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LECTIA LESSON TREIZECI SI THIRTY ONE UNU iC 2: Kittens We have four kittens, One kitten has a black nose, One kitten has a white nose, One kitten has a pink nose, One kitten has a grey nose. The kitten with the black nose Is always glad to play. The kitten with the pink nose Comes when you call. But the kitten with a grey nose 1 like best of all. 3. NW: kitten [kitn] - pisoi glad [glaed] - bucuros to play [plei] - a (se) juca to call [ko:]] - a chema best of all [best av’o:l] - cel mai mult dintre toti LECTIA TREIZECI $I bOI eels: My Family My father is an engineer. My mother is a teacher. I go to the nursery school. My brother goes to school. 3. NW: father ['fa:da] - tata mother ['mada] - mama engineer [,endzi’nia] - inginer teacher ['ti:tfa] - profesor nursery school [na:sri sku:l] - gradinit& 4. C: What is your father? My father is an engineer. What is your mother? My mother is a teacher. Do you have a brother? Yes, I do. /No, I don't. How many sisters do you have? I have two sisters. LESSON THIRTY THREE a i Bs Father and Mother Father and Mother Are very happy, you see. They have a big son And a daughter, me. 3. NW: son [san] - fiu daughter [‘do:ta] - fiica LECTIA TREIZECI SI PATRU 1R 2.1L: In the Morning In the morning I wake up. I rub my eyes. I yawn. I stretch. I wash my hands, my face, my ears. I brush my teeth. I eat. I go” to the nursery school. 3. NW: to wake up [weik Ap] - a se trezi to rub my eyes [rab mai aiz] - a se freca la ochi to yawn [jo:n] - a c&sca to stretch [stretf] - a se intinde I rub my eyes. lyawn. I stretch. I wash. Teat. I go to the nursery school LECTIA LESSON TREIZECI $I THIRTY FIVE CINCI Hee 2.8: I Like to Get up in the Morning I like to get up in the mor - ning. I like to get up in the mor - ning. I like to get up in the mor - - ning. And Fine. oc —— so do all of us. And so do all of us. 3. NW: so do all of us [Seu du’o:] avas] - si asa facem noi toti 44 LESSON : LECTIA TREIZECI SI THIRTY SIX SASE 1R 2a. Breakfast In the morning I have breakfast. For breakfast I eat a slice of bread and butter, ham, salami, an egg, honey or jam. I drink a glass of milk or tea. Mother drinks a cup of coffee. 3. NW: breakfast [‘brekfast] - mic dejun butter [bata] - unt ham {heem] - sunc& salami [so"la:mi ] - salam egg [eg] - ou honey [‘hani] - miere jam [dzzem] - gem tea [ti:] - ceai cup [kap] - ceasc& 4, C: What do you eat for breakfast? For breakfast we eat a slice of bread and butter, a slice of salami or ham, an egg, honey or jam. What do you drink for breakfast? I drink a glass of tea or milk. What do mothers drink for breakfast? Mothers drink a cup of coffee. 45 LECTIA TREIZECI SI SAPTE 1R 2.L: Vegetables A tomato is red. A green pepper is green or yellow. A potato is brown. An onion and a leek have strong flavour. A carrot is good to eat. A cucumber is green and juicy. A radish is red. Beans and peas grow in a pod. Cabbages are good to eat. 3. NW: tomato [to'ma :tau] - rosie potato [pa’teitau] - cartof onion [’Anjen] - ceapa& leek [li:k] - praz carrot [‘keerat] - morcov cucumber [‘kju:kamba] - castravete 46 radish ['reedif] - ridiche beans [bi:nz] - fasole peas [pi:z] - maz&re cabbage [’kzebidz] - varz& juicy ['dzu:si] - zemos pod [p - pastaie green pepper [gri:n'pepa] - ardei gras 4C: What vegetables do you like best? I like tomatoes and cucum- bers best. I like them in a salad. 