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Top zece cei mai bogai romni n anul 2015.

Ion iriac este cel mai bogat romn, meninndu-se pe aceast poziie pentru al
doilea an consecutiv.
Primele 10 poziii din Top 300 Cei mai Bogai Romni
Ion iriac: 1,5 miliarde de euro (n 2014, averea celui mai bogat romn a fost de
1,2-1,3 miliarde de euro). Campion al tenisului i unul dintre cei mai importani
promotori ai sportului romnesc att n Romnia, ct i peste hotare. In 1990, he
founded Banca iriac, the first private bank in post-Communist Romania.
Between that and several other enterprises (retail, insurance, auto leasing, auto
dealerships, airlines, etc.
Drago i Adrian Pavl: 850-900 milioane de euro (Anul trecut, fraii Pavl au
avut o avere de 650 milioane de euro). Fondatorii retailarului Dedeman.
Ioan Niculae: 750-800 milioane de euro (n ediia anterioar, omul de afaceri
ocupa locul 2 cu o avere cuprins ntre 1-1,1 miliarde euro). Patronul echipei de
fotbal Astra Giurgiu.
Zoltan Teszari: 480-500 milioane de euro (n 2014, patronul RCS&RDS avea o
avere de 530-560 milioane de euro).
Iulian Dasclu: 430-450 milioane de euro (Anul trecut, proprietarul Iulius Group
se afla pe locul 10, cu o avere de 400-420 mil. euro). Proprietarul grupului Iulius
Group, care deine lanul de centre comerciale Iulius Mall i Palas Mall.
Gabriel Comnescu: 350-380 milioane de euro (n ediia precedent, omul de
afaceri ocupa poziia a 4-a n clasament, cu o avere de 600-620 milioane de
euro). Deine afaceri n domeniul extraciei petrolului i gazelor naturale. Astfel,
este acionar majoritar al Grup Servicii Petroliere, pe care l-a extins la nivelul de
foraje petroliere de peste hotare.
Marius i Emil Cristescu: 330-350 milioane de euro (Cei doi frai aveau n 2014
o avere de 410-420 milioane de euro). Bega Group.
Gabriel Popoviciu: 330-350 milioane de euro (n 2014, omul de afaceri se afla
pe locul 14, cu o avere de 310-330 milioane de euro). Detine in regim de franciza
lantul de magazine din Romania : KFC ,IKEA,PIZZA HUT.
Popoviciu este i al doilea proprietar de hoteluri din Bucureti (dup George
Copos), cele trei uniti pe care le controleaz, Howard Johnson Grand Plaza,
Ramada Plaza i Ramada Parc, nregistrnd n anul 2008 venituri de aproximativ
28-29 milioane euro.
Liviu Tudor: 300-310 milioane de euro (Cu o avere de 250-260 milioane de euro
n 2014, Liviu Tudor era pe locul 16). Liviu Tudor este un om de afaceri romn, cu
activiti n domeniul imobiliarelor.

George Becali: 270-300 milioane de euro* (n ediia din 2014, Becali avea o
avere de 300-350 milioane de euro i se afla pe locul 13). Politician , patronul
echipei de fotbal Steaua Bucuresti.

Top ten - the richest Romanian in 2015.

Some of these persons are unknown by name, they are known by the brand, the
companies they lead
Ion Tiriac is the richest Romanian, maintaining this position for the second
consecutive year.
The first 10 positions of the "Top 300 richest Romanian"He has a fortune
estimated at...
Ion Tiriac 1.5 billion (in 2014 the richest Romanian fortune was 1.2-1.3 billion).
Tennis champion and one of the most important promoters of Romanian sport
both in Romania and abroad. In 1990, HE Founded Tiriac Bank, the first private
bank in post-Communist Romania. Between Several That and other enterprises
(retail, insurance, auto leasing, auto dealerships, airlines, etc. Ion Tiriac is known
in the media and the Balc hunting, organized every year in December, where he
was attending tens of businessmen, for example, Wolfgang Porsche and chairman
of the American brand Chrysler Daymler.
Dragos and Adrian Paval: 850-900 million (Last year Paval brothers had a
fortune of 650 million). Dedeman retailar founders. What is interesting about the
brothers is that they come from a modest family in Bacau (a family with eight
brothers ). They come from a space of 20 square meters that sell various building
materials, have stores spread across thousands of square meters in area Moldova
and beyond. As they competition German brands: Hornbach, Baumax, Brico
store, Pracktiker.
Ioan Niculae: 750-800 million (in the previous edition, businessman ranks 2 with
a fortune of between 1-1.1 billion). Astra Giurgiu football team owner.
Zoltan Teszari: 480-500 million (In 2014, the owner of RCS & RDS had a fortune
of 530-560 million). RCS family owns TV stations Digi (24 Digi, Digi Life, World
Digi, Digi Sport) and, this year, the network licenses Pro FM and Info Pro. The
richest man in the media in 2015.
Iulian Dascalu: 430-450 million (Last year, the owner of Iulius Group is in 10th
place with a fortune of 400-420 mln. Euros). Iulius Group owner Group, which
owns shopping centers and Iulius Mall Palas Mall.
Gabriel Comanescu 350-380 million (in the previous edition, businessman
occupies the 4th position in the list with a fortune of 600-620 million). He owns
businesses in the petroleum and natural gas. Thus it is the controlling
shareholder of Oil Services Group, which he extended to oil drilling abroad.

Marius and Emil Cristescu: 330-350 million (in 2014 two brothers had a
fortune of 410-420 million). Bega Group. Bega Group operates in Craiova. Not
well known nationwide. They they exercise their over 60% of activity abroad. Are
involved in various fields of chemical industry, oil and gas, tourism,
transportation, real estate.
Gabriel Popoviciu: 330-350 million (In 2014, the businessman was ranked 14th
with a fortune of 310-330 million). Gabriel Popoviciu, known in the media as Puiu
Popoviciu owns franchises in Romania of some well known brands .. chain stores
in Romania: KFC, IKEA, PIZZA HUT.
Popoviciu is the second owner of hotels in Bucharest (after George Copos), three
units they control, Howard Johnson Grand Plaza, Ramada Plaza and Ramada Parc,
recorded in 2008 revenues of approximately 28 to 29 million.
Liviu Tudor: 300-310 million (with a fortune of 250-260 million euros in 2014,
Liviu Tudor was ranked 16). Liviu Tudor is a Romanian businessman, active in real
estate business.
George Becali: 270-300 million * (In the 2014, Becali had a fortune of 300-350
million and ranks 13th). Politician, owner of the football team Steaua Bucuresti.
He is a shareholder of Avicola Iasi and armament factory "Uzina Mecanica
Dragasani ". He's very known in the media.

A Romanian average net salary would require many lifetimes to raise a fortune
that would bring into the ranking of the richest Romanian.
For only 10 years Romania needs with the highest income last year. The higher
the income of a Romanian for which tax was paid 143,000 euros a month.
For a Romanian who earn average net salary of 1,813 lei, including in ranking the
rich would mean no less than 3455 years of work. That would save if the entire