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4 martie
Drum, cazare, luat de papa i plimbare nocturna pe Promenade des Anglais. Si prin zona noastr. NU UITAI s facei poze din avion, pentru c n drum spre Nisa traversm Alpii Maritimi, care arat bestial. Plus c aeroportul din Nisa e plasat pe o mic peninsul, aa c pn acolo vom zbura (i puin nclinat, spre decolare) pe deasupra Mrii Mediterane. Se vd brcue, iahturi i yole, aa c iar prilej de poze. Rue de France, strada pe care stm i noi, are i o zon pietonal despre care un individ, probabil englez, scrie urmtoarele: The Nice pedestrian zone, or zone pietonne is a hub of activity. This is the place if you need to load up on souvenirs. Street entertainers frequent this area. There are gourmet shops, clothing shops, news stands, bookstores and more. (Check out the Ducs de Gascogne store for some real finds). Grab a caf au lait and watch the world go by, nibble on a crepe, or visit in the evening for a robust meal with an Italian accent. This is just a lively spot! Despre Promenade des Anglais: The Promenade des Anglais ("Walk of the English") is a celebrated promenade along the Mediterranean at Nice. For the local inhabitants, the Promenade des Anglais has simply become the Promenade or, for short, La Prom. On Sundays, bicyclists, babystrollers, and whole families can be seen out for a stroll along the Promenade. It has also become a favorite place for skateboarders and in-line skaters. Aside from numerous events such as the annual Carnival, the Battle of Flowers, etc. that take place along the Promenade, the Promenade has its blue chairs (chaises bleues) and cabanas perfect for a lazy time along the Mediterranean and for contemplation of the azure blue water of the Bay of Angels (la Baie des Anges). Aici, ns, e i o chestie fain: pe Promenade des Anglais vedem la un moment dat un indicator care arata drumul catre: "Parcul Carol I, rege al Romaniei" Regele Carol obisnuia sa vina deseori pe Coasta de Azur. Legenda spune ca atunci cand se intorcea de la sindrofii, regele cu Elena Lupescu veneau intr-o caleasca, in cea de-a doua calatorea chipiul si a treia trasura transporta bastonul regal Nu tiu unde e plcua, dar dac o vede cineva s ne spun i nou :)

5 martie, Joi, zi de Nisa

Nu trebuie s se rateze urmtoarele (mai avem o jumtate de zi la Nisa, aa c putem mpri, n caz c nu ne ajunge ziua asta): Vieille Ville oraul vechi. Partea veche a capitalei culturale europeane, un cartier cu stradute inguste, mici restaurante si pub-uri. Cic ngheatele sunt delicioase pe-aici. Castelul din Nisa - o constructie militara care se afla in varful unei coline acoperita de roci. 1

The best reason to visit the chateau is for the spectacular panoramic view of the city and sea. You won't actually see much of a castle (only a few sections of it remain). You can take the elevator up for a nominal price or hike up the stairs for free to the park atop the hill. Be sure to bring your camera. Aadar, castelul nu prea mai exist, doar nite ziduri, dar cic privelitea e fenomenal. Muli zic c ar fi de vzut mai pe sear, cnd apune soarele, cic e bestial: Everyone visiting Nice climbs the steps of the "Colline du Chateau" up to the summit, which offers fabulous vista over the Baie des Anges, Old Nice and the Port, some of the most photographed panoramic viewpoints in Europe. It is easily accessible from the foot of the Old town and the bay, but for those not able to make the climb there is a lift - an "ascenseur". If you are wondering where the chateau is, there isn't one, merely the unobtrusive ruins of the old Cathedral of Nice, a few simple cafes and a gift stall. The walk up takes in a waterfall, and varied pathways which allow you to explore nearby "Cimitieres de Nice" or return via the Old Town or the Port. Try to catch the view at sunset, just before the park closes for the evening (the area is not considered especially safe at night) Pick a fine clear evening as the sun is sinking below the horizon, leaving its legacy of pink and darkening blue sky. The city lights begin to sparkle, with the magnificent sweep of the Baie des Anges, a necklace of light reaching out to the airport. On the distant skyline the shadow of Cap d'Antibes and behind, the undulations of The Esterel, the gateway to St Tropez. Below you, the Cours Saleya glows with life and all Nice is a glittering mosaic of street and apartment lights ACCESS: stairs from the Quai des Etats Unis, and have a great view as you climb (213 steps) OR take the ELEVATOR. In the old town, go up the Rue Rossetti from the Cathedral Ste. Rparate to find steps and walkways that go up past the cemeteries to the top. Piaa Cours Saleya. Trebuie ns mers mai de diminea, dac vrem s prindem i piaa de flori. De marti pn duminic e pia de mncare i piat de flori, iar lunea e trg de antichiti. Cic aici putem s mncm ceva ce se cheam Nicois Socca, cred c e un fel de cltit. Piaa asta e n oraul vechi, cic pe lng Quai des Etats Units i pe lng Promenade des Anglais. Dar trebuie mers DIMINEA.

In the past, it belonged to the upper classes. It probably is the most traditional square of the town, with its daily flower market. The Cours Saleya also opens on the Palais des rois Sard (Palace of the Kings of Sardinia). In the present, the court is mostly a place of entertainment. There are good restaurants serving typical Nicois cuisine, markets and many pubs. It is no doubt one of the most active spots in Nice.

3 At the far end of the Cours Saleya, in the Place Charles Felix, stands the imposing large yellow-ochre house No.1 The Palais Cais de Pierlas. Dating back to 1782 in Nice's Italianate history, this building finds its way into a thousand tourist photographs a day. For many years the third floor was home to the painter Matisse, whose paintings of the Baie des Anges were of the view from his window there. The building looks in disrepair and is not open to the public. However the cafe-restaurants either side are, and they make a welcome rest for a coffee or a beer. A seat here offers you one of the finest people-watching spots in all Nice. Portul Lympia musai pentru poze bestiale, cu brci i iahturi.

The Nice Port area is one frequently overlooked by tourists, but it shouldn't be. Just around the corner from Old Nice and the Quai des Etats Unis, this is a great spot to watch the Corsica ferries lift off. There are also some of the city's hippest nightclubs here. Casino Ruhl, pe Promenade des Anglais nr. 1. Catedrala Rus prima catedral rus din afara URSS. Off the Boulevard du Tzarewitch, west of the train station (Gare Nice-Ville) between av Jean Medecin and Gambetta. February 16th - April 30th 9:15 am to 12 noon / 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm. Ar fi 3 euro intrarea, din cte neleg, dar poate fi vzut i pe-afar.

What a juxtaposition: the traditional Russian onion towers in the background, and the tropical palm trees in the foreground. As odd a pairing as the two seem, the Russian Cathedral is just one of many Russian attractions in the city. The Russian aristocracy used Nice as a balmy getaway, and left their indelable mark on the Riviera city. The cathedral is the finest example, and provides a rare opportunity to experience the former U.S.S.R. on the Cote d'Azur. Pentru pasionai, Muzeul Matisee. MATISSE MUSEUM 164 Avenue des Arnes. Open all day 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Closed every Tuesday. 4 full price. Bus : Numbers 15, 17, 20, 22, 25. Stop "Les Arnes / muse" Hotel Negresco, pe afar, bineneles. Numele are o curioasa rezonanta romaneasca, nu este nici o mirare! Luxosul stabiliment a fost fondat de Henry Negresco (1868-1920), fiul unui hangiu roman. Hotelul Negresco este si emblema de aur a unei eopoci apuse, Belle Epoque. Hotelul a fost construit dupa planurile unui arhitect celebru si talentat, Edouard Niemans. Capetele incoronate ale vremii, printii si regii finantelor internationale, Rockefeller si Vanderbilt au fost clientii romanului Negresco.

4 Piaa Massena alt pia, cea mai mare din ora, cic. Cea mai mare piata este Massena, inconjurata de cladirile vechi construite in stil italian. Daca nimeresti in acest loc in luna februarie, devii martora in direct la cel mai mare carnaval din Provence, Corso Carnavalesque. Si mai e si piaa Garibaldi. Si Piaa Palatului de Justiie. Tot la Nisa, orasul florilor, ne asteapta Centrul de Congrese Acropolis si fostul Bastion englez, azi o superba gradina suspendata.

SPECIALITATI si alte chestii: Salade Nicoise, adica o salata din rosii cu ardei verzi, oua coapte la vatra, ton, ansoa, ulei de masline, suc de lamai verzi si ierburi de Provence nu poate decat sa deschida apetitul pentru festinul oferit de bucataria locala. Aici produsele sunt naturale si sunt aduse direct de la agricultorii locali. Ratatouille Pichade Pissaladire Pan-bagnat Socca Soupe au pistou Tourte de blettes Daube Farcis Bouillabaisse

6 martie, vineri Cannes i, la ntoarcere, Antibes. Autobuze.

