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Live Analiza de snge

Live Blood Analysis Live Blood Analiza

Our blood cycles through our body approximately every 3-4 minutes. Ciclurile noastre de snge prin orpul nostru la intervale de aproximativ 3-4 minute. We are only as healthy as our blood is! Suntem oar ca sntoase ca sngele nostru este!

When we look at blood in the "live" state with Darkfield Microscopy, we get a look at what is truly appening in the blood & the body. Cnd ne uitm la snge n "Live" de stat cu Darkfield Microscopie, vom obine o privire la ceea ce se ntmpl cu adevrat n snge i n organism.

Healthy & unhealthy blