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Modbus versus Profibus

They are two different communications protocols. If you want a rough analogy, it's
like two different languages. Profibus is speaking German and Modbus is speaking
English. Both languages work, but the two speakers can't communicate.
Profibus has certain protocol features that let certain versions of it operate in multimaster mode on RS-485, while Modbus could be only single master. However,
Modbus can operate on Ethernet (including multiple masters) while Profibus can't
(Profinet can, but Profinet is not the same as Profibus).
In short, Profibus was good in its day, but its specialised features tied it closely to
RS-485, which has resulted in it becoming obsolete (although there's lots of it still
Modbus is still going strong because its simplicity let it evolve to adapt to Ethernet
without significant change. It's now one of the major Ethernet protocols used in
automation. The older serial (RS-232 and RS-485) versions are still around as well.

Acestea sunt dou protocoale diferite de comunicaii. Dac dorii o analogie mai directa, e ca i
cum ar fi comparate dou limbi diferite. Profibus este vorbitoare de limba germana si Modbus
vorbete limba englez. Ambele limbi sunt OK, dar doi vorbitori nu pot comunica.
Profibus are anumite caracteristici de protocol care permit ca anumite versiuni ale acestuia sa
funcioneze n modul Multi-Master pe RS-485, n timp ce Modbus ar putea fi doar el singur
master. Cu toate acestea, Modbus poate opera pe Ethernet (inclusiv multiplu master), n timp
Profibus nu poate (Profinet poate, dar Profinet nu este la fel ca Profibus).
Pe scurt, Profibus a fost bun la vremea ei, dar caracteristicile sale specializate sunt strans
legate de RS-485, care a devenit cam perimat (dei exist inca o mulime).
Modbus este n evolutie puternic, deoarece simplitatea ei o lasa s evolueze pentru a se
adapta la Ethernet fr schimbari semnificative. E acum unul dintre cele mai importante
protocoale Ethernet utilizate n automatizare.Versiunile de seriale mai vechi (RS-232 i RS-485)
sunt nc existente, de asemenea.