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| 26.3 COMPLETEAZA SPATIILE FOLOSIND PROPOZITIILE DIN CASETA Kpp fp Porm evesto the restaurant because it has delicious food © H Ahh Azztivesin he countryside because e eet ‘We don't have breakfast because ° e Mr. Aspinall gets up early because fies pinall gets up ° im ‘Arnold wears a suit because ° tae Vicky works outside because net ° ae, | work in a hospital because ea he thinks it’s beautiful ithas-deticious food we're very busy Ima doctor } he takes his dog for a walk he works in a bank she is a gardener ~”) t J 26.4 FOLOSESTE SCHEMA PENTRU A CREA SASE FRAZE CORECTE SI ROSTESTE-LE CU VOCE TARE Clara works in a theater because she is an actor. =| works in a theater is an actor. lives on afarm isafarmer. works in a hotel isa receptionist. Vocabular 27.1 INJURUL CASEI SCRIE SUB IMAGINILE CORESPUN, JVINTELE DIN CASETA OARE jaBBBE S888 aaaee —SBBBB © @ o @ ‘couch (US)/sofa(UK) diningroom —_— toilet. house closet (US) / wardrobe (UK) bathroom bedroom desk chair bathtub table bookcase igo co ° 6 mt e_ © © o kitchen door armchair. study garage apartment block (US) / block of flats (UK). lamp television bed_-—=—Ss shower_-=—window —_ refrigerator (US) / fridge (UK) © 87 Lucrurile pe care le am Cand vorbesti despre lucruri pe care le posezi pot folosi verbul pentru a vorbi despre calificarile tale, despre aparatura si camerele din casa ta. Ry 28.1 TAIE CUVANTUL INCORECT DIN FIECARE PROPOZITIE shave’. Acest verb poate fi folosit lex We have / has car in the garage. oe ia My friend have / has new glasses. ° Tee John have /has two dogs Thave / has a beautiful necklace. Alex have / has anew camera. Our house have / has a lovely yard. Pete have / has anew cell phone. Your town have / has a big hotel. Ihave / has a lot of friends. ° ty We have / has an old castle in our city. Phill and Sue have / has four daughters. ° %.., ‘They have / has a lot of parks in their town. ~) oP Element now Uslizarea ui have ‘Aa Vocabular Obiecte din gospodarie Bie Abiltate noua Cun vorbest de posesie | 28.2 COMPLETEAZA SPATIILE FOLOSIN! |AS" SAU , HAVE” They __have _ two daughters. © Bob and Shirley __a big dog. @ She ______some new friends. ‘© We ______ two sons at home. OjJames two cars. @ His house three bedrooms © Pam ___ lots of books at home @ He _ two cats. O Sally's house anew kitchen. @ You___ a beautiful house. O1___ three sisters. © kelly and Mark ____ a microwave. @we a castle in our town, © Sanjay acatandadog. @ You three brothers. © Ross a new cell phone. © Ourhouse two bathrooms. @1__acouch in my room. © Washington some lovely parks. » 28.3 MARCHEAZA PROPOZITIILE CORECTE We have apples and oranges. [~ © Sam and Greg have a dog. oO We apples and oranges have. [_) Sam and Greg has a dog, o @ Ihave two sisters. o © Marlon a brother has. a I has two sisters. o Marlon has a brother. ] @ You has a beautiful house. oO @ Fardale have an old castle. oO You have a beautiful house. Oo Fardale has an old castle. a © We a garden have. Oo @ They have a new car. a ‘We have a garden. o They has a new car. oO *) accom 28.4 CITESTE ANUNTURILE — PUBLICITARE SI RASPUNDE PROP. IY Ocean View has two bedrooms. fs Ocean View $2,000/month True" False This beautiful house is right on the ‘ocean. There are three bedrooms and © Ocean View has a garage. a big kitchen. Italso has a lovely yard, True “| False |) Dut there is no garage. Sunny Bank $1,500/month ‘This modern apartment has two bedrooms and one bathroom with a / bath and a shower. All the furniture © There isn'ta garage at Sunry Bank isnew. There isn'ta yard, but there True (1) False ee Q Belle Vue Manor has six bedrooms. a Belle Vue Manor © Sunny Bank has two bathrooms. True) False (2 This large house isin the center of True (1) False Sunset Cove. Ithas six bedrooms, theve bathrooms, and two garages © Belle Vue Manor has a small yard. There is abig yard with lots of trees True || False perennasemmameneel His eee Et | REIN 2086 Coreg siseamen Cottage $1300/month ‘This small house is in the old part of Summerwood. Ithas two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a new kitchen ‘There isa small yard with lots of beautiful flowers. © Mossfield Cottage has an old kitchen, True || False @ Mossfield Cottage has a small yard True () False | 89 Fy 28.5 RESCRIE PROPOZITIILE FOLOSIND FORME CONTRASE. ar os oe ae a cake @ Rob's house does not have a garage. Sam doesn't have a car. @ We do not have a computer at home. @ You do not have any sisters. © My city does not have a castle. © The village does not have any stores. “) 28.7 ASCULTA INREGISTRAREA $I POTRIVESTE OBIECTELE CU PROPRIETARII LOR | 28.6 RESCRIE PROPOZITIILE FARA FORME CONTRASE haven't got a