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Universitatea Bucureti

Facultatea de Stiine Politice n limba englez

Letter of intent

Ioan G. Vrana Vinan

Dear Madam/Sir :

I am writing this letter of intent as I am deeply interested in attending the courses of the
Department of Political Sciences (SPE). I believe my past experience and my plans for the
future both make me compatible with this particular line of study, as I am going to explain in this
As I advanced through life my curiosity for history has been constantly growing. Coming from a
family of lawyers I have always had quite a few tangencies with the political world. Therefore, it
was only natural that sooner or later my interest towards this area would become paramount for
my future development.
As a result, I began researching and gathering more and more knowledge, and so by the age of
15 Id have read numerous books regarding the political and historical domain, such as Jean
Jeaques Rousseaus Confessions or Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Inequality Among
Men, a writer who raised my interest on society and its political matters, or John Locke, who
introduced me to the social contract.
Am convingerea c politica nu este pentru om o ocupaie conjunctural, generat de nevoia de
atinge diverse scopuri, interese mai mult sau mai puin minore, individualiste sau chiar
meschine, ci este o dimensiune natural, ontologic a individului. Este sistemul ideatic i
metoda prin care omul se manifest superior n mediul su natural, ca o contiin, este
mijlocul prin care ii dorete s sublimeze existena lui, s creeze binele, dreptatea, frumuseea.
Acesta este sensul n care omul a fost numit zoon politikon ( animal social) de ctre
Aristotel care a argumentat n scrierea sa Politica faptul c statul este din natur
anterior individului, cci ntruct individul nu-i este suficient, el este fa de stat ca
mdularele unui corp fa de acesta, iar pe de alt parte dac nu poate ori nu are
trebuin s se ntovreasc n societate din cauza suficienei sale, atunci nu este
membru al statului, ci ori fiar, ori un zeu de tradus in engleza
Apart from the yet little theoretical knowledge I have gathered up to that point in life, I have also
had the opportunity to meet and talk to several politicians, including quite a few of the ministers
of that time. My discussions with these persons led me to believe that politics is both a
fascinating and yet difficult domain, as the higher your rank is, the more responsibility you have.

All the knowledge I have accumulated so far is nevertheless insufficient to what I intent to gather
in order to pursue my ambition.
In order to hone my political culture, following the courses of the Faculty of Political Sciences
would be of great use to my future career. By completing the Faculty of Political Sciences I
would achieve a greater understanding of the political world and its fundaments, which would
greatly aid me in the understanding of humanity, a goal which any artist wants to achieve - de
reformulat. In the future I wish to complete a master in comparative politics, fiind interesat de
studierea dezvoltarii istorice a formelor de manifestare ale dimensiunii politice a omului.

The reason why I chose to go to the English section of the faculty is getting access to the
immense resources of worldwide research and universal history, both of which are available to
an English speaker with a professional vocabulary. Experience in reading and writing in English
would also greatly help me, as an intellectual, to have a full grasp on a foreign language. Since
English is the lingua franca of this modern era, I find it natural to invest all my energy into fully
learning it.
I am more than certain that the courses of this faculty will be not just extremely helpful to my
future, but also highly enjoyable and perfectly suited to my inquisitive personality.