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ROMANIA NESECRET MINISTERUL APARARI NATIONALE Exemplar unic STATUL MAIOR GENERAL ‘Academia Tehnicd Militara Concursul de admitere, sesiunea iulie 2010 Facultatea de Sisteme Flectronice gi Informatice Militare CHESTIONAR DE CONCURS Varianta A Proba: ,,Limba Englezi” 1. Reading comprehension Read the texts below and, for items I to 15, choose the one correct answer from among the four given choices. Young people today are very different from their predecessors in the 60°s. The 1960s were dominated by activists, long haired and protesting against American intervention in Vietnam. No longer interested in politics and causes, most of the 32 million people from 13 to 21 are preoccupied with issues closer to themselves. Their foremost concern is with training for and finding a job that will support them in these uncertain times. They worry, as do their parents, about the dangers of nuclear destruction. But they seldom do anything about their worries, Protest marches and the like simply do not appeal to them. They are much too busy getting on with the business of living their own self-centered lives. Not surprisingly, excessive drinking among teenagers has become a national concern, with an estimated 5.3 million 14 to 17 year old problem drinkers. 1 You can infer from this passage that: A, teenagers drink to excess because their parents provide a bad example B, present day teenagers drink because of their more lighthearted approach to life C. excessive drinking among teenagers indicates that they are responding to the stresses of their lives by drinking D, teenagers have more money to buy alcohol than the youth of the 60s did Teenagers today are different from the youth of the 60s in their attitude toward A. politics B. protests C. hairstyles D. all of the above Most young people today are A. involved in protest marches B. a national concern C. problem drinkers D., preoccupied with earning a living ‘Teenagers today resemble their parents in A. worrying about the dangers of nuctear destruction B. keeping their worries to themselves C. telling their parents about their worries D. seldom doing anything constructive about their worries = Iain 5 What is the main idea of this passage? A. The youth of today have a different attitude toward life from that of the youth of the 60s B. Young people in the 1960s were rebellious C. Young people today drink too much D. Young people today are different from and better than the youth of the 1960s A few years ago a shortage of naturaligas drove prices sky high. Likewise, gasoline prices rose when demands exceeded supplies. An overabundance in the oil market drove prices back down. The law of supply and demand functioned according to textbook description in the case of oil, but the situation is otherwise in the current natural gas market, Natural gas consumers are finding their heating bills more of a burden than last year, in spite of a dramatic increase in supplies. There is so much natural gas available today, that many suppliers are closing down their plants for lack of a market, and it is rumored that some suppliers are even burning off their surplus gas. 6 The law of supply and demand means that prices A. rise if supplies are abundant B. rise if supplies are limited C. fall if supplies are limited D. stay even when supplies are abundant 7. The passage refers mainly to A, kerosene B. natural oil C. gasoline D. natural gas 8 Natural gas consumers A. have gross bill than last year B. consider gas an inferior product C. increase their supplies of gas D. pay more for their heating bills 9 Many gas suppliers are closing down their plants ‘A. because the market lacks in suppliers B. because there is no available market C. they have gone bankrupt D, the market has remained the same as last year 10 The amount of natural gas currently available is A. enough B. less Cc. big D. none of the above Under the Medicare insurance policy, people approaching 65 may enroll during the seven month period that includes three months before the 65" birthday, the month in which the birthday falls, and three month after the birthday. However, if they wish the insurance coverage to begin when they reach 65, they must enroll three months before their birthday. People who do not enroll within their first enrollment period may enroll later, during the first three months of each year. Those people, however, must pay 10% additional for each twelve month period that elapsed since they first could have enrolled. The monthly premium is deducted from social security payments. 11 The author's purpose is to A. describe the benefits of Medicare B. stimulate enrollment in Medicare C. tell people when they may enroll in Medicare D. advertise Medicare 2ain6 12 People would pay 10% more for their insurance if they A. enrolled after their 65" birthday B, were under 65 C. applied 7 months before their 65" birthday D. enrolled in a private plan 13. To start coverage by Medicare on their 65" birthday, people must apply A. 7 months before their birthday B, 4 months before their birthday C. the month in which their birthday occurs D. 3 months before their birthday 14 The 7 month period described in this passage includes A. 3 months before, 3 months after, and the month during which the subscriber's birthday occurs B. 7 months before a subscriber's birthday C. 7 months after the subscriber's birthday D. none of the above 15. Medicare subscribers’ premiums A. are subtracted from their social security payments B, are due the 1" of every month C, are taken out of their salaries D. come from the federal government I Grammar and vocabulary Items 16 to 20 are incomplete sentences. Choose among the four variants given under each sentence the one word or phrase that completes the sentence correctly 16 Between the California Coast Range and the Sierra Nevada A. great Central Valley B. lies the great Central Valley C. being the great Central Valley D. the great Central Valley 17 ____ their territories but rather than fight, they howl. A. Wolves protectively jealous B. Jealous of wolves C. Wolves jealously protect D. Protection of wolves 18 Using a globe can be _it is educational A. as enjoyable as B. enjoyable C. to enjoy as D. as enjoyable ach mediocre book we read means one less great book that we would otherwise have a chance A. to read them B read C. reading D. toread 20. The strongest dump trucks work in rock quarries, tons of rocks and soil at one time. A. where they move B. that they move C. they move D. which they move 19 Sains Each of the sentences from 21 to 25 contains one error. Identify the error from the four underlined words or phrases. 