47 LECTIA TREIZECI SI OPT 208: Breakfast Get up, little Freddy, Breakfast is ready, Butter and cheese, All that you please. Milk and bread For little Fred, Tea and jam For brother Sam. 3. NW: to get up [get ap] - a se scula is ready [iz’redi] - este gata cheese [tfi:z] - brinz& all that you please [o:] Ba t ju’ pli:z] - tot ce-fi doresti 48 LECTIA TREIZECI SI NOUA 1c 2ePs Five Little Peas Five little peas In a pea-pod pressed One grew, two grew And so did all the rest. They grew, and grew And couldn't stop, Until one day The pod went pop. 3. NW: pea-pod ["pi:pod] - p&astaie de maz&re pressed [prest] - presate, ingram&dite grew [gru:] - a/au crescut couldn’t stop [’kudnt stop] - nu se puteau opri until [A n’til] - pind cind one day [wan dei] - intr-o zi went pop [went pop] - a pleznit iets tghebreeairecabsall LECTIA PATRUZECI Heart. 2.1: Lunch At noon we have lunch. For lunch we eat steak and vegetables. We drink water. Mother and Father drink wine or beer.. 3. NW: at noon [a t’nu:n] - la prinz lunch [Iantf] - dejun steak [steik] - friptura wine [wain] - vin beer [bia] - bere 4. C: When do we have lunch? We have lunch at noon. What do we eat for lunch? For lunch we eat steak and vegetables. What do we drink with lunch? With lunch we drink water. What do Mother and Father drink? They drink wine or beer. 50 LECTIA LESSON PATRUZECI $I FORTY-ONE UNU 1.C 2aP: At I sit at table To eat and drink. At school, in class I learn and sing. At night in bed I go to sleep And in the morning Out I creep. 3. NW: to sit [sit] - a sta in class [in ’kla:s] - la ore to learn [le:n] - a invata to sing [sin] - a cinta at night [a t nait] - noaptea to go to sleep [gou ta’sli:p] - a merge la culcare out I creep [aut ai ‘kri:p] - plec incetisor} | LECTIA PATRUZECI SI 1R 2.1: Dinner In the evening we have dinner. For dinner we eat steak and vegetables and a cake, an ice- cream or some fruit. 3. NW: in the evening [in 5i: ‘i:vnin] - seara dinner [dino] - cina cake [keik] - prajitura ice-cream [’ais ’kri:m] - inghetata fruit [fru:t] - fruct, fructe 4. C: When do we have dinner? We have dinner in the evening. What do we eat for dinner? For dinner we eat steak and vegetables, a cake or an ice-cream or fruit. LECTIA PATRUZECI SI TREI IC. eS: Come to Dinner Come to din - ner,Come to din - ner, Ding dong bell, Ding dong bell Soup, meat and po - ta - toes, ‘3. NW: meat [mi:t] - carne soup [su:p] - supa LECTIA PATRUZECI $I PATRU ne R: 2.1L: Fruit I like fruit very much. All of them are sweet and juicy. They are good to eat. In summer we can eat cherries, strawberries, apri- cots, peaches, plums and raspberries. In autumn we can eat apples, pears, grapes and nuts. In this country we can eat bananas and oranges only in winter. 54 3. NW: very much ['veri matf] - foarte mult sweet [swi:t] - dulce summer ['sAm#d] - vara strawberry [’stro:bori] - capsuna raspberry ['ra:zbari] - zmeura autumn ['o:tem] - toamna apple ['zep] ] - mar pear [pge] - para grapes [greips] - struguri » nut [nat] - nuca wy banana [ba’na:na] - banana orange [orind3] - portocala winter [wints] - iarnd country [‘kantri] - tara 55 LECTIA PATRUZECI SI CINCI LER 2.L: Animals on the Farm There are a lot of animals on the farm: horses, cows, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, cocks,hens, ducks and chickens. The cows give us milk. The sheep give us wool. The hens give us eggs. 3. NW: animal [’zenimal] - animal horse [ho:s] - cal cow [kau] - vac& sheep [fi:p] - oaie, oi pig [pig] - pore cock [kok] - cocos hen [hen] - gain& duck [dak] - rat& chicken ['tfikin] - pui wool [wul] - lint LECTIA PATRUZECI SI SASE 2.8: Market Man Fresh beans, fresh peas, new com. Who'll come and buy? 3. NW: market man [‘ma:kit ma nj - negustor to buy [bai] - a