Autobuz la 8.30 din Nice, ajungem la Cannes la 10.20. Trecem prin St. Laurent, Cagnes, Biot (la Biot e un Marineland, n caz c e cineva interesat), Antibes, Golfe Juan, La Source. Din Nice Gare Routiere. The central bus station in Nice France is called the Gare Routiere. It is located between Place Massena and Nice's Acropolis Convention Centre. 5, BOULEVARD JEAN JAURES. De depistat unde e gara lu peste.

Cannes, de vzut, fr prea multe indicaii: Acum 150 de ani, Cannes nu era decat un obscur sat de pescari pe malul Marii Mediterane. Descoperit in secolul XIX de catre familiile bogate din Anglia, care veneau aici in concediu, a devenit treptat una dintre cele mai exclusiviste si mai scumpe statiuni din lume. Situat la 30 kilometri de Nisa, Cannes este si in prezent un orasel linistit, cu exceptia zilelor in care se organizeaza Festivalul International de Film si a sezonului de vara.

5 Croisette este cea mai cea strad din Frana n ceea ce privete opulena. ntrunul din capete se afl faimosul Palais des Congres, unde se ine festivalul de film. Pe msur ce mergi pe strad, ai pe o parte hotelurile de 4* i 5* pe o parte, plajele private ale hotelurilor pe cealalt parte, iar la mijloc... maini de 100k+ euro. Restul oraului e ca o staiune obinuit, cu hoteluri, magazine i aa mai departe. Exist i ceva muzee, cum ar fi Muse de la Castre, situat un fostul Castel din Cannes (foto 1) sau Muse de la Mer (Muzeul Mrii). Plecnd din portul turistic din Cannes poi s iei navetele spre insulele Lrin, care protejau portul n Evul Mediu - Saint Marguerite i Saint Honorat. Insula Saint Marguerite e acoperit cu o pdure de pini i gzduiete un sat, precum i Fort Royal, un castel transformat n muzeu. Muzeul nu este nici foarte mare nici foarte interesant. Partea bun e c e gratuit pentru studeni. Dac ai ratat ultimul vapor de diminea trebui s mai rmi vreo 2 ore pe insul, aa c poi vizita rezervaia natural din partea estic a insulei sau bunkerele din WWII. Principalele atractii: Bulevardul Croisette, insulele Lerins, Palatul Croissette, Hotelul Carlton Intercontinental, Hotel Martinez, Hotel Majestic, Palatul Stephanie, Castelul si Muzeul Castre, Biserica Notre-Dame, capela Sf. Ana. Festivalul de Film de la Cannes a fost fondat in 1939 si este unul dintre cele mai vechi si mai influente festivaluri de film. Acest festival privat se organizeaza anual (de obicei in luna mai) la Palatul Festivalurilor si Congreselor din Cannes. Around the Palais front and the Place General de Gaulle are the handprints of stars who have visited the Festival. Pick them out - all your favourites are here, along with many French actors and actresses you are less likely to be familiar with - France just letting you know they have a film industry too. VISIT Les Iles de Lerins ! Less than half an hours boat trip away, across the bay from Cannes, the Lrins Islands are the most interesting excursion from the port. The first contact with the island is quite suprising. After the noise of the port of Cannes, the crowd on the boat during the crossing, the island of Lrins is suddenly a peaceful world where the sceneries are beautiful. The "Iles de Lrins" is a small archipelago just off the coast of Cannes and part of the commune of Cannes. The archipelago has the two main islands of SainteMarguerite and Saint-Honorat. The Ile Saint-Honorat has a Mediterranean coastal forest of native pine, eucalyptus and cypress trees.

The "Iles de Lrins" is a small archipelago just off the coast of Cannes and part of the commune of Cannes. The archipelago has the two main islands of Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat and the two micro-islands of Tradelire and St-Frol. Boat excursions to the islands leave from Cannes (15 minutes to Saint-Honorat and 30 minutes to Sainte-Marguerite). The islands are pedestrian-only; no motor vehicles are allowed.

