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Inv. KVA PF Inv. Eff. Battery Temperature AF Battery capacity

Inverter kVA Load power inverter Voltage back-up compensation Battery aging (ampere-hours) NOTA 1 The battery Ampere-Hour capacity calculated shall be observed at a
rating factor efficiency VCell End Cells battery end time factor factor Design factor NOTA 1 discharge rate equal to the calculated battery backup time (BT), rather than the
nominal Ampere-Hour capacity. Consult battery manufacturer for the factor to
10 0,8 0,85 1,75 108 189 0,5 1 1,25 1,1 34,24 convert capacity to C8 for lead acid battery and C5 for nickel cadmium battery.

UPS Loads:

xDF Table 3 – Cell End of Discharge Voltages

Where: Battery Type General Applications PV Applications

Ah = Battery capacity (ampere-hours) at a discharge rate corresponding to the battery back-up time (BT) Lead-Acid 1.75 VDC 1.85 VDC
Inv. KVA = Inverter kVA rating
Nickel-Cadmium 1.10 VDC 1.15 VDC
PF = Load power factor (use PF = 0.8 lagging)
Inv. Eff. = Known inverter efficiency at the battery end of discharge voltage as defined in Table-3; if the inverter efficiency is not known,
use 85% for computational purposes
VCell End = Cell end of discharge voltage as per Table-3
Cells = Number of cells
BT = Battery back-up time (hours) as per Table 1 below
TC = Temperature compensation factor (TC = 1.0 at 25°C)
If electrolyte temperature
- Exceeds 25°C: Use TC = 1.0
- Below 25°C: Lead Acid:Use IEEE Std 485 - Table 1
Ni-Cd: Consult Batt. Manufacturer
AF = Battery aging factor (use AF = 1.25 for all types of batteries)
DF = Design factor (use DF = 1.1 for all types of batteries)