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FLUKE 43B - Single-phase Power Quality Analyzer

Acest aparat este ideal pentru a diagnostica problemele de putere si calitate si in general
erorile de la echipamente.


Analizorul de armonice Fluke 41B combin ntr-un singur instrument uurina

utilizrii unui multimetru digital, feedback-ul vizual al unui osciloscop i puterea unui
analizor de armonice. Dac testai electricitatea sistemelor trifazice sau diagnosticai
frecvena pe sarcinile ne-liniare, niciun instrument de testare nu e mai util.
Modelul 41B este ideal pentru analizarea datelor i optimizarea performanei

Precizie de msurare:
Gam i

Intrare de curent
(1mv/A) izolat

(1mV/A) intrare

Gam i
Gam i

5,0 V - 600 V rms (CA+CC); 5,0 V 933 V vrf

rms: (0,5 % + 2 cifre); Vrf sau CC:
(2 % + 3 cifre) (Adugai 2 cifre dac <
15 V rms)
1,00 A - 1000 A rms (CA+CC); 1,0 A 2000 A vrf
rms: (0,5% + 3 cifre)+specif. sond;
Vrf sau CC: (2 % + 4 cifre) + specif.
0,0W(VA) - 600 kW(kVA) medie;
0,0W(VA) - 2000 kW(kVA) vrf
CA+CC: (1 % + 4 cifre) + specif.

Armonici (nivelul
armonicilor >5%
folosind Smooth

: Fundamental pn la al 13-lea (2
%+2 cifre);
La al 31-lea (8 %+2 cifre);
Amperi sau Fundamental pn la al 13-lea (3 % +
3 cifre) + specif. sond
La al 31s-lea (8 % + 3 cifre) + specif.


Gam i rezoluie: de la 6.0 Hz la 99,9 Hz

0,3 Hz


Intrare pentru
limea de band

CC, de la 6 Hz la 2.1 kHz

Factor de limit

Gam i rezoluie: de la 6,0 Hz la 99,9 Hz

0,3 Hz

Factor de putere

Gam i rezoluie: de la 0,00 la 1,00


Factor de putere
de deplasare

Gam i

de la 0,00 la 1,00


de la 0,04 la 0,03 (de la 0,30 la

0,89) 0,02 (de la 0,90 la 1,00)


Gam i rezoluie:
de la -179 la 180
Precizie (Fundamental): 2 + specif. sond

Factor K (KF)

Gam i rezoluie de la 1,0 la 30,00



Gam i rezoluie: de la 0,00 % la 799,9 %

(0,03 Citire + 2,0 %)


Gam i rezoluie: de la 0,0 % la 99,9 %

(0,03 Citire + 2,0 %)

Specificaii generale
Niveluri minime de

5 V rms sau 1 A rms

Durata de via a

4 celule alcaline "C" ANSI/NEDA-14A, IEC-LR14

(furnizate) 48 de ore, n mod normal (continuu)

ocuri i vibraii

Conform MIL-T-28800, Clasa a 3-a


Rezisten la stropi i praf, conform IEC, IP 52


234 mm L x 100 mm l x 64 mm A (9.2" L x 3.9" l x 2.5"



0,9 kg (2,0 lb.)


Un an de garanie

Fluke 80i-400 AC Current Clamp

Nominal current range
Continuous current range
Maximum non-destructive current
Lowest measurable current
Basic accuracy
Useable frequency
Output level(s)
Safety Specifications
Maximum voltage
Mechanical and General Specifications
Maximum conductor diameter
Maximum conductor size (busbar)
Output cable length
Shrouded banana plugs

400 A
1 A - 400 A
600 A
3% + 0.4 A
(48-65 Hz)
(% reading + floorspec)
40 Hz - 5 kHz
1 mA/A
CAT III, 600 V
600 V AC
1 year
30 mm
2 x 25 mm
65 x 5 mm
1.5 m

n cazul acestui tip de echipament, msurarea este realizat prin cuprinderea

conductorului traversat de curent ntre flcile cletelui, care fac parte integrant din aparat.
Acest clete este un fel de circuit magnetic i funcioneaz ca transformatorul de curent.
Conform legii lui Ampre, curentul care trece prin cablu determin un cmp magnetic n
circuitul magnetic-clete.

PSL po rt a ble P Qu b e t hre e - ph as e ac p o w er mo ni t or

Three-phase and single-phase monitoring up to 690V, 50/60/400Hz.

