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Mihaela Cherches TESTE GRILA DE LIMBA ENGLEZA gramaticé ¢ vocabular BACALAUREFAT ADMITERE: + Academia de Politie “ASE. + Facultatea de Limbl Straine EDITURA @ CaRMINIS “ines® CONTENTS Key tothe exercises .. 184 1 6 TEST 1 ‘They believed that if they helped their king t0 get to heaven, he ... after them in the next world, a. looked ¢. would have looked +, would look . might look Since he started college he ... and ... to 2 lot of new people. a, have met/ have talked ¢. has met/ talked +b, met/ talked has met/ has talked Back in his compartment again, he took out as if he ... to remember an important detail a. wanted had wanted +b have wanted d would want agenda She ran to the hotel because it ... and she ... to feel cold, a. rained/ began b. had rained/ was beginning cc. was raining/ had begun was raining/ was beginning, 1... the light and was about to fall asleep, when I... a strange noise coming from the kitchen, a. had already turned offf heard . turned already off? had heard ¢. was already turning off! was hearing d. have already turned off? have heard. He said that he. you when he ... his article on pollution. a. will call/ has finished . would call/ finished % 10. Lu. 2. © called/ fintshed 1B. id. Wout call Nad finished Tish she ... so far away now that she’s ill. . a, doesn’t live c. didn’t live b, wouldn't live isn’t living “uw By six o'clock they ... all the rooms and ... to welcome their guests. prepared got ready . had prepared/ were getting ready ¢. had prepared/ got ready d. have been preparing/ were getting ready You ... return me the money now; you ... bring it back to me next week, 15 a, mustn't may ¢. needn't! may , don’t have to/ might d, shouldn’v’ can ‘They ... their dog on the plane unless they have a sp permit, 4, don’t have to take ¢. mustn't take 16 &, shouldn't take d may take She thought ... him ... a week together in the countryside. 4. to invite’ to spend , of inviting/ to spending ¢. of inviting/ for spending 1. dt invite! for spending She told the children they ... with her if they a, were allowed to stay/ want 4, might stay/ had wanted c. can stay/ wanted d. could stay/ wanted The policeman asked the thief what he .. before and decided to arrest him, @ had done . has done b. did d.was doing the night People say that music is an important new export of Irish culture. @. Music is said to be an important new export of Irish culture. 4. It’s said the music to be an important new export of Irish culture. ¢. Music is an important new export of Irish culture. d. It's said the music has been an important new export of Irish culture, We know that Pablo Picasso invented Cubism. a. It’s known Pablo Picasso to have invented Cubism. 6. Pablo Picasso is known to have invented Cubism. c. Cubism is known to be invented by Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso is known to invent Cubism. I wish the teacher... him so that he .. a, punished! might have become . had punished/ became c. has punished/ to become d. had punished/ might have become a better student, I'd rather you ... so much money on sweets, If you ... 50 many sweets you ... thinner and nicer. a. don’t spend/ don’t eat/ will be b. wouldn't spend didn’t eat! were ¢. didn’t spend/ didn’t eat/ would be won't spend/ hadn't eaten/ would have been 18, 19. 20. 2 22. Whatever .... however serious, he had to go to the office ularly and he ... . The day following Nina’s disap- pearance, he was coming back home with the hope that he ... her there and afraid that he ... Ana either. a. had happened! went/ would find/ may not find , should have happened/ had gone/ would have found/ might not find c. may have happened/ would go/ was going to find/ could not find 4. may have happened/ had gone/ would find/ might not find re However hard he he'll never manage to be a champion a, should try &, would try may try d. will try When I... my wife if she ... my parents on their wedding anniversary. she told me she ... them a telegram. a. asked’ had phoned/ had sent », asked/ phoned/ would send ¢. asked/ would phone! had sent d.asked/ phoned/ was sending, 1... to Paris dozen times. Last month I with me, too. He told me he ... to Paris before and he to visit it a, was! took/ was/ wanted b. have been/ took/ hadn’t been! wanted c. had been/ had taken/ had been/ wanted d. have been! was taken/ has been/ wants my boyfriend Se face din ce in ce mai frig, Mai degrabi fia invita prietenii in casa pentru un ceai cald decat si inghetati aici a. It's more and more cold. You should invite your friends for a hot tea than freeze here. 23. 24, 25, 26. b.It’s colder and colder. I'd rather you invite your friends inside for a hot tea than to freeze here ¢. Its getting colder and colder.I"d rather you invited your friends inside for a hot tea than froze here. @ It’s getting colder and colder. 