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CERERE DE ADERARE Preedintelui Asociaiei Generale a nvtorilordin Romnia, filiala Republica Moldova,Doamnei Dr.

Mariana Marin Doamna Preedinte a AGIRoMd, n conformitate cu prevederile Statutului Asociaiei Generale a nvtorilor din Romnia, filiala Republica Moldova, Subsemnat ___, Nume_______________Prenume _________Data naterii_____________ IDN________________Adresa_________________ Telefon: fix, cod raion _______________serviciu_____________mobil ________________e-mail_______ Loc de munc___________________________Funcia________________ declar ca am luat cunotina i sunt de acord cu prevederile Statutului Asociaiei Generale a nvtorilor din Romnia, filiala Repub lica Moldova, i doresc sa mi aduc propria contribuie la realizarea scopului asociaiei. n acest sens declar pe proprie rspundere ca ndeplinesc condiiile pentru a deveni membru asociat, ca sunt de acord s achit contribuia de 10 lei n lun (achitat o dat n an, a se vedea mai jos informaia despre contul bancar) la patrimoniul asociaiei, drept care solicit aprobarea prezentei cereri la care anexezcopia buletinului de identitate, recomandarea unui coleg i fotografia pentru legitimaie. Semntura ................................... Data .......................................

Doresc sa activez n urmtoarele departamente (se subliniaz): Departamentului AGIRo Mdpentru nvmntul Gimnazial; Departamentul pentru Alternative Educaionale; Md RECOMANDAREA UNUI COLEG Subsemnata (ul), __________________________, membru activ[1]al Asociaiei, nr. de legitimaie _______________sucursala ___________________________, recomand nscrierea n rndurile AGIRoMd pe Dna/Dl________________________________________ Numele, prenumele, funcia, instituia, gradul didactic pentru unele dintre urmtoarele caliti profesionale (s corespund cu cel puin 3 criterii din cele de mai jos): se ncercuiete cifra corespunztoare 1.Voluntariat profesional. 2.Abiliti de comunicare i socializare pe plan profesional. 3.Membrul seciei metodice raionale. 4.Dorin de a mprti experiena profesional cu membrii asociaiei. 5.Dorin de a participa la activitile de formare profesional. 6.Loc premiant n cadrul concursurilor profesionale. 7.Creativitate, miestrie profesional. 8.Autor al indicaiilor, ghidurilor, publicaiilor. 9.Abonat al Revisteinvtorul Modern(organ de pres al AGIRoMd) sau altele ___________

Weddings: reading Olga: For us its quite normal to have two weddings. I had two weddings. The first wedding is the civil ceremony which everyone has. Then, if you want, you can have a church wedding. In Germany we also have a special evening called Polterabend. People bring old cups and plates and they throw these on the floor! This is great fun, and we make a lot of noise! Then the new couple sweep up the broken pottery together. _________________________________ Manuela: In Colombia we have a very beautiful candle ceremony. There are three candles, the bride lights the candle on her right and the groom lights the candle on his left. Then, together, the new husband and wife light the middle candle. Now there are three burning candles. Then the two candles on the left and right are blown out and the middle candle is left to burn alone. I was so happy doing this! _____________________________________________________________________ Meryem: There are many different kinds of wedding ceremonies in Turkey. Some brides have a separate celebration with their own family and cant see their future husband until the day of the wedding. We have a funny tradition with the brides shoes. Her girlfriends write their names in her shoes. At the end of the day the bride looks into her shoes. If someones name is missing that means they are the next person to get married. My sister was very happy because her name was no longer there. _____________________________________________________________________ Noshilu: In Kenya and Tanzania the Maasia tribe have quite a simple wedding. The bride wears all her jewellery lots of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The most important necklace is the one made by the brides mother. Its always very beautiful and sometimes it can be very long. My necklace went down to my knees! My new husband came to my familys home and walked me to his familys home. I was then given some cows as a wedding present which now belong to my husband. _____________________________________________________________________ Lin: Our weddings have a lot of red because for us its the colour of love, wealth and happiness. My wedding gown was the traditional red, and so were the invitations I sent out to our guests. The wedding gifts from my husbands family were in red baskets. Nowadays in China its quite usual to have a video made in a park. The bride and groom give each other handkerchiefs with a picture of a duck on because ducks always stay together. And the colour of the hankies? ____________________________ Barbara: There are many different kinds of weddings depending on where your family comes from. You can get married in a hall, on the beach, at home wherever and however you want. Its also possible in the US to get married only a few hours after you propose. I was on holiday in Las Vegas and my boyfriend decided he wanted us to get married so we did! ________________________________ Weddings: reading Olga: I had two weddings days! The first was a civil wedding in the city hall and then, two days later, I had another wedding in a church! In __________ everybody must have a civil ceremony, and a lot of couples choose to have a church wedding as well. After the civil wedding there was a small party with close friends and family, and in the evening we had the Polterabend. People brought old porcelain, you know plates, cups and things like that, and they threw them on the

ground in front of my new husband and me. Of course everything broke and there was lots of noise and laughing! We had to sweep up the broken pieces together, but this symbolized that nothing would get broken in our new house again while we lived together, and is meant to bring good luck. So far its worked! Manuela: For me the most beautiful part of the wedding was the candle ceremony. In __________ this is a traditional custom. After giving each other rings the bride and groom have to light a candle each. I lit the candle on my right which represented the bride, and my husband lit the candle on his left which represented the groom. We then used these two candles to light a third candle in the middle, and then we blew out the first two candles. So there was just one candle alight and this symbolized that we were now the same body and we were going to share every moment of our lives together. I was so happy I cried! Meryem: My wedding, which began with separate celebrations for my family and the grooms family, lasted five days. During this time we, my husband-to-be and me, werent allowed to see each other. Then on the day of the wedding ceremony my girlfriends took my shoes away from me! With a lot of giggling they wrote their names inside the shoes and then gave them back. After the ceremony I took my shoes off and looked at the names. In __________ if one of the names is rubbed off and cant be read anymore it means that this person is going to get married next. When I looked in my shoes I saw that my sisters name had disappeared, and guess what? She got married six months later! Noshilu: As we grow older, unmarried women can wear more and more jewellery but nothing beats the colourful, beaded necklace that is worn by __________ women on their wedding day! As is the tradition my necklace was made by my mother and was presented to me by my father. It was very elaborate and went down to my knees. I wore all my necklaces, earrings and ornaments that day and in fact it was a little tricky to walk. My husband collected me from my parents home and took me to his home where I received gifts of cattle. Along with other clothing I now wear a blue cloth which symbolizes being a married woman. Lin: In __________ red is the most important colour for our wedding ceremonies. For us it symbolizes love, joy and prosperity. Although a lot of brides wear white these days my wedding gown was the traditional red, and so were the invitations I sent out to our guests. Before I was married my husbands family came to my familys home with

Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2006 Taken from the Skills section in wedding gifts in red baskets. These contained, among other things, personal items for me. Before the evening party started my husband and I went to a nearby park and had a video made. We also exchanged handkerchiefs and wished each other good luck. Each handkerchief had a picture of a mandarin duck on because they symbolize faithfulness as ducks always stay together. And the colour of the hankies? Why, red of course! Barbara: My wedding day was completely unplanned and unexpected! We were on holiday in Las Vegas and having a great time when my husband, my boyfriend at the time, proposed. We had been together a few years and loved each other very much so I accepted. I was then very surprised when he said he wanted to get married there and then in Las Vegas! I wasnt too sure but he was so enthusiastic that I agreed. During the few hours before the wedding, which was in a tiny chapel, I had to find something

old, something new, something borrowed and something blue to wear at the ceremony! Thats a tradition we have in __________. Old and new were easy, I borrowed a scarf from a friend and my husband gave me a beautiful sapphire ring. The holiday then became our honeymoon! Weddings: reading tasks 1 Which is the final sentence to each paragraph? a) She got married six months later! b) Why, red of course! c) Our holiday became our honeymoon! d) This is to bring good luck and to stop anything bad breaking in the new home. e) Thats it! f) It shows that the husband and wife are now one body and will live their life together. 2 Are the following sentences about the reading true or false? a) Only five of the women are married. b) In Germany everyone has a church wedding. c) In Colombia couples light three candles and then blow out two. d) In Turkey people write in the grooms shoes. e) The Maasai bride keeps her wedding present. f) In China people give ducks as wedding gifts. g) In the US you can get married very quickly. 3 The UK introduction many different kinds of weddings, traditional church wedding still popular

the bride and groom

she wears long white dress, veil he wears a suit, has a best man ho looks after the ring gifts g uests bring presents to the party, or choose something from a wedding list in a shop after the wedding, it can be very expensive, usually sitting down, champagne, speeches

the party


after the party, usually a week or more to another country special custom the bride throws her flowers to the guests, whoever catches them is the next person to get married Weddings: reading tasks 1. Read about the different weddings again and answer the following questions: a) Who had the longest wedding ceremony? b) Who had the shortest? c) Who do you think had the simplest wedding? d) Who did something or had something symbolic done during their wedding ceremony? e) Who had restrictions on what they could or couldnt do? f) Who do you know had a religious wedding? g) Who do you think had a religious wedding? Who combined both modern and traditional customs? 2. Now put the reading away. Can you answer the following questions? a) Everyone in Germany must have a __________ wedding. b) What did Olga and her husband have to do with the broken pottery? c) The verb is to light a candle. What is the past tense? What is the adjective? d) What expression did Meryem use to describe her future husband? e) What two things did Meryems girlfriends do when they had her shoes? f) What adjective did Noshilu use to describe walking with her jewellery on? g) What gifts did Noshilu receive? In China red symbolizes love, joy and ___________. h) Whats the short form of handkerchief? i) Why did Barbara agree to marry in Las Vegas? j) What kind of ring did her husband give her? 3. Did you notice these expressions? Complete the sentences with the correct phrase. wished each other loved each other see each other gave each other a) Manuela and her husband __________ rings. b) Meryem and her future husband couldnt ___________. c) Lin and her husband __________ good luck. d) Barbara and her boyfriend ___________. 4. The magazine Couples Today wants to know how marriage is regarded in todays modern world. How important is marriage to you and your culture? Write a letter to the magazine explaining your views.

. Wedding TraditionsThe most momentous event that happensin ones life By

Wedding is one of the most momentous event that happens in ones life. The Wedding itself represents the loyalty between two person, husband and wife, once they get married, their should take the responsibility of caring for each other. The Wedding tradition has been keeping evolving and changing during different periods, in the mean time, tradition between nations are quite different, take the wedding preparation for instance, nations like China, America and France are quite diverse. We will see how they do during their wedding preparation.2.

In China, the wedding ceremony are usually hold in a luxurious hotel. The new couple is supposed to wear the traditional Tang suits, whereas, by the influence of western ideas and values, most couples are advocates to wear European attires. The bridegroom wear a formal suit, and the bride would wear a white bridal gown which make them look more stylish. The settings in the hotel are extremely grand, the pillars are wrapped with colorful balloons, red carpet is especially covered on the floor for the couple to go through, symbolizing their thriving life in the future. A lot of trivial things are to be dealt with on that day, an emcee would be asked to hold their the ritual, making fun of the two families and entertaining the relatives and friends.3.

American traditional weddings usually take place in a church with families and friends celebrating the joyous occasion. A priest would be invited to preside the wedding ceremony. However, most young couples want to have their own styles of wedding, more and more people hold their wedding party on the beach or just in their backyard. Theres an old saying that You may probably have heard, that is,something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a silver sixpence inside your shoe." Couples in America honor this tradition through centuries even till today, after all, these are all symbols represent their wishes to a prosperous life.4.

France is a country full of romance and fashions. Couples in France are particularly devoted to each other. Their wedding venue is often decorated with a silken canopy, flowers, incense and conventional romantic music is played as demanded by the French wedding tradition. Orange blossoms

are customarily the most preferred flowers. In the off season, wax imitations of orange blossoms are used to keep up the French Wedding tradition. Brides will wear their gorgeous gowns and usually after the ceremony, she may pass down the wedding dress to her single girl friend.5. Official Website Here By Dreamsofbrides.LTD Special Countries Have Special Customs, So Their Wedding Planning, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Dresses Choice And Brides Favorite Are Different.6. 6. They give each other rings The wedding ring is the last present a couple will give one another before their wedding. The very first present a couple gives each other is often times a sort of promise ring - which most think of a pre-engagement ring. Later on as a duet gets more involved, they then give engagement rings to each other. 7. They sign a wedding register. 8. After the wedding ceremony After the wedding ceremony guests are invited to attend a meal and further celebrations. This is known as the Wedding Reception. 9. Guests leavepresents for thebride and groomon a table in theroom where the reception takes place. 10. It is traditional for the BestMan, Brides Father and the Groom togive a speech at thewedding reception. 11. Wedding Cake It is traditional at weddings to have a special wedding cake at the reception, often with two or more tiers - each tier may be made of a different type of cake to satisfy the tastes of all your wedding guests. Its also customary for the top tier of a three or four tier cake to be kept aside for the christening of the couples first child. 12. The Honeymoon It is traditional for the bride and groom to go away on a holiday, called a Honeymoon, after the wedding has taken place.

13. Interesting Fact Centuries ago it was customary for the Bride and Bridegroom to drink honey for a month after the wedding. A month was known as a moon, hence honeymoon.

14. Wedding Superstitions ~Bride and groom must not meet on the day of the wedding except at the altar. ~The bride should never wear her complete wedding clothes before the day. ~For good luck the bride should wear something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new. ~The husband should carry his new wife over the threshold of their home.

t all starts with a proposal. Traditionally the mangoes down on one knee to pop the question. If he receives a "yes", the couple are engaged. It is customary for the man to buy his fiancee anengagement ring, most commonly a diamond ring. Engagements can last for years, and if neither of the couple breaks off the engagement, the next step is marriage.

Planning the wedding

Most weddings in the UK take the form of either acivil ceremony (conducted at the Registry Office) or a traditional white wedding, held in a church. (There are other ceremonies for different religions.) If the couple chooses a church service, the planning can become quite complex. The church must be booked, the service has to be chosen, flowers arranged and so on. Other arrangements (for both traditional and civil) are to draw up a guest list, send out invitations, book a reception venue (for after the ceremony), choose bridesmaids (the girls who traditionally accompany the bride in the church) and the best man (the bridegroom's friend who accompanies him to the ceremony), buy the wedding dress, arrange a honeymoon (the holiday after the wedding), compile a wedding list (a list of presents that guests can choose to buy the couple) and of course, to select the wedding ring(s).

The big day

The groom and best man arrive at the church first, and then the guests arrive. Last to arrive is the bride, normally dressed in a long white wedding dress with a train (material from the dress that covers the floor behind her), her face covered in a veil, carrying a bouquet of flowers, and accompanied by a couple of bridesmaids in matching dresses. Usually the bride's father walks her down the aisle until they reach the priest / vicar at the altar. The church organ plays the Wedding March, and the guests rise to their feet to watch the procession. Once they reach the altar, the bride stands with the groom, and the service begins. The service lasts for about half an hour, and contains readings (extracts from the Bible) and a couple of hymns (religious songs). The priest always asks if there are any objections to the marriage (someone can speak or forever hold their peace = never have the opportunity again to object), and at the end of the service, the couple exchange rings and are proclaimed "man and wife". At that point, the groom is allowed to kiss his wife. The guests leave and the couple then sign the marriage register. When they come out of the church, the guests often throw confetti(small pieces of coloured paper), and the photographer takes various formal photographs. Next in the big day is the reception, which is often a formal lunch in a hotel. After lunch there are various speeches. The bride's father normally gives a speech, then the best man gives a speech (which is often a funny speech designed to embarrass the groom), and the bridegroom and / or the bride give a short speech to thank their guests. Some couples also arrange an evening reception, and hire a disco or band to play music for their friends. At the end of the day, the happy couple traditionally leave on honeymoon.

Other wedding vocabulary

pre-wedding nerves = when you are nervous before the wedding wedding bells = the traditional tune that the church bells play as the couple leave the church wedding vows = the promises that the bride and groom make to each other during the ceremony. Some of these vows could be to love each other "until death do us part" and to love "for richer or poorer, for better or worse, in sickness and in good health".

wedding cake = a traditional cake with three "tiers" eaten at the end of the wedding meal If you're feeling romantic, take a look at our page on love idioms!

Woman marries a bridge (7th July, 2013) Many countries around the world are discussing same-sex marriage. No country is discussing the rights and wrongs of marrying a bridge. But that is what an Australian woman has done. Artist Jodi Rose fell in love with the 600-year-old Le Pont du Diable (the Devil's Bridge) in France and got married to it last month. However, France does not recognise marriages between people and bridges. Nevertheless, 14 guests attended the wedding ceremony to see the happy couple become not man and wife, but bridge and wife. The mayor of the nearby town also came to bless the marriage. Jodi wore a white wedding dress for the occasion. She also had a special ring (which is almost one metre high) made for the bridge. Jodi Rose travels the world visiting bridges. She records the sounds and vibrations they make. She then turns these into experimental music for her "Singing Bridges" project. She said it was love at first sight for the Devil's Bridge. She posted on her blog Bridgeland: "Although he is made of stoneI feel at peace in his strong embrace. He makes me feel connected to the earth." She added that the bridge makes her feel comfortable after travelling non-stop around the world. Ms Rose explained why she married the bridge, saying it was symbolic because she values "the spiritual vibration in everything". She also explained her love for it: "The perfect husband strong and silent," she said.

WARM-UPS 1. MARRIAGE:Students walk around the class and talk to other students about marriage. Change partners often and share your findings. 2. CHAT:In pairs / groups, decide which of these topics or words from the article are most interesting and which are most boring.
marriage / rights and wrongs / bridges / guests / nearby town / wedding dress / ring / travels the world / experimental music / feel at peace / vibration / strong and silent

Have a chat about the topics you liked. Change topics and partners frequently. 3. WEDDING:What's perfect? Complete this table and share what you wrote with your partner(s). Change partners often.
Perfect place number of guests wedding song/music promise food honeymoon What? Why?

4. BRIDGE AND WIFE:Students Astronglybelieve it's OK to marry a bridge; Students Bstronglybelieve it isn't. Change partners again and talk about your conversations. 5. PERFECT PARTNER:Rank these and share your rankings with your classmates. Put the most important things in a perfect partner at the top.

rich stylish funny good body

nice smile beautiful eyes strong loving

6. LOVE:Spend one minute writing down all of the different words you associate with the word 'love'. Share your words with your partner(s) and talk about them. Together, put the words into different categories.

1. TRUE / FALSE:Read the headline. Guess if a-h below are true (T) or false (F).
a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. Some countries are talking about people marrying bridges. A woman married a bridge that is 600 years old. France said the marriage was legal. The wedding ring for the bridge was almost a metre high. The bride makes music by recording the sounds bridges make. The bride said it was love at first hearing with the bridge. She said the bridge makes her feel peaceful when she is near it. She said the bridge was perfect because it is very noisy. T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. How many countries are talking about same-sex marriage? How many countries are talking about marrying bridges? How old was the bridge the woman married? How many people went to the wedding? What was almost a metre high? What does Jodi do with her recordings? When did she fall in love with the bridge? What does the bridge make Jodi feel connected to? What kind of vibration in everything does Jodi value? Why is her husband perfect?


1. WORD SEARCH:Look in your dictionary / computer to find collocates, other meanings, information, synonyms for the words 'fall' and 'love'.
fall love

Share your findings with your partners. Make questions using the words you found. Ask your partner / group your questions.

2. ARTICLE QUESTIONS:Look back at the article and write down some questions you would like to ask the class about the text.

Share your questions with other classmates / groups. Ask your partner / group your questions.

3. GAP FILL:In pairs / groups, compare your answers to this exercise. Check your answers. Talk about the words from the activity. Were they new, interesting, worth learning? 4. VOCABULARY:Circle any words you do not understand. In groups, pool unknown words and use dictionaries to find their meanings.

5. TEST EACH OTHER:Look at the words below. With your partner, try to recall how they were used in the text:

countries wrongs last guests happy special

travels music sight non-stop why strong


Write five GOOD questions about marriage in the table. Do this in pairs. Each student must write the questions on his / her own paper. When you have finished, interview other students. Write down their answers.
STUDENT 1 _____________ Q.1. STUDENT 2 _____________ STUDENT 3 _____________





Now return to your original partner and share and talk about what you found out. Change partners often. Make mini-presentations to other groups on your findings.


STUDENT A's QUESTIONS(Do not show these to student B)

a) What did you think when you read the headline?

b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j)

What springs to mind when you hear the word 'marriage'? How has marriage changed in the past 100 years? What is marriage to you? What do you think of someone marrying a bridge? Should countries let people marry things? What do you think the wedding ceremony was like? What wedding vow (promise) do you think Jodi made to the bridge? What wedding present would you buy the bridge and wife? Why do so many marriages these days break up?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------STUDENT B's QUESTIONS(Do not show these to student A)

a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) Did you like reading this article? Why/not? Do celebrity marriages work? Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? What wedding vows (promises) would you make to your partner? What is the perfect marriage? Are married people happier than unmarried people? Who is your perfect partner? What do you think of arranged marriage? Does marriage change you? What questions would you like to ask Jodi?

DISCUSSION (Write your own questions)

STUDENT A's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student B) 1. ________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________ 4. ________________________________________________________ 5. ________________________________________________________ 6. ________________________________________________________

---------------------------------------------------------------------------STUDENT B's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student A) 1. ________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________ 4. ________________________________________________________ 5. ________________________________________________________ 6. ________________________________________________________


Write aboutmarriagefor 10 minutes. Comment on your partner's paper.

______________________________________________________ _______________________

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of getting married to a bridge.


1. VOCABULARY EXTENSION:Choose several of the words from the text. Use a dictionary or Google's search field (or another search engine) to build up more associations / collocations of each word. 2. INTERNET:Search the Internet and find out more about this story. Share what you discover with your partner(s) in the next lesson. 3. MARRIAGE:Make a poster about marriage. Show your work to your classmates in the next lesson. Did you all have similar things?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Many None 600 years old 14 The ring for the bridge She makes music At first sight The earth The spiritual vibration He is "strong and silent"


1. c 2. a 3. a 4. b 5. d 6. b 7. a 8. c 9. d 10. a