6 Ile Sainte Marguerite is the larger, and nearer, island. The island is covered by a lovely forest of Allepo pine and eucalyptus, with wide paths criss-crossing the length and breadth. The port area, where the ferry lands, has cafs and restaurants, and it's a short walk to the Fort Royal where you can see the now-bare little cell where the Man in the Iron Mask was incarcerated. Ile Saint Honorat is the smaller, further, island, an additional 15 minutes by boat from the ferry landing of Sainte-Marguerite. Although small, the walks are still nice, and there's the Cisterian abbey to visit, which includes a gift shop of locally produced products. Between the islands is a shallow, protected passage, the "Plateau du Mileu", a popular anchor point for the pleasure boats of the region. During the summer you can just about walk across from island to island over the closely packed nautical adventurers. During the summer, a sound-and-light show presents the history of the islands, and the after-dark boat trip is part of the show. Ferry Terminal - Cannes The ferry terminal for the boats to the Iles de Lrins is at the far southwest corner of the Cannes harbor. If you're standing in the center of Cannes looking out to sea (south), go around the right side of the harbor (west), out Quai Saint Pierre and past the Sofitel hotel. There's a very handy open-air (but not free) parking lot. The terminal is at the far (southern) end of the parking lot.

There is on boat for the Cannes-Saint Honorat trip and a separate boat for the CannesSainte Marguerite trip. The is no ferry that goes between the two islands. Depart Cannes for St Honorat (Summer) 8h, 9h, 10h, 11h, 12h, 14h, 15h, 15h30**, 16h30, 17h30 Return Departs St Honorat (Summer) 8h30, 9h30, 10h30, 11h30, 12h30, 14h30, 15h30, 16h10**, 17h, 18h ** = optional Depart Cannes for St Honorat (Winter) 8h, 9h, 10h, 11h, 12h, 14h, 15h, 15h30**, 16h30, 17h30 Return Departs St Honorat (Winter) 6

7 8h30, 9h30, 10h30, 11h30, 12h30, 14h30, 15h30, 16h10**, 17h, 18h ** = optional Depart Cannes for Ste Marguerite 9h, 10h, 11h, 12h, 14h, 14h30, 14h30, 16h15, 17h15(spr), 18h15(sum) Optional: 9h30, 10h30, 11h30, 12h30, 13h30 Return Departs Ste Marguerite 9h15, 10h15, 11h15, 12h15, 14h15, 15h15, 16h15, 17h15, 18h(spr), 19h(sum) spr = Springtime only; sum = Summer only. Prices Round-trip fare for Saint Honorat: 11.00 adults; 5.50 children (5-10 years) Round-trip fare for Sainte Marguerite: 11.00 adults; 5.50 children (5-10 years) De vzut in Antibes, la ntoarcere din Cannes: Sunt i aici nite muzee, printre care i Muzeul Picasso, dar nu tiu dac avem vreme. Oraul vechi MUSAI cartierul cel mai provensal al oraului, Safranier. Quartier du Safranier. Castelul Grimaldi, care gzduiete Muzeul Picasso Bastionul Saint Andre gazduieste Muzeul de Istorie si Arheologie Cap dAntibes. Pentru o priveliste frumoas, urcai la Phare de la Garoupe. (Pare cam mult de mers, sincer). Cartierul Juan Les Pins, cu identitate proprie, unde se desfasoara festivalul de Jazz. Bulevardul Wilson, Piata de Gaulle, a se vedea Grand Hotel.

7 martie, sambata San Remo. Plecat devreme, sa fim la 10 la San Remo.

Open-air San Remo Market place: Piazza Eroi Sanremesi period: all year round days: Tuesday and Saturday opening time: from 8 a.m. 'till 1 p.m. San Remo Food Market place: Piazza Eroi Sanremesi opening times: Monday to Friday: 6 am - 1:30 pm Saturday: 6 am - 1:30 pm and 4 pm - 7:30 pm Fish Market place: Piazza Eroi Sanremesi opening times: Monday to Friday: 6 am - 1:30 pm Saturday: 6 am - 1:30 pm and 4 pm - 7:30 pm Shops and Boutiques Opening times: Monday: 3:30 pm 'till 7:30 pm Tuesday to Saturday: 9:30 am 'till 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm 'till 7:30 pm Visiting San Remo for just one day can be an exciting time-travel experience. First just taking off your car or train, head to the the medieval town centre "La Pigna", dominated on top by the Madonna della Costa sanctuary, where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the city. Then coming down the steep "carugi", let's go shopping in "Via Matteotti" boutiques and discover at the end of the street the famous Casino and the Russian Church, both built at the beginning of XX century. We then suggest to have a seafood lunch in Piazza Bresca, where you can breath the atmosphere of the old port, that date back to the XVI century. During the afternoon you may immerge yourself in the XIX century by visiting famous Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel's villa and nearby Ormond's gardens. Cum ajungem: Gare SNCF (Main Railway Station) Avenue Thiers Nice, Provence-AlpesCte d'Azur6000. O s lum trenul chiar de la Gare SNCF, Thiers, unde ajungem cu acelasi 23, care ne aduce de la aeroport. Putem lua trenul si de St. Augustin, dar pare mai aproape Nice Ville. Dou variante: fie lum dou trenuri, fie un tren pana in Ventimiglia si un autobuz pana la San Remo.