cumpara spinach ['spinid3] - spanac fresh [fref] - proaspat corn [ko:n] - porumb farm [fa:m] - ferma 58 LECTIA LESSON PATRUZECI SI FORTY-SEVEN SAPTE cow, whatuse are you? "I sheep, what use are you? "I hen, what use are you? "I pony, what use are you? "I give you good miik and that’s whatI do." give you warm wool and that’s whatI_ do." give you good eggs and that’s whatI do." take you a riding and that’s what! do." 3. NW: pony ['pouni] - ponei I take you a riding [ai’teik ju 9 raidin] - te plimb that’s what I do [Szet’s wot ai du:] - asta-i ceea ce fac . 59 LECTIA LESSON PATRUZECI $I FORTY-EIGHT OPT 1R 2.1L: Flowers In my garden there are a lot of flowers. In spring snowdrops, tulips, lilacs are in bloom. In summer roses and daisies colour my garden. In the fields there are many sunflowers and poppies. 3. NW: flower ['flaud] - floare spring [sprin] - primavar& snowdrop [$neudrup] - ghiocel tulip [tju:lip] - lalea lilac flailak] - liliac in bloom [in’blu:m] - inflorit(&) rose [rauz] - trandafir daisy [‘deizi] - bumbisor, margaret& garden ['ga:dn] - gradin& field [fi:ld] - cimp sunflower [SAn,flaud] - floarea- soarelui poppy [popi] - mac 60 : What colour is the lilac? The lilac is white and violet. What is there in the garden? In the garden there are many flowers. Is a poppy blue? No, it isn’t. It is red. What flowers do you like best? T like .... best. 61 262: The Four Seasons Spring is green, Summer is bright, Autumn is yellow, Winter is white. 3. NW: bright [brait] - stralucitor 4. C: What is spring like? / What colour is spring? C0 Spring is green. E What is winter like? / What colour is winter? Winter is white. 63 LECTIA CINCIZECI ie ass aah Animals in the Woods and Fields In the woods there are many animals: rabbits, foxes, wolves, bears, deer. Foxes eat rabbits, wolvés eat deer, bears eat... honey and rasperries. 3. NW: woods [wuds] - padure rabbit [‘rzebit] - iepure a fox [foks] - vulpe Ree y wolf [wulf] - lup bear [bea] - urs deer [dia] - cerb, cerbi 64 4. C: What animals are there in the woods and fields? In the woods and fields there are: rabbits, foxes, wolves, bears, deer. What does a fox eat? A fox eats rabbits. What does a wolf eat? A wolf eats deer. What does a bear eat? A bear eats honey and raspberries. 65 (C5 —Bngers pentra eal mci LECTIA LESSON CINCIZECI $I UNU aR QL: Other Wild Animals Lions, monkeys, giraffes, snakes, camels, elephants are other wild animals. Elephants are big, giraffes are tall, snakes are long and curved, monkeys are noisy, lions are cruel. 3. NW: lion flaian] - leu monkey ['mAnki] - maimuta giraffe [d3i’ra:f] - girafa snake [sneik] - sarpe camel ["keemol] - camila elephant ['elifont] - elefant tall [to:1] - inalt(a) curved [ka:vd] - curbat noisy [‘noizi] - galagios cruel [krudl] - crud 4. C: Where do giraffes live? Giraffes live in the jungle. What are monkeys like? Monkeys are noisy. What are snakes like? Snakes are long and curved LECTIA LESSON CINCIZECI $I FIFTY TWO DOI Who's a-fraid of the big bad wolf, Big bad wolf, big bad wolf? +5 Who's a - fraid of the big bad wolf? Tra - la - la - la - la. 3. NW: who's afraid of [‘huz o’freid ov] - cui i-e fric& de bad [bzed] - rau big [big] - mare 68 LECTIA LESSON CINCIZECI SI FIFTY THREE TREI US 2: P: Little Tortoise Little Tortoise Goes so slow He can’t run at all, You know. When to sleep A Tortoise goes You can't see His head or toes. See him lying In the grass, Please, don’t kick him As you pass. 3. NW: tortoise [to:tas] - broascd testoas& slow [slau] - incet he can’t run at all fhi:’ka:nt’ran a t orl] - nu poate fugi de loc see him lying in the grass [Si: him’lain in 80’gra:s] don’t kick him as you pass uite-o (stind) in iarb& [daunt’kik him 2 z ju’pa:s] nu o lovi cind treci LECTIA CINCIZECI SI PATRU ieeR: 2.1L: Insects All the insects can walk and some of them can fly orjump. Bees and ants are useful. Bees fly from flower to flower and give us honey. They hum when they fly. Wasps and bumble-bees hum, too. A lady-bird is not a bird, but an insect. 