21 Yellowstone National Park is well known for its beautiful canyon, its amazed A B c geysers, and its wildlife. 22. Mahogany wood, sta is used for making furniture, is resistant to termites, 23. The number of wid condor, an endangered species of bird, have been steadily increasing because of the work of dian and ee aies 24 since the last explore ae into space, we have increased our knowledge ahout the planet uit. : D 25 Both scientists and treasure seekers are interesting in uncovering the A B c D mysteries of the sunken ship, the Titanic. From 26 10 30 you have four variants derived from the word written in capitals at the end of each line. Choose one variant that best fits in the gap. Only one variant is correct. 26 I'm afraid that your report is full of ACCURATE A. INACCURACIES B, UNACCURATES C. INACCURATES, D. UNACCURACIES 27 Diana is a ‘on sports events for the local radio. COMMENT A, COMMENTOR: je. By COMMENTATOR C, COMMENTANT D, COMMENTARY 28 British Rail apologize for the ___of the 5.30 train to London. CANCEL. A. CANCELARY B. CANCELLATION C, CANCELLANCE D, CANCELY 29 George assured us that the against him were untrue. ACCUSE A, ACCUSINGS B, ACCUSALS C. ACCUSEMENTS D. ACCUSATIONS 30 Visitors complained about the in the old museum. ORGANIZE A. DISORGANIZATION B. DISORGANIZED C, DISORGANISMENT D. DISORGANIZING Adin In items 31 to 35 each sentence has a word or phrase underlined. Choose among the four variants the one word or phrase that is the best substitute for the underlined word or phrase. 31 Scientists generally hold that language has been so long in use that the length of time writing is known is trifling in comparison. A. overwhelming B. astounding C. insignificant D. uninspiring A great center of research and education, the American Museum of Natural History is situated on four blocks on Central Park West in New York City. A. study B. institution C.axi D. circumference 33. F. D. Roosevelt was the US president when many busin: Great Depression. A. incorporating B. buying stocks C. going bankrupt D. expanding 34 On journeys to the European continent, Thomas Hobbes established friendly relations with many learned men. A. educated B. traveled C. troubled D. rich 35. Some authorities trace the jury system to Anglo-Saxon or even more remote Germanic times, A. similar B. distant C. austere D. barbaric were failing during the HL. Writing This is a review of different kinds of holiday for a holiday club magazine. Choose among the variants offered below each sentence, the one that best fits the context, completing thus the whole review. 36 _____. I jumped at the chance when my friend Carol won a weekend away for two people and asked me to accompany her. A. Having always wanted to visit Venice B. Having visited Venice always wanting C. Always visiting Venice having wanting D. To visit Venice always having wanted 37. The mention of Venice usually brings to mind canals, gondolas and tourists ___, as { found out A. but it actually offers a great deal more B. offering more as a deal actually C. as it offers more deal actually D. but there offers a great deal more Sains 38 for a little over two days, we had both read up on the city before arriving there. A. Besides we are in Venice B. Because we have been in Venice C. Although we were in Venice D. As we were only going to be in Venice 39 After landing safely on Saturday morning . which is the stop near the famous St. Mark's Square. ‘A. a water bus was taken from the airport to San Marco B. we took a water bus from the airport to San Marco C. there took a water bus between the airport and San Marco D. it was taken by a water bus for the airport 40. As we crossed the square to find our hotel we gazed up at the magnificent Basilica, Venice's many famous sights . many famous sights of Venice . one of Venice’s many famous sights . one sight of famous Venice 41 we found a trattoria for lunch and had delicious seafood pizza. A. Afterwards B. After C. Therefore D. Thereafter 42. The afternoon found us wandering the maze of narrow streets, criss-crossing canals, scattered throughout the city. A. many of the churches popped into B. and popping into many of the churches C. and many churches were popping D. and many churches popped 43. On Saturday moming we visited _, Murano, where the glass factories are. A, one island nearby of the many # one island of the many nearbies 4C. one island just of the nearby many De one of the many nearby islands 44 Sunday afternoon was spent souvenir hunting as both Carol and I treated ourselves with beautiful masks A. that are traditionally worn at Carnival time B. who are worn traditionally at Carnival time C. which are worn traditionally during Carnival’s times D. they are tradition on Carnival’s time 45 Sadly our weekend had almost come to an end___ before going back to the hotel to pack as we were leaving in the morning. A, because we had only time left for our delicious meal more B. as left only time for one more delicious meal C. as we only had enough time left for one more delicious meal D. so that time had left for enough delicious meal Toate subieetele sunt obligatoril, Panctajul acordat: cdte 0,2 puncte pentru fiecare rispuns corect (0,2 puncte x 45 intrebiri ~ 9 puncte), Nota probei de concurs se calculeazi tnmultind numarul de subiecte rezolvate corect cu 0,2 punete, Ia care se adauga tun punct din oficiu. Timp de lueru efectiv ~ 90 minute. ain ROMANIA MINISTERUL APARARII NATIONALE STATUL MAJOR GENERA\ GRILA DE EVALUARE Diseiplin Limba engieza iulie 2010 —— a : a a > 0 4 30