9 Basically, no. Nice buses go no further than Menton. If you want an early start from San Remo get any train from Nice Gare Ville to Ventimiglia - They start really early - 05.25 is the first. Its a 45 minute journey. At Ventimiglia will be lots of Italian trains that start from there and its a couple of stops to San Remo, or there's local bus services that take around 30 minutes to get to San Remo from the Via Cavour.

Cea mai bun variant (numai cu trenul) ar fi cam 6 euro pana la Ventimille (Ventimiglia). A doua bucata, nu stiu, dar e mai scurta. Nice Ville Sa, 07.03.09 dep 08:46 RE 81147 Regional-Express Ventimiglia Sa, 07.03.09 arr 09:33 Ventimiglia Sa, 07.03.09 dep 09:48 R 11275 Regionalzug San Remo Sa, 07.03.09 arr 10:05 Show intermediate stops

runs not every day, 3. Mar until 13. Jun 2009 Border crossing: Ventimiglia(fr) Sa, dep 09:16 07.03.09 RE Regional-Express 81157 Sa, Ventimiglia arr 10:03 07.03.09 Sa, Ventimiglia dep 10:14 Regionalzug 07.03.09 R 6227 Number of bicycles conveyed limited, 2nd Sa, class only San Remo arr 10:30 07.03.09 Show intermediate stops runs not every day, 7. Mar until 13. Jun 2009 Sa; not 25. Apr Border crossing: Ventimiglia(fr) Nice Ville INTORS asta pare sa fie ultimele. Sa, 07.03.09 Sa, Ventimiglia 07.03.09 Sa, Ventimiglia 07.03.09 Sa, Nice Ville 07.03.09 San Remo dep 18:23 Regionalzug R 11338 Number of bicycles conveyed limited, 2nd class only arr 18:40 dep 18:55 arr 19:42 RE 81252


10 Show intermediate stops runs not every day, 3. until 7. Mar 2009 Border crossing: Ventimiglia(fr)

San Remo Sa, 07.03.09 Ventimiglia Sa, 07.03.09 Ventimiglia Sa, 07.03.09 Nice Ville Sa, 07.03.09 Show intermediate stops remember Enter into calendar Print view

dep arr dep arr

19:50 Regionalzug R 11382 Number of bicycles conveyed limited 20:07 20:55 RE 81266 Regional-Express 21:42

runs not every day, Days of operation Border crossing: Ventimiglia(fr) In cazul in care mergem cu autobuzul de la San Remo la Ventimiglia, uite ultimele trenuri din Ventimiglia la Nisa. Ventimiglia Sa, 07.03.09 dep 19:22 RE 81258 Regional-Express Nice Ville Sa, 07.03.09 arr 20:08 Show intermediate stops runs not every day, 3. Mar until 13. Jun 2009 Border crossing: Ventimiglia(fr)

Ventimiglia Sa, 07.03.09 dep 19:55 RE 81260 Regional-Express Nice Ville Sa, 07.03.09 arr 20:42 Show intermediate stops runs not every day, 3. Mar until 13. Jun 2009 Border crossing: Ventimiglia(fr) Ventimiglia Sa, 07.03.09 dep 20:55 RE 81266 Regional-Express Nice Ville Sa, 07.03.09 arr 21:42 Show intermediate stops runs not every day, 3. Mar until 13. Jun 2009 Border crossing: Ventimiglia(fr) Ventimiglia Sa, 07.03.09 dep 21:25 RE 81270 Regional-Express Nice Ville Sa, 07.03.09 arr 22:12 Show intermediate stops runs not every day, 3. Mar until 13. Jun 2009 Border crossing: Ventimiglia(fr)


11 Autobuzele Ventimiglia San Remo si retur sunt operate de Riviera Transporti. Inteleg ca pretul e undeva la 2.35 euro (maximum, nu stiu distanta) si 3 euro (daca iei din autobuz). From Ventimiglia buses run by Riviera Trasporti leaves every 15 minutes for Bordighera, Ospedaletti and San Remo. A ticket from Ventimiglia to San Remo costs $2, calculated at 1,571 lire to the dollar. here's local bus services that take around 30 minutes to get to San Remo from the Via Cavour.