dog. Lhave not got a dog. © You've got a beautiful necklace. @ She hasn't got any sisters. © We haven't got a microwave. © Greg hasn't got a bike. © My town’s got two theaters. © Chloe hasn't got a cat. @ They've got a new house. ° eat *) 90 28.8 FOLOSESTE SCHEMA PENTRU A CREA 11 PROPOZITII CORECTE SI ROSTESTE-LE CU VOCE TARE Ihave a computer. ae ‘computer. tables. sofa. ~) 28.9 COMPLETEAZA SPATIILE SCRIIND FIECARE PROPOZITIE IN TREI FELURI DIVERSE Ihave a car. I have got a car. Ive got a car. She has got two bedrooms. They don't have a dog. We've got some chairs. He has gota brother. Carla doesn't have a sister. You have got a car. Phil’s got a dog. You have a yard. Jamal hasn't gota sofa. They have got a shower. May's got a couch. @ee0o0o0000600006 He doesn't havea cat, a1 Ce ai? Foloseste intrebari cu ,have” pentru a intreba pecineva gj Element nou Intrebri cu ,have" despre lucrurile pe care le posed. ,Do" sau ,does" sunt folosite pentru a forma propozitiiinterogative. 29.1 POTRIVESTE IMAGINILE CU CUVINTELE CORESPUNZATOARE 7) 2 ° Aa Vocabular Casi si mobila Fe Abilitate noua intrebiri despre obiecte din gospodirie Kj 29.2 RESCRIE PROPOZITIILE AFIRMATIVE CA INTREBARI She has a toaster. Does she have a toaster? © The house has a yard. © Their kitchen has a refrigerator. © Bill's house has a big garage. @ You have a sofa. © Barry has a kettle. © She has a barbecue at her house. © Marge has a new washing machine. @ Jack and Marienne have a TV. @ Leela’s brother has a knife and fork. *) 92. E J 29.3 ASCULTA $I POTRIVESTE 29.4 PRIVESTE IMAGINEA SI SCRIE OAMENII CU OBIECTELE POSEDATE RASPUNSURI IN FORMA SCURTA. - - PENTRU FIECARE PROPOZITIE { ) (Claudia ° John OS a — en : Do you have a plate? e co ‘No, I don't. © Do you have a knife? ° © Do you havea refrigerator? © Do you have a microwave? °o © Do you have a kettie? e © Do you have a fork? *) [ J 29.5 FOLOSESTE SCHEMA PENTRU A CREA NOUA PROPOZITII CORECTE SI CITESTE CU VOCE TARE Do you have any chairs? any chairs? any knives? a refrigerator? a » 93 c J 29.6 RASPUNDE CU VOCE TARE LA INTREBARILE DE PE INREGISTRARE SI COMPLETEAZA SPATIILE Does Kate have a necklace? © Does your town have a library? No, she doesn't . = a ae © Does Paula have a sofa? © Doyour parents have a car? Yes, No, . a a @ Does James have a snake? © Does your mom have a microwave? Yes, No, a a © __ Does Keith have an umbrella? @ _ Does Gerald have a bottle? No, . Yes, . a a ~) Ry 29.7 SCRIE O INTREBARE CORESPUNZATOARE PENTRU FIECARE PROPOZITIE She has got a car. © Clarissa has got a new laptop. Has she got a car? © They have got a microwave. © Carol's house has got a big yard. @ Shaun and Shania have got a pet snake. © Your friends have got my book. © Charles has got a camera. @ Brian has got a new TV. ~*) 94 E J 29.8 RESCRIE INTREBARILE CU ,HAVE" CA INTREBARI CU ,HAVE GOT’ Do you have a dog? © Does your cell phone have a camera? Have you got a dog’ © Does the kitchen have a microwave? © Does sam have any money? © Does your house have a yard? © Does your town have a supermarket? © Do the Hendersons have a car? ® Does Brian have a sister? © Does Claire have my glasses? © Do your children have a cat? © Do your parents have a computer? © Does your husband have a camera? © Does Paul have my book? © Does your schoo! have a library? © Does Brian have a magazine? © Does jane have a cell phone? © Do your neighbors have a basement? @ Do the kids have their bikes? “) I J 29.9 FOLOSESTE SCHEMA PENTRU A CREA SAPTE PROPOZITI! CORECTE $I ROSTESTE-LE CU VOCE TARE Have you got a refrigerator? you John your kitchen arefrigerator? acar? any brothers or sisters? CJ «) 9 Vocabular 30.1 MANCARE $I BAUTURA SCRIE CUVINTELE DIN CASETA SUB IMAGINILE CORESPUNZATOARE wie, se - FT o- food °o sugar _potatoes bread fruit vegetables strawberry cheese drinks juice apple seafood butter spaghetti water pasta lunch, eggs rice fish salad banana chocolate orange coffee milk burger -food— dinner cereal cake *) 7 BE cum numeri jn engleza substantivele pot fi numarabile si nenumarabile. Element nou Substantive nenumarabile Substantivele numarabile pot fi numarate individual. Obiectele Aa Vocabular Recipiente pentru mancare care nu pot fi separate si numarate sunt nenumarabile, Abilitate nou’. Cum vorbesti despre mancare Ry 31.1 SCRIE CUVINTELE DIN CASETA IN GRUPURILE CORECTE coffee water: burger | rice egg juice | apple sandwich | *) 31.2 TAIE CUVANTUL INCORECT DIN FIECARE PROPOZITIE B® bobhasa/some sugar. o 8 o@ om There is / are some orange juice. Sam has some / three milk. We have a / some salt. ed There is / are some apples. Rita has a / some banana. lve got a/ some eggs. *) 31.3 SCRIE CE INFATISEAZA FIECARE IMAGINE @ one apple ° yy Ce | “) 98