Auto power configuration (patent pending).
Power Quality monitoring: Your PQube is like the black box on an
aircraft: if anything goes wrong with the power, it records all the details.
Energy monitoring: The most accurate little monitor on the market.
Complete energy information.
No software required! The PQube automatically writes these files on a
standard digital camera SD card.
Easy data retrieval.
Additional channels: two analog inputs, one digital input, one relay
output, and two temperature-humidity monitoring channels.
256 samples-per-cycle measurements on all channels.
About 1 gigabyte per year of data. PQube comes standard with 4 gigabyte SD-card for data storage. Can use 8-gigabyte SD cards.
Full color display. 25+ languages, date/time setup, recent events, meters,
and more.
DIN-rail, panel mount or portable
Built-in Li-Ion UPS. Power from 24 VAC, 24-48VDC, or optional 100~240
VAC power supply.
FREE individual NIST calibration certificate for every PQube!

Multimetru digital cu carcasa antisoc DT9205A

Convertizor de frecventa KEB

Convertizorul de frecven este un echipament electronic care comand i

controleaz viteza de rotaie a unui motor de curent alternativ prin reglarea frecvenei i
mrimii tensiunii de alimentare a motorului.
Sumar parametri:

GE ASTAT QC2IDA Soft Starter for 3 Phase Standard


Aceste echipamente comand aplicarea tensiunii reelei de la 0 la 100 % ntr-un

timp care poate fi reglat. Motorul pornete aproape fr ocuri. Reducerea tensiunii
conduce la o reducere ptratic a cuplului de rotaie n raport cu pornirea normal a
motorului. Softstarterele se utilizeaz n special pentru pornirea motoarelor cu sarcin
cu variaie ptratic (de exemplu pompe sau ventilatoare).

Specifictii :

Current ratings: 8A-1100A: 8, 17, 31, 44, 58, 72, 85, 105, 145, 170, 210, 240,
310, 360, 414, 477, 515, 590, 720, 840, 960, 1100
Line Voltage:
3ph, 208-440V 50/60Hz. (Type QB1x, 1400V PIV ratings)
3ph, 460-600V 50/60Hz. (Type QB2x, 1600V PIV ratings)
Frequency Range: 45Hz-65Hz, auto-tracking frequency range
Control Voltage:110VAC, +10, -15%, 50/60Hz or 230VAC, +10, -15%, 50/60Hz
Motor Protection:NEMA Class 10, 20 and 30 overload and IEC Class 10 or 20
Internal Bypass: With the internal bypass there is no need for wiring in an
external contactor and adding space to the installation
Pump Control: Avoids overpressure at the end of the acceleration phase and
suppresses hammering at the stopping phase
Communication Networks: Modbus RTU is built in
LCD Display & Six-Button Keypad: Saves time by setting up the ASTAT BP
using full parameter descriptions instead of codes
In-Line or Inside-Delta Operation: Choose either traditional Line or Inside Delta
operation, which allows the ASTAT BP to easily replace Y/D starters and allows the
unit?s rating to be reduced by as much as 1.5 times
Torque Control: Controlled torque ramps produce results close to linear speed
without tachometer feedback
Generator Supply: Helps minimize the negative effects caused by the generator
voltage fluctuations during starting

Metrix OX 6152E-C 2-channel oscilloscope, Digital Storage

oscilloscope, Bandwidth 150 MHz

Multifunctional storage oscilloscope OX 6152E-C

Osciloscopul este un aparat electronic de msur care servete la observarea i
msurarea unui semnal de tensiune electric cu variaie (frecven) constant, sau a
mai multor semnale simultane de tensiune ce evolueaz discret.
Technical data

Roll mode: 100 ms - 100 s / DIV

Over-voltage category: CAT II 300 V

Highlights & details

3 in 1: Oscilloscope, Multimeter-Recorder and FFT-Analyser

Bandwidth of 150MHz
Touch screen colour screen with menu navigation

The OX 6152E-C is easy to use, it is very compact and convenient to carry However,
combining them into one device the full functionality of a digital oscilloscope, a
multimeter with a recorder and an FFT analyzer.

Cursor measurement
Auto set function
hardcopy function
menu and help texts in 5 languages (D / GB / F / D / I)
Multimeter: TrueRMS min to 200 kHz

Graphical recorder function with date and time (5 to 31 days)

basic accuracy: 0.5%
AC / DC voltage
Resistance to 32 M
continuity test
Capacity: 5 nF - 5 mF
Frequency temperature
Diode Test.

Included in delivery

2 probes (both 01:01 / 10:01)

RS232 cable
Ethernet crossover cable network cable
Operating instructions.