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Uleiul de cocos

Nuca de cocos este cunoscut pentru versatilitatea sa n ceea ce privete modul de utilizare. Spre
deosebire de celelalte tipuri de fructe, acesta conine o cantitate important de ap, ce poate fi
consumat ca atare, fructul fiind cunoscut ca nuca-jeleu n primul stadiu al dezvoltrii.
Cnd ajunge la maturitate, nuca de cocos nc conine ap, ns poate fi utilizat ca i smn
sau pentru procesare cu scopul de a obine ulei din smbure, crbune din partea lemnoas i
fibr. n prima faz a dezvoltrii, endospemul se gsete sub form de nucleu suspendat n ap.
Pe msura de fructul ajunge la maturitate, straturile celulare ale endospemului se depoziteaz dea lungul pereiilor, transformndu-se n partea comestibil.
Uleiul i laptele de cocos sunt utilizate pentru gtit, ns au i o larg uitlizare n industria
Nuca de cocos, prin suc, lapte, ulei i carne, reprezint o surs important de substan e nutritive.
Este bogat n fibre, vitamine i minerale. Aceasta este clasificat precum ul aliment func ional
deoarece aduce multiple beneficii organismului. Uleiul de cocos prezint un interes aparte, iar
modul lui obinere este variat.
Ulei de cocos obinut prin centrifugare
Acest tip de ulei se obine prin presarea miezului crnos proaspt rezultnd crema de cocos cu
40% coninut de ulei. Operaia se realizeaz cu o pres rcit cu ap. Crema rezultat este supus
operaiei de centrifugare n urma creia se crete procentul de ulei prin ndeprtarea proteinelor i
a substanelor solubile. La finalul procesului, uleiul prezint o arom uoar de cocos, fiind
catalogat ca ulei extra-virgin, superior celorlate tipuri. ntreaga cantitatea de ap, fibrele i
proteinele sunt extrase fr a utiliza cldura sau substane chimice.

Centrifuged Coconut Oil

This coconut oil is made by first pressing the fresh, white meat of the coconut to obtain a coconut cream. This cream
is approximately 40% oil. The pressing should be done on a special machine where both the pressing plate and the
sleeve are cooled by chilled water. Using a centrifuge, the cream is then concentrated to yield a higher and higher
percentage of oil while the proteins and water soluble substances are separated out. In the end, this coconut oil has a
very light, coconut flavor and most people would consider it to be extremely mild and smooth. It is typically considered
one of the highest quality coconut oils but is also one of the most expensive to produce. This oil should always be
labeled as virgin or extra virgin coconut oil. All moisture, fiber, and proteins can be removed without the use of heat,
allowing it to be considered raw.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

This coconut oil is made through a process that contains more variables than the above centrifuged oil, even though
the methodology is simple. First the fresh coconut meat is grated and then dried. This drying process, however,

seems to be important to the resulting taste and quality of the oil. Some companies dry the coconut exactly the same
as standard desiccated coconut (at 170-180 degrees F). Others dry the coconut at temperatures around 140 or 150
degrees F. Still other manufacturers will dry the coconut meat at temperatures under 103 degrees F. In addition,
companies all dry the coconut to varying degrees of moisture. This dried coconut is then placed into a press and,
depending on the company, it is pressed at varying degrees of pressure and temperature. This pressing yields oil with
proteins which are fine enough to leak out of the press cake while under pressure. These proteins are then either
filtered out or allowed to "settle" in settling tanks so the oil can be decanted. The amount of heat that is generated
during the processing and the details of the process can vary significantly. This is most likely the reason there is great
variation in quality and taste amongst the wide variety of "cold pressed" oils available. They can have a "toasted
coconut taste" (which results from a high heat process of standard desiccated coconut with very low moisture) or a
"mild, raw coconut flavor" which results from low temperature, careful processing) or varying levels or burning and
rancidity which will result from poor drying and/or poor removal of proteins from the oil.
Wilderness Family Naturals' Cold Pressed Coconut Oil has a nice mild, coconut flavor and is raw. However, we
did spend an extensive amount of time searching for acceptable cold pressed oil that did not see high heat and can
be called virgin or extra virgin coconut oil. At this time we are not aware of any other cold pressed coconut oil, that
is raw, organic and has a mild taste, sold in America.

Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil

This coconut oil represents the vast majority of coconut oil produced in the world. During production there is no
concern about heat, how the coconut meat is dried or many other aspects of coconut oil manufacture. The coconut
meat is dried by a wide variety of methods, most of it on family farms where they either sun dry or smoke dry. Once
dried, the coconut meat is pressed in large expeller presses that generate heat and pressure. This yields a crude
coconut oil that is brown and must be "cleaned". In the end, however, the free fatty acids (a breakdown product from
the oil), any remaining moisture, any bad flavor or smell, etc is minimized by filtering, washing (cleaning) and refining.
Coconut oil made this way is typically the least expensive of all coconut oils. It can be called RBD coconut oil (which
stands for refined, bleached and deodorized) or it can be called expeller pressed coconut oil. In general, these are
usually the same product.
At Wilderness Family Naturals, we dabbled at selling this oil because we wanted to offer a low priced alternative to
those who did not want to pay the premium for virgin coconut oil and those who did not like the taste of coconuts. This
is our only oil that is not raw and does not taste like coconuts. However, since coconut oil is very stable, heating
processes and cleaning processes should not harm the oil. Organic Expeller Pressed Coconut Oils also have the
assurance that no solvents such as hexane have been used.
Although this type of oil, is not totally bland, depending on where it is produced, it can taste nasty. So we searched for
a long time and finally discovered an expeller pressed coconut oil we can proudly put our name on. This oil
Wilderness Family Naturals' calls "Ultra Clean Supreme" Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil. We use this special
designation because the oil is shipped out of Asia to Europe where it is thoroughly cleaned a second time - this time
the right way. All impurities are removed and the resulting oil is very pure, light, delicate and dreamy. It can be used to
create delicate pastries and crusts, to saut or deep fat fry. And because it is so pure it has a long shelf-life, high
smoke point and is extremely versatile. No one else in America carries this oil - a true exclusive from Wilderness
Family Naturals!

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