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1. Pronumele personal
a) cu functie de subiect
b) cu functie de complement

a) Forma pronumelui personal cu functie de subiect (cazul Nominativ):

I (persoana I, singular) --- eu
You (pers. a II-a, sg.) --- tu, dumneata, dumneavoastra
He (pers. a III-a, sg., masulin) --- el
She (pers. a III-a, sg., feminin) --- ea
It (pers. a III-a, sg., neutru) --- el, ea (neutru), pentru nume de obiecte, lucruri, animale
We (pers. I, pl.) --- noi
You (pers. a-II-a, pl.) --- voi, dumneavoastra
They (pers. a III-a, pl.) --- ei, ele, dumnealor
Exemple: I am a big girl.
He lives near the school.
We like chocolate very much.
Do you like football?

b) Forma pronumelui personal cu functie de complement(cazul Acuzativ):

me (pers. I, sg.)
- mie, imi, mi (complement indirect)
- pe mine, ma, m (complement direct)
you (pers. a II-a, sg.)
- tie, iti, ti, dumitale, dumneavoastra (complement indirect)
- pe tine, te, pe dumneata, pe dumneavoastra (complement direct)
him (pers. a III-a, sg., m.)
- lui, ii, i (complement indirect)
- pe el, il (complement direct)
her (pers. a III-a g., f.)
- ei, ii, i (complement indirect)
- pe ea, o (complement direct)
it (pers. a III-a, sg., neutru, pt. obiecte si animale)
- lui, ei, ii, i (complement indirect)
- pe el, il, pe ea, o (complement direct)
us (pers. I, pl.)
- noua, ne, ni (complement indirect)
- pe noi, ne (complement direct)
you (pers. a II-a, pl.)
- voua, va, vi, dumneavoastra (complement indirect)
- pe voi, va, pe dumneavoastra (complement direct)
them (pers. a III-a, pl.)
- lor, le, li (complement indirect)
- pe ei, ii, i (complement direct)
I watch my brother playing tennis.
You gave me a nice gift.
Give them a kiss from me!
2. Pronumele reflexive si de intarire
myself --- ma, insumi (masculin), insami (feminin) [pers. I, sg.]
yourself --- te, insuti (m.), insati (f.) [pers. a II-a, sg.]
himself --- se, insusi (m.) [pers. a III-a, sg., m]
herself --- se, insesi (f.) [pers. a III-a, sg., f.]
itself --- se, insusi, insasi (neutru, pt. obiecte si animale) [pers. a III-a sg., n.]
ourselves --- ne, insine (m.), insene (f.) [pers. I, pl.]
yourselves --- va, insiva (m), inseva (f.) [pers. a II-a, pl.]
themselves --- se, insisi (m.), insesi (f.) [pers. a III-a, pl.]
I found myself very smart.
We did ourselves all the exercises.

3. Pronumele demonstrativ
this --- acesta, aceasta, asta, asta (de apropiere, sg.)
that --- acela, aceea, ala, aia (de departare, sg.)
these --- acestea, acestia, astia, astea (de apropiere, pl.)
those --- acelea, aceia, aia, alea (de departare, pl.)
This is my brother.
Those are his parents.

4. Adjectivele (G.) / Pronumele (D.) posesive:

my (cazul Genitiv), mine (cazul Dativ) --- al meu, a mea, ai mei, ale mele [pers. I, sg.]
your (G.), yours (D.) --- al tau, a ta, ai tai, ale tale [pers. a II-a, sg.]
his (G. / D.) --- al sau (a lui), a sa (a lui), ai sai (ai lui), ale sale (ale lui) [pers. a III-a, sg., m]
her (G.), hers (D.) ---al sau (a ei), a sa (a ei), ai sai (ai ei), ale sale (ale ei) [pers. aIII-a, sg.,
its (own) (G. / D.) --- al sau, a sa, ai sai, ale sale (neutru) [pers. a III-a sg., n.]
our (G.), ours (D.) --- al nostru, a noastra, ai nostri, ale noastre [pers. I, pl.]
your (G.), yours (D.) --- al vostru, a voastra, ai vostri, ale voastre [pers. a II-a, pl.]
their (G.), theirs (D.) --- al lor, a lor, ai lor, ale lor [pers. a III-a, pl.]
My brother is tall, but yours is taller.
His car is old, but hers is older.
I lost my pencil, can you lend me yours?

5. Pronumele nehotarat
some + body, one, thing (somebody, someone, something)
any + body, one, thing (anybody, anyone, anything)
no + body, one, thing (nobody, no one, nothing)
I want something from you.
She didn't find anything in the fridge.
There was no one in the room.

6. Pronumele relativ
who --- care
whom/who --- pe care
whose --- al (a, ai, ale) carui, careia, carora
what --- ce, ceea ce
which --- care, pe care (pt. lucruri, obiecte ...)
that --- care
My brother, who is a doctor, lives in Bucharest.
Tom, whose car was stolen, bought another one last week.
I found a cat that was lost.
I didn't like what I saw.

7. Pronumele interogativ
who? --- cine?
whom? who? --- pe cine?
whose? --- al (a, ai, ale) cui?
what? --- care?, pe care,ce?
which? --- (pe) care dintre?
Whom did you see last Sunday?
Whose shoes are those?
What are you doing?
Which do you like more?

1. Completati propozitiile urmatoare cu forma corecta a pronumelui reflexiv:
1) I enjoyed _______ at the party
2) My father didn't buy the book for _______
3) The dog cut _______ while running in the street.
4) Help _______ with some fruit, John and Mary.
5) We saw _______ in the snow.

2. Completati propozitiile de mai jos cu forma corecta a pronumelui posesiv:

1) This is my cat. It is _______
2) That is his lamp. It is _______
3) These are our maps. They are _______
4) Those are their shoes. They are _______
5) This is her shirt. It is _______

3. Completati corect spatiile goale cu unul dintre pronumele din paranteze:

1) I saw Mr. Thompson _______ is John's father. (that, who, which)
2) _______ did you meet last week, John or Steve? (which, who, whose)
3) Puffy, _______ is a big cat, is very lazy. (which, who, whose)
4) _______ are you doing? (whom, what, that)
5) _______ is going with you at the theatre? (who, that, whom)