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Descriere T-JSHIP Project 2014:

n urma acordului de parteneriat ncheiat n 2012 ntre Facultatea de Sociologie i
Comunicare, Universitatea TR!S"#$!" din %raov i Universitatea &'"S'" (aponia, un
student sau un masterand al )acult*+ii noastre este invitat s* participe la proiectul T-JSHIP
2014, -roiectul are drept o.iectiv cola.orarea studen+ilor thailande/i, 0apone/i i din alte +*ri
pentru predarea lim.ilor engle/* i 0apone/* elevilor thailande/i ntr1un centru educa+ional din
-etcha.un, Thailanda,
-roiectul T-JSHIP 2014 va ncepe n 10 martie n (aponia cu o sesiune de preg*tire de
2 /ile n (aponia i va continua n Thailanda p3n* n 20 martie, Costurile de transport, ca/are i
mas* vor )i suportate de c*tre Universitatea &'"S'",
legerea studentului4masterandului participant la programul T-JSHIP 2014 se va )ace n
urma unei etape de preseec!ie ce va )i organi/at* n data de 15,01,2012, Selec+ia )inal* a
c3tig*torului va )i reali/at* de c*tre repre/entan+ii Universit*+ii &'"S'" pe .a/a listei scurte ce
va cuprinde trei studen+i sau masteran/i preselecta+i,
C"n#i!ii pentr$ nscriere a c"nc$rs%
1 studen+i4 masteran/i ai Facult*+ii de Sociologie i Comunicare6
1 cunoaterea lim.ii engle/e la nivel avansat6
1 capacitate de lucru n echip*6
1 C$ i scrisoare de inten+ie6
1 eseu video de 7 minute, n lim.a engle/*, cu tema8 9:o; " ;ill present %rasov
region in (apan<6
1 reali/area unei pre/ent*ri de 7 minute despre (aponia, n lim.a engle/*, n )a+a unor elevi
de la o coal* general* din %raov =detaliile ntr1un anun+ viitor>,
C$1ul, scrisoarea de inten+ie i lin?1ul c*tre eseul video nc*rcat pe @ouTu.e se vor trimite pe
adresa )lo rin, n ec hi t a Aunit.v,ro p3n* n data de 17,01,201B, ora 20,00,
Pr"&a #e preseec!ie va c$prin#e%
1 interviu n lim.a engle/*6
1 pre/entarea eseului video6
1 reali/area unei pre/ent*ri de 7 minute despre (aponia, n lim.a engle/*, n )a+a unor elevi
de la o coal* general* din %raov =detaliile ntr1un anun+ viitor>,

La preseec!ie se va !ine c"nt 'i #e%
1 implicarea studen+ilor4masteran/ilor n activit*+ile eCtra1curriculare ale )acult*+ii i
participarea la cercurile tiin+i)ice studen+eti,
Detaii #espre pr"(ram$ T-JSHIP Project 2014%
T)aian#-Japan St$#ents* Initiative Pr"(ramme +T-JSIP,
Intensive Pr"(ram -"r ."&a C"mm$nicati"n
Dith 50 per cent o) the ;orldEs population, sia should .e eCpected to plaF a more and
more important role in the ;orld economF, The )ast and ;orld1;ide changes on our planet
reGuire colla.oration .et;een sians in addition to sians and non1sians, This programme
aims to create a trans1sian colla.orative space )or carrFing out an educational initiative ;hich is
planned and managed .F Fouth,
T1(S"- aims to provide )ree programme in ;hich local children can learn 'nglish and
(apanese, "n order to carrF out the programme, (apanese visiting students and local Thai students
prepare and administrate )or a t;o1daF language programme, The eCperience o) ;or?ing in a
Thai1(apanese team ;ill provide participating Fouth ;ith insight o) ;hat it is li?e to ;or? in a
trans1.order team,
The participants ;ill .e provided )ree transportation )rom either to and )rom %ang?o?1
-etcha.un or Hhon1Hean I-etcha.un in addition to meals and .eds ;hile staFing in -etcha.un
)rom &arch 17 to &arch 20, 2012,
0rie- Sc)e#$e
Jth "nternational $olunteers Chec? in Keihin?an
11Bth LTeaching preparation
12th Meparture to %ang?o?
rrival at %ang?o?
%ang?o? to -etcha.un .F .us
rrived at :otel, pre1orientation meeting
&eet ;ith Thai UniversitF student
1,Prientation .F &eisei students
2, Kroup activitF and ice .rea? activitF
10800N1O80 &oc? lesson =teaching rehearsals>, ma?ing teaching materials and
0 practicing dialogue
1B800R158B0 T1(S"- MaF 1
1B800R158B0 T1(S"- MaF 2
1Q800N20800RFare;ell partF
-etcha.un to %ang?o?
a)ternoon8 )ieldtrip
&orning8 StudF tour, $isiting Racha;init %an?aoe :ighschool
)ternoon8 #eaving %ang?o?
/1$ai-icati"n -"r participati"n
The participants are advised to communication in 'nglish or (apanese, :o;ever, high level
o) 'nglish communication is not necessarF, 'nglish language is used )or completing the
2$tine "- T-JSIP
To construct a ne; trans1.order educational pro0ect in Southeast sia and to eCplore the
entire process involved in its construction,
To acGuire leadership s?ills, to develop the a.ilitF to initiate and plan team1.ased activities
;ith speci)ic teaching goals, and to eCperience intercultural communication alongside
international volunteers,
To initiate a grassroots event )ocusing on .uilding international understanding,
Three Thai students and t;o &eisei students and one international volunteer .ecame a team,
then theF are going to teach 'nglish4(apanese to local Thai children,
&eisei students prepare teaching plan .F 'nglish and .ring teaching materials
#essons are interaction1.ased approach, not teaching voca.ularF and grammar,
Through this pro0ect, students ;ill gain ;or? eCperience in an international conteCt and learn
a.out di))erent education approaches, teaching1learning constraints and .ene)its o) trans1
.order communities o) practices,