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OLIMPIADA DE LIMBA ENGLEZA ‘ETAPA JUDETEANA CLASA A VILA 2SIANUARIE 2010 suBIECT 1 ‘Choose the right answer (there ls only correct answer i each cats): 20 pot 1. Lwish you... shin my dish. a are b. havebeen were dis 2. Thwas very nau a ight and Susan was fist... bed. 4 laterasleep 6 latefasleep . atisleeping d,latlysicopy 3, He works cngineer a lke b. as. the sameas d.esan 4. He stole the money an they pu him at prison b. in pison . to prison inthe prison 5. YOW sss TY NOW. I's ting late. 2, had father b. would rather. would beter d. had beter 6.11s to expensive for me. Tea seen ‘spend b. pay «. afford. cost 7. He walked to his office ast Week a his ar was being... a serviced b. rented ¢. stopped broken 1 She does not. ‘cooking big dinners as long as we help her a. agree b. mind e reject . care 9, An honest man alway... his word 8. holds b. reins sustains. keeps 10, They assured ws that they..e not be late. 1. would b should shall will 11. That evening, as far as remember, my sister. her homework by 8 o'clock finished B.has finished c. had been finishing d, had finished 12, Does your sister thin... wil be enough? 8 one dozen ofeges 6. dozens of eggs c- adozen eggs 4. a dozon of eggs 13, Your knowledge, together with our money, cnn. ¥BFY Wel 8, ae b. isc arebeing d. is being 14. They had to leave earlier. they? -you son. 1 shouldn't b.had c. didn't d. musi't 15. Weare looking forward... 1. tosee b. toseeing c. sexing d see 16, When we got othe chalet it... for three hours. a. had been raining b. was raining rained d, has been raining 1. ‘me wo post that Iter, 2. Remember b. Make’. Remind d. Mention 18, The children picked alot of flowers an. 1.5001 bneithe did ¢. also d-s0didi 19, This book is wort. 2 toread b. reading 6. to beveading 4. read 20. Vean’t pet used so ealy 8 toget getting upc. get d geting SuBIECT IL Complete the second sentence so that it has a simil sentence 20 points {L Unless you instal some new software, the computers won't work. 1 meaning to the first i 2. Take my advice and tlk to your wife as soon as possible ¥, 3._ She had such a large house that she couldn't manage it Her house 4. We were surprised when more guests came than we expected. Weedidn't 5. In pite of our repeated warnings, they kept doing it ‘Although. 6. He didn’t Find a taxi and so he missed the train i 2, iin would be ood fr you gv wp. You 8. Iisages since we talked openiy. We, 9. Her parents did let her join us in the camp, She... - 10-1 talk wo her ist. then PH think about it Pl think about SUBIECT IIL Pat the verbs in brackets in the correct tense 10 points 1 He 1m (not Work ) this Week. He is on holiday 2. Ion’: undersiand the word “deceive™ What Cdeveive" sean)? cer (600k) 3, This isthe most horible stew they {owalk) around the house 4. The floor is filthy? Who in muddy shoes ? 8. Lereneremsnsinnmnnnnnnn(@iv®) YOU Your homework as soon as everyone stops talking 6. How long he. ss (learn) Chinese ? 7. The woman was a complete stranger to me. I (not see) her before. 8 When Daca severe) the fitery Iwill take you all on holiday to the Caribbean, 7 9. AS tHE SU onerctce serait teseesent $81), We BOE 10 the chalet 10,11s high time they « . (know) the uth suplect 1v | Write a 150 - word essay beginning withthe sentence: “As J was going down the street [heard steps just behind me" (40 points) Toate subiectele sunt obligatori Se acorda 10 puncte di oficu, ‘Timp de tueru: 2 ore