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Dr. Alexandra Balm (nscut seam. E muzica neauzit pus n cuvinte.

Un gest spre
forma uman divin din noi toi.

S-a nscut la Cluj n 1974, unde a studiat la liceele tiinele

Naturii i Gheorghe incai. A absolvit Literele n 1998, iar
Dr Alexandra Balm (ne
n 1999 a terminat un masterat de Studii Americane, Dumitrescu)
lucrnd cu renumitul anglicist Virgil Stanciu. n 2001 a
propus conceptul de metamodernism n literatur, iar n Was born in 1974, in Cluj, Romania. She has a BA and an
2014 a obinut titlul de doctor de la Universitatea Otago cu MA in American Studies from the University of Cluj, where
o tez despre Metamodernitate n Literatur. Este she worked with the renown Anglicist Virgil Stanciu. In 2001
cercettoare la Universitatea de Tehnologie din Auckland she proposed the concept of metamodernism as a cultural
(Noua Zeeland), unde studiaz pentru un Masterat de paradigm and a period term. In 2014 she was awarded a
Scriere Creativ. PhD from the University of Otago, with a thesis about
Metamodernism in Literature. She is a part-time
Alexandra scrie poeme, povestiri i studii literare. A researcher at AUT, where she is working for a Master of
publicat n reviste din Noua Zeeland, America, Australia i Creative Writing.
Europa: Takah, Tui Motu, Exquisite Corpse, Noise Medium,
Double Dialogues, Inter-textes, Echinox, Tribuna i Creier, Alexandra writes poems, short stories and literary studies.
Cognitie, Comportament, precum i n volume colective la She published in journals in New Zealand, USA, Australia
Rodopi, Facts on File, Napoca Star, Monster Fish. n 2000 a and Europe: Takah, Tui Motu, Exquisite Corpse, Noise
tradus, mpreun cu Ioana Nan, Romnii i Romnia de Medium, Double Dialogues, Inter-textes, Echinox, Tribuna
Ioan Aurel Pop (Columbia UP). and Brain, Cognition, Behaviour, as well as in collective
volumes at Rodopi, Facts on File, Napoca Star, Monster Fish.
Alexandra are o minte n continuu freamt care i gsete In 2000 she jointly translated with Ioana Nan Romanians
linitea n meditaie, cnd scrie, sau cnd se plimb de-a and Romania by Ioan Aurel Pop (Columbia UP).
lungul Strzii Birkenhead pe muzica unei simfonii de
mirosuri care i-ar face i pe orbi vizionari. Odat pe cnd Alexandra Balm is a restless questioner who finds respite
cltorea cu trenul n Auckland, citind poezii de Michael only when she meditates, writes poems or stories or when
Harlow, Nothing for it but to Sing, la ieirea dintr-un tunel, she walks down Birkdale Road to a symphony of fragrances
i-a dat seama ce nseamn poezia: acel moment de that would make even the blind see. One day when she
frumusee ce face ca griul unor clipe fr culoare s apar was travelling by train with Michael Harlows latest poems
colorat. E bucuria ce strlucete discret desubtul straturilor Nothing for it but to Sing, just when emerging from a bleak
superficiale ale existentei, cel mai adesea nebgat n tunnel, she realised what poetry is: that moment of beauty
that makes the grey of colourless moments colourful. It is
the joy that shimmers under the superficial layers of
existence, most of the time unseen. It is the unheard music
of life put to words. A gesture towards the human form
divine that lives in all of us.