must be maintained for that marriage to continue and the kind of betrayal you feel when these conditions are violated. Natal Juno also acts as a kind of template, or prototype, for the kind of external marriage (or longterm relationship) that we are capable of, given that the conditions of our internal marriage are met and not betrayed by the partner or the relationship structure itself. Each and every marriage has its own specific conditions for continuing over time. These conditions are signified by the sign and house placement of natal Juno. For example, if you have Juno in Taurus or the 2nd House, you are probably married to your values and material security. Successful marriage to someone else depends on finding a partner who acknowledges your values and your worth and with whom you can build a relationship that preserves the inner marriage to your worth. When your values are ignored or violated (by you and/or your lover), a sense of betrayal can detabilize the external marriage. Everybody's married to something. Some people are married to their families, others are married to their work, while some of us are married to ourselves. If you can find an Asteroid Ephemeris (there's one in the back of Demetra George's wonderful book, ASTEROID GODDESSES), look up Juno and see what you're married to. My Juno is in Aquarius conjunct North Node in 3rd House. I am married to my "calling" which is a life-long process of acting as a translator, or messenger, of spiritual experience (9th House South Node) into a language that people can understand. An example is what you are reading right now. I am married to my cause of communicating what I know to you. My feelings of betrayal in longterm relationships can rise when my real-life wife fails to realize how important communication really is to me. This betrayal is usually healed right after honest communication is restored. I have Juno at 27 Scorpio 27 R, sitting at my 9th house cusp 26 Scorpio 39. I guess you could say that I'm married to 9th house things.....books, learning, teaching, philosophy and religion, love of travel, love of foreign countries and ideas from other cultures. I met the women who later became my wife (now my ex-wife) in a bookstore...we were reaching for the same book at the same time. I was engaged to be married to another woman, and unfortunately that did not work out, but I met her at another 9th house area....when I was working at the financial aid office of a

college. (Financial aid has ties to Scorpio, interestingly.) I only have two close aspects to this body. Saturn sextile, and the Sun quincunx it. Hey Sherpa, I feel like the queer thinker in the block, and I think I like that. Where comes the divination for the new Juno come from? I'll explain the question. For me Juno is the wife of Jupiter, but Jupiter was always on the run shaging other women. Juno was at home and did her jelous deeds to keep the marriage to Jupiter safe. So I might think Juno is the force to keep the structure of relationships in tact. I see Juno as a sort female Saturn of relations. Nothing love, no passion, just keeping up appearances. Hyacinth Buket, if you know the sit-com from England. Juno distroying the girlfriends of Jupiter, Juno keeping the home clean, Juno making a nice apearance in public: "You see, Jup and I are fin...". I'd like to see your vision, but between Juno and Jupiter there cann't have been LOVE or Passion. I think Juno had been more happy and proud with Saturn, but that's not how it was. That's interesting,my juno is in libra and in my 12th house.My ex husband was a scorpio sun with libra rising and 4 planets in libra...he fits the description perfectly,at least in public.Put up a nice front so to speak,but privately a control freak and manipulative...glad I'm out of there...I'm definitely one person who needs space and time to myself in order to feel balanced...he couldn't stand that convinced I was ignoring of those couldn't be away from me for an hour types...drove me crazy.