3. NW: insect [insekt] - insect& can walk [keen wo:k] - pot merge can fly and jump [keen’flai a: ‘dgamp] - pot zbura gi sari bee [bi:] - albina ant [aent] - furnicéa to hum [ham] - a bizii lady-bird fleidiba:d] - gargarita wasp [wu:sp] - viespe bumble-bee [bamblbi:] - bondar 4. C: What does the bee give? The bee gives honey. What colour is the lady-bird? The lady-bird is red and black. 71 LECTIA CINCIZECI SI CINCL 1R 2°1: Means of Transport In town we travel by car, by bus, by tram, by trolley-bus or by underground. From town to town or across the\country weltravel by car, by bus, by train or by airplane. In space we travel by space-ships. 72 NW: town [taun] - orag to travel ['treevl] - a cal&tori car [ka:] - automobil bus [bas] - autobuz tram [treem] - tramvai trolley-bus ['trolibas] - troleibuz underground [a ndagraund] - metrou train [trein] - tren airplane ['eoplein] - avion space [speis] - spafiu space-ship [Speisfip] - nava spafial& C: Do you like to travel? Yes, I do. What do you travel by in town? In town we travel by ... What do you travel by across the country? In the country we travel by ... 73 LECTIA LESSON CINCIZECI SI FIFTY SIX SASE 2. P: Jump and Jiggle Frogs jump, Caterpillars hump. Worms wiggle, Bugs jiggle, Rabbits hop, Horses clop, Mice creep, Deer leap, Puppies bounce, Kittens pounce, Lions stalk, But - I walk. 3. NW: catterpillar [‘keetepilo] - omida to hump [hamp] - a (se) incovoia worm [wé:m] - vierme to wiggle [to wigl] - a serpui, a undui bug [bag] - gindac to jiggle ['dzigl] - a se misca iute si usor to hop [hop] - a sari cu doua sau toate picioarele odata to clop [klop] - a tropai to leap [li:p] - a face salturi puppy [papi] - cdtelus to bounce [bauns] - a sari iute, in sus to pounce [pauns] - a se arunca asupra to stalk [sto:k] - a pAsi lent, maiestuos 74 CINCIZECI SI 3 NW: LECTIA LESSON FIFTY SEVEN SAPTE The Streets in Town The streets go up, The streets go down And in and out About the town. And in the strets The buses run, Two by two, Or one by one. street [stri:t] strada to go up [gou Ap] - urca to go down [gou daun] - coboar& about the town [o’baut 60’ taun] - prin oras two by two [tu: bai’tu:] - doua cite doua one by one [wan bai’wan] - unul cite unul 75 LECTIA LESSON CINCIZECI $I FIFTY EIGHT OPT IR 2.L: School-things: When I go to school I take my school-bag. In my school-bag I put my note-books, my books, my pencil-box and my ruler. In my pencil-box I have pencils, a pen, a biro, a rubber and a pencil -sharpener In the classroom we use the blackboard, chalk and a sponge. 3. NW: school [sku:]] - scoala school-bag [$ku:] baeg] - ghiozdan note-book [heut buk] - caiet pencil-box [‘pensl boks]- penar ruler fru:lo] - rigla pencil [pens] - creion pen [pen] - stilou biro fbairau] - pix rubber [rabo] - guma& pencil-sharpener [pens] ‘fa:pnd] - ascutitoare classroom [’klasrum] - clas& blackboard [‘blaekbu:d] - tabla chalk [tfo:k] - creta sponge [spandz] - burete 4. C: What do you ‘take to school? I take my school-bag to school. What do you have in your pencil-box? In my pencil-box I have ... What do you write with? I write with a... What do you write on? I write on the ... 77