8 martie, Duminica Monaco, plecat n jur de 9.00, sa prindem schimbul de grzi

dac lum autobuzul de 9.00, din Nice Gare Routiere (de depistat), ajungem la 10.25 la 9.43 la Monaco. Putem pleca si mai tarziu, la 9.45, am ajunge la 10.28. locul unde turistii fac coada in Monaco este catedrala cu mormintele printilor si principeselor si cu locul de promenada la ramasitele lui grace kelly. monaco=grace kelly, marturie stau stazi, cladiri, muzee, hotel, restaurante. The Principality of Monaco is a sovereign state on the Mediterranean coast and surrounded by France. It is made up the old town, Monte-Carlo, the new town, La Condamine and Fontvieille. Places to visit include the Rocher (rock), the Oceanographic Museum, the Louis II Stadium, the Exotic Garden, the Place du Palais to see the changing of the guard to name but a few. Casino Monte Carlo OLD TOWN, Monaco Ville. The narrow streets of the Old Town, interconnected by
vaulted passageways, are lined with centuries-old houses, and the area has retained its medieval character. A visit to this picturesque district includes: The Chapelle de la Paix (in the gardens near the Place de la Visitation). The Placette Bosio (rue Comte-Flix-Gastaldi) named after the famous Mongasque sculptor. The Faade of the Law Courts, in the Italian Gothic Style. The Place Saint-Nicolas (behind the Law Courts) and its fountain surmounted by a statue. The Rampe Major, paved with red bricks, runs between two XVIth century gateways, connecting La Condamine and the Place du Palais. The Saint-Martin Gardens, facing the sea, inspired the poet Guillaume Apollinaire between 1887 and 1889. Today, amid the Aleppo pines, agaves, and aloes, are fountains, a pergola and bronze statues including a 1951 monument of Albert I. Muzeul oceanografic si Aquariumul. From October to March: from 10:00AM to 6:00PM Rate (per person): 12.50 Palatul si Place du Palais. Monaco-Ville. Admission free (entrance to museum itself: 4) Changing of the guard every day at 11:55AM sharp. Every day at 11:55AM

sharp, in front of the Palaces main entrance, visitors can enjoy the spectacular changing of the guard ceremony performed by the Carabiniers in full dress uniform (black in winter, white in summer), a ceremony that has remained unchanged for more than a century. Not only are the Princes Carabiniers 11

12 responsible for the Sovereigns security 24 hours a day but they also provide Him with a Guard of Honor and escort Him on special occasions. The Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince has a military band (Fanfare) consisting of 27 musicians; within the main band a small variety orchestra and a brass ensemble (for religious music) have been formed. Princes Palace (State Apartments), Place du Palais, Open daily (subject to changes) cica e inchis in martie. Monaco Cathedral, 4, rue Colonel Bellando de Castro. Built in 1875 using white stone
from La Turbie, the present-day Cathedral stands on the site of a 13 th century church dedicated to Saint Nicolas and houses the tombs of the former Princes of Monaco. It is also the final resting placeof Monaco's much loved Princess Grace. Exotic Garden. Boulevard de Jardin Exotique. Rate (per person): 6,80. One of Monacos finest tourist attractions, this magic garden containing several thousand succulent plant varieties, was opened in 1933 and is daringly landscaped on the rockface. The plants flourish superbly thus testifying to Monacos microclimate and are admired by visitors from all over the world. Japanese garden musai. Avenue Princesse-Grce Zoological Terraces, Terrasses de Fontvieille, Open daily, From March to May: from 10:00AM to 12:00PM and from 2:00PM to 6:00PM, Rate (per person): 4.

Exhibition of H.S.H. The Prince of Monaco's Private Collection of Classic Cars,

Terrasses de Fontvieille. Open daily: from 10:00AM to 6:00PM. Rate (per person): 6 Museum of Chapel of the Visitation, Place de la Visitation, Open daily (except Mondays): from 10:00AM to 4:00PM , Rate (per person): 3.00

Condamine Market and Rue Princess Caroline Pedestrian Mall, Place dArmes, Rue Terrazzani and Rue Princesse-Caroline. Although the Market first opened its doors in 1880, the present-day covered market on the Place dArmes is a modern and functional building, which is directly connected by lifts and moving pavements to the Condamine car-park. An attractive and lively esplanade borders the new Market Hall. The rue Princesse-Caroline pedestrian mall is just a few steps away; the visitor will discover pleasant landscaped areas. Monte-Carlo Story Presents: Monaco le Film, Terrasses du Parking du Chemin du Pcheur, From January to June and September, October: 10:00AM, 11:00AM,
2:00PM, 3:00PM, 4:00PM, 5:00PM, Rate (per person): 7 (cam mult)