'd rather you will invite your friends inside for a hot tea than freezing here. When you leave ... a trip ... the mountains, you have to think ... a reasonable quantity of food to take ... you. 4. on al/ to/ with ¢. on/ tof off with ». in’ to! off on d. in on about/ for As the hour of midnight chimes ... New Year's Eve, the families ... Scottish homes will gather ... one room and wait ... a knock ... the front door to announce the arrival the First Footer, the first man to cross the threshold ... the New Year 4. on ind in/ for! on off in . on! inv tof for! ind off! on ¢. in/ off ing for! tof off in don in/ in’ for! inv off of Mai bine ar studia acum daca vrea sa ia examenul. a, I'd rather he studies now if he wants to pass the exam b, He had better will study now if he wants to pass the exam. ¢. He had better be studying now if he wants to pass the d. He had better should study now if he wants to pass the exam, “And where .. Mr. Petrini?” she asked me when [ while she ... her husband by the arm and the husband at me as ifhe ... a victory against me. a. are you living/ lefi/ was holding/ looked/ won. 6. do you live! left/ held/ was looking/ had won 21. 28. 29. 30, 31. . are you living! was leaving/ was holding/ had looked! would have won d. do you live! was leaving/ was holding’ was looking! had won. If the water ... so dirty and chilly 1 ... into the lake and [ .. a long swim. a. weren't should spring! should take . hadn’t been/ would spring/ would have taken ¢. wasn’t! should have sprungy should have taken wasn’t! will springy will take By the end of the year my friends ... for ten months and they ... about 2000 photos. a. will be travelling/ have taken b. will have been travelling/ will have taken cc, will travel/ will take! d. will travel/ have taken He ... to find a place to shelter than the wind ... very hard. a. hardly managed started to blow 5b. had no sooner managed/ started blowing c. had managed/ had started to blow d. no sooner managed! was starting to blow Hardly ... my car repaired when it... again a. Uhad/ broke down 4. Thad had/ had broken down had I had/ broke down d. did I have/ broke down I wish you ... me that you ... to Brasov. If... in time 1 for you at the station. a. informed/ were coming/ knew/ would wait 4, had informed/ would come/ would have known! would have waited 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. c. will inform! will come/ know/ will wait d. had informed/ would come/ had knows/ should have waited He ... poems since he ... fourteen years old. a. wrote! was +. was writing/ had been c. has written’ has been d. had been writing/ was He was covered ... head .., foot ... a dead man prepared .. the grave. a. by/ in’ tol to b. from/ to/ like/ for . with/ into/ as/ by .on/ ind like/ to The hangings in the living-room were made of a soft rich cloth ... was black as night. a. that which b. who @. whom A great clock of black wood produced a wild look on the faces of those ... dared enter there. a. which ©. to who that d. who One day I jumped ... my bed and found that the entire house was filled ... fire a. from/ of ¢. from/ with, 6. out! with d. byi of The old book ... I had picked up was one ... my father liked the most. a. which/ that b. whom/ which cc. which/ which that! whom 38. 39, 40. AL. 42. 2 ‘One:day.-.<:¢9ld blood, I tied a strong rope ... the cat's neck and I took it down ... the cellar .. the house. a. in/ around/ into/ under —¢. at/ under/ to/ in b. on/ over! in/ of d. on/ around/ into/ under I... that he know a, find/ knows/ thought/ can 6, found/ knew/ had thought’ could cc. found/ had known/ was thinking/ could d. have found/ knew/ have thought/ was able to know 45, hings about me that I ... only I... possible 44. this in Paris, ¢. as strange as dso strange as There had never been a killing aso strange like bas strange like When Dupin ... me what him the police ... what to do a. asked/ was thinking/ told/ didn’t know +. has asked/ thought/ has told will not know c. asked/ had thought/ had told/ wouldn't know d. asked/ thought/ told/ wouldn't know of all this, 1 The thieves ... through one of the windows, I'm sure. a. must have escaped b. should have escaped c. can have escaped dd. may have escaped Strdinul m-a intrebat daca locuinga in care traiesc este de a, The stranger asked me if the dwelling | lived in was for sale, b. The stranger has asked me if the dwelling I live in was for sale. c. The stranger asked me if the dwelling | had been living in was for sale. d. The stranger had wanted to know if the dwelling was for sale, in which I was living The teacher told us that on no account ... the classroom before his return, a. we should leave 4b. we could leave c. should we leave . we were allowed to leave Stonehenge ... on the orders of @ king of Britain. a. was thought to being built 5. is thought to have been built €. thought to be built dis being thought to build TEST 2 1... my glass to drink when a servant .. me that someone ... to speak with me in the other room. 4a. was raising) told/ wanted bs. rose! told/ had wanted ¢. had raised/ was telling/ wanted d. rose/ has told/ has wanted Whenever he ... money by grateful individuals he always .. saying the only reward he report of what... with Professor Tenhaeff. 4a. offered/ was declining/ wants/ happened . was offered/ declined’ wanted/ had happened c. has been offered has declined/ wanted/ happened d. has offered/ declined/ have wanted! would happen was for them to file a a

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