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 Liver is the largest solid organ in the body, situated in the upper part of the abdomen on the right

side. The liver has a multitude of important and complex

functions, including to manufacture proteins, to synthesize, store, and process fats, including fatty acids and cholesterol; to metabolize and store
carbohydrates,; to eliminate, by metabolizing or secreting, the potentially harmful biochemical products produced by the body. There are a lot of different
diseases that can harm the liver, like hepatitis A, B and C, liver cirrhosis and all kinds of medications and pills that destroy the liver. The fatty liver is the most
common one. We are going to show you the best and the most efficient way to do a complete detox on your liver in just 2 days by consuming water with
raisins in the morning. First, you need to buy some good, black raisins and place them in a pot and fill the pot with water. The amount of water should be 3
times more than the cup of raisins. Remove the raisins when they are clean. Now you need to boil the raisins for 2 minutes in the same amount of water and let
it rest for 24 hours. You can drink this homemade cleansing potion first thing in the morning, on empty stomach. You can drink it cold, warm or hot, it doesn’t
matter how you like it. After 2 days you will notice the first effects of this homemade drink. It’s recommended for you to drink it at least for a week. It’s very
important for you to stop eating junk food and stop drinking alcoholic beverages during this cleansing, so it can have its full effect.
 Ficatul este cel mai mare organ solid din corp, situat în partea superioară a abdomenului în partea dreaptă. Ficatul are o multitudine de funcții importante și
complexe, inclusiv fabricarea proteinelor, sintetizarea, stocarea și procesarea grăsimilor, inclusiv acizii grași și colesterolul; să metabolizeze și să păstreze
carbohidrații; pentru a elimina, prin metabolizarea sau secretarea, produsele biochimice potențial dăunătoare produse de organism. Există o mulțime de boli
diferite care pot dăuna ficatului, cum ar fi hepatita A, B și C, ciroza hepatică și tot felul de medicamente și pilule care distrug ficatul. Ficatul gras este cel mai
frecvent. Vom arăta cel mai bun și cel mai eficient mod de a face o detoxifiere completă pe ficat în doar 2 zile consumând apă cu stafide dimineața. Este foarte
important pentru dvoastră să încetați să mâncați mâncăruri ne și să beți băuturi alcoolice în timpul acestei curățări, astfel încât să poată avea efect complet
 Cure Diabetes With Homemade Remedies-the doctors you have said that the diabetes is not curable ? Since the majority of the people we are slaves and
hostages of doctors and their expensive treatments that we make each day more dependent on them. Since I have a news story, v good; and is that the diabetes
YES can be reversed from the comfort of homes with a good guide to power and strict quality, exercises, and with the following home remedies.
 Cure diabetes and low up to 11 kg with these homemade remedies

#2 #3 1 Tsp cinnamon #4 #5
5 cactus leaves 1/2 Tsp peanut butter 1/2 stalk aloe vera
1 pomegranate or grenadine
1 Onion 1 Apple 1 medium cactus
5 Strawberries
3 Tomatoes - apple = slices, peanut 1 1/2 cup grapefr juice
To remove the shell and
4 Garlic cloves butter mixed with Honey to taste
stayed with seeds, leave a
1/4 Cup olive oil cinnamon powder then Wash the leaves of
aloe vera and cactus; few minutes in water to
1/4 Cup white vinegar smeared butter with soften, then removed the
Salt, pepper to taste removed his glasses,
cinnamon apple slices. and lead to the water; extract juice from
In a skipped diced in Cinnamon helps the
. blender with the the seeds with a processor
sunflower oil and the onions body respond to remaining ingredients, or an extractor and tagged,
fillets the 4 cloves of garlic cut insulin. -a snack twice 1 glass - every 3 days. add the juice of
in 4, adds the cactus (washed, a day strawberries previously
peeled and diced ), pour this
made 5 strawberries and a
in a bowl, add the other
little water, do not add
ingredients and stir until
sugar because in itself it is
mixed, let cool and eat for
already soft