9 martie, Luni Eze (se pronunta Ez:) si dupa-amiaza la Nisa

Ne intereseaza Eze Village, satucul medieval, ca mai e si Eze sur Mer, statiunea. Mergm cu autobuzul 112. Atasat, programul autobuzului (Nice Eze Beausoleil). Putem lua tot de la Gare Routiere, Jean Jaures. Autobuz la 9.00 sau la 10.40. Facem 20 de minute. Line : Nice <> Eze <> Beausoleil Direction : Beausoleil Date : 09/03/2009



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14 The village forms a circular pattern around the base of the castle. The old buildings and narrow streets are very well restored, with high stone walls and narrow roadways of red-brick centered stone. The narrow roads wend their way upward to the well sign-posted Jardin Exotique Panorama. When you finally arrive at the top, you'll find the way to the Jardin, and the panoramic view, blocked by a 12 F admission cost, a detail that wasn't mentioned earlier and lower. The two-level square clock tower on the church is lovely. There are pretty little shaded squares, and the view out over the valley as you're walking up is very nice. Along the way we found a stand selling herbs that was picturesque and smelled great. There are also some terrace cafs at the top and some highclass hotel restaurants in the old village. Eze village sits beside the very busy Moyenne Corniche (RN7), the main road (along with the Basse Corniche and Grande Corniche) between Nice and Monaco-Menton. The Moyenne Corniche is usually very crowded, and in the summer extremely crowded, so plan an early start. The ancient village is contrasted by the residential Eze-sur-Mer, a seaside "town" between Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Cap d'Ail. Eze-sur-Mer has beaches, water sports, cafs, restaurants and hotels. And a train station. Two Grasse parfumeries are represented in Eze village, Galimard with a shop and Fragonard with shop as well as a factory you can visit. Both parfumeries offer a 10% discount if you have the Eze map, free from the Office de Tourisme located at the corner of the parking lot. Parfumerie Galimard Open daily. Jean de Galimard, Lord of Seranon, lived in Grasse where in 1747 he founded the parfumerie Galimard. Founder of the guild of Glovemakers- and perfumers, he supplied the court of Louis XIV. Two and half century later, the parfumerie Galimard still follows the same traditions as its founder. Free guided tours everyday Parfumerie Fragonard Following the medium coast road (Moyenne Corniche), between Nice et Monaco, perched overlooking the sea, an immense perfumery, soap and cosmetics factory equiped with the most modern laboratories and workshops. Free guided tours in all european languages.Factory price. Opening hours :8 h 30 - 12 h ; 14 h - 18 h from Novembre 1st to March15th . The seaside part of the commune, Eze-sur-Mer, is on the main train line between Nice and Monaco-Ventimiglia, and there are frequent trains all day long. The connection between Eze-sur-Mer and the village is via the Chemin de la Mer footpath, which is long and steep. The connecting road between the Basse Corniches and the Moyenne Corniche is the D48, Bretelle St. Laurent, to the east. Bus and taxi service is available.

10 martie, mari Menton. La intoarcere in Nisa, oprit si in Villefranche sur Mer. Linia 100. Cica e beton.



Daca plecam la 9.00 din Gare Rutiere, ajungem la 10.25 la Menton, orasul lamailor. Supranumit Perla Franei. Paradisul gradinilor. Orasul vechi. La Basilique Saint-Michel, avec son campanin (clocher), compose avec la Place de la Conception, lun de plus beaux ensembles baroques de la rgion. Portul. Menton is famous for its gardens, including the Jardin Serre de la Madone, the Jardin botanique exotique de Menton ("Le Val Rahmeh"), the Fontana Rosa, and the Maria Serena garden. Le Val Rahmeh was established in 1905 by Englishman Sir Percy Radcliffe, the first owner of the gardens, and named for his wife. Villa Fontana Rosa was built in 1922 by Blasco Ibez, a Spanish novelist, and the gardens of the villa are now open to the public. The baroque basilica of Saint-Michel-Archange, with its bell-tower, is one of the most beautiful spots of the area. The Muse Jean Cocteau is located in the town. Muse Jean Cocteau Bastion du Vieux Port 06500 Menton Entre : 3 Tarif groupes : 2,25 La rue pitonne. Ce "passage oblig" bord de boutiques et de restaurants dbouche sur le jardin du Campanin et sur la mer. Entre le port et la vieille ville, le march municipal centenaire regorge des couleurs, des parfums et des saveurs du Midi. Laccueil chaleureux des marchands locaux offre un aperu de la convivialit mentonnaise et de ses spcialits : citrons, pices et barbajuans, socca...

