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The theatre directing school at the University Of Arts Tirgu Mures has asserted itself in the field of academic education. ‘ur distinct view in the shaping of new ‘generations of directors is based on ‘open-mindedness towards the multitude of theatrical formulas which offer the possibility Of finding one’s own voice, personality and, respectively, one’s own means of expression. The collaboration with acting, set design and playwriting students is a distinct feature of the UAT academic offer in the training of directors. Directors, theoreticians, set designers, choreographers and actors who have ‘outstanding national and international careers are practically and constantly involved in the professional training of students, in directing, offering them the chance to become complex theatre artists, ready to act as role models for future generations. DIRECTING zy MISE EN SCENE Puc ee ee ee ea es Ceo Se er eae ery Cet eee Cees es ce la formation de nouvelles générations de teeter grande ouverture d’esprit quant & la eet ea Cee es ron Ce ee ar ey ee ree Pere EA ere nya ere aes Piety : formation des étudiants & la mise en scéne. Metteurs en scénes et théoriciens, esr sa ee eer eta te een pee co eet on its Pane eee ee een eee nn en ene Tt a metteurs en scénes, leur offrant la chance bi de devenir des artistes de théatre complets, ree ere es Peepers one ta