Horaires et jours douverture des marchs de Menton Les Marchs. Ils sont au nombre de cinq. Quotidiens ou hebdomadaires pour certains, ils adoptent parfois une priodicit plus ponctuelle pour dautres. On y trouve des produits du terroir, des objets insolites ou encore dart. Ce sont les marchs qui animent Menton au fil des saisons. Tour dhorizon... Les Halles : tous les matins [1] March du Care : Tous les mardis matins. March du Vieux Port : Tous les samedis matins. Le march du Care. Cr il y a plus de quinze ans, ce march est galement un lieu privilgi pour les Mentonnais. La preuve ? Initialement en place six jours sur sept, la municipalit a tendu, depuis le mois de mai, ce march au dimanche la demande de nombreux riverains. Ces derniers apprcient ce rendez-vous dominical car ils prennent le temps de se balader et (re)trouvent une certaine vie de quartier. Dornavant, du lundi au dimanche, de 7 h 13 h, 25 exposants lombre des toiles rcemment changes, proposent fruits et lgumes, viandes... Ici, tous les produits sont frais et proviennent essentiellement de producteurs du secteur. Et les mardi et dimanche, le march du Care accueille 20 commerants pour la vente de vtements.



Villefranche sur Mer la intoarcere.

6 km de Nisa. Orasul vechi si aici. Labirint de stradute. Promenade des Marinieres A massive walled citadel built in 1557 by Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy lays on the water's edge. Today, the ancient fortress houses the Town Hall, a convention centre, three museums and an open air theatre. In the heart of old town, glise Saint-Michel (Saint Michael's Church) was built in the 1750s. From the Plateau Saint-Michel, the view stretches westward to the Bay of Angels in Nice, Cap d'Antibes and the Esterel in the distance more than 25 miles (40 km) away. On a clear winter day, one may also observe the mountains of Corsica in the distance. Stunning estates such as the Villa Leopolda (former residence of King Leopold II), La Bastide ( built by Lord Salisbury), Villa Schiffanoia, Castu Cansoun de la Mar or Domaine du Castellet are but a few examples of the wealth and luxury surrounding the bay.

Rmne cu semnul intrebrii Saint Tropez. Sunt 120 de kilometri si e dificil de ajuns. Tuesday and Saturday are market days in St Tropez. Visitors travelling by rail to St Tropez can disembark at one of three train stations: St Raphael (38kms), Des Arcs (47kms) and Toulon (70kms). Each of these stations has regular bus links to St Tropez, and St Raphael also has a ferry link. As St Tropez has no public airport or railway station and visitors without their own transportation will need to transit the last part of their journey by bus. Fortunately, there are frequent bus services between St Tropez and the three main airports (Toulon Hyeres, Nice and Marseille) as well as the three closest railway stations (St Raphael, Des Arcs and Toulon). Most bus schedules are timed to meet arriving or departing flights and trains. The bus station behind the train station provides both local and regional service. Aglobus (tel. 04-94-95-16-71) links directly with Frjus, charging around 2.25 ($2.95) each way for buses that run at 30-minute intervals, and around 6.50 for service from Nice, a 60minute transit. Sodetrav (tel. 04-94-95-24-82) links St-Raphal with St-Tropez (trip time: 70-90 min.); fares are around 9 ($12) each way. Buses from Nice arrive every hour until 1am.


17 1/ Take the train from Nice to St Raphael. You can check out the train times online on -> TER -> Provence Alpes Cote -> Depart Nice Ville (zip is 06000), Arrive St Raphael (zip is 83700). You don't have to reserve your train ahead of time, though it's best if you're taking the fast TGV, travel during busier times, or if you qualify for discounts. The train station in St Raphael is a 10 minute pleasant walk to the beach area and ferry boat port (in front of city's Casino). 2/ Take the ferry boat across the 13 nautical miles from St Raphael to St Tropez. In the summer, the coastal road from St Raphael to St Tropez can resemble a parking lot so I don't recommend the bus until after the end of August. Check out the St Raphael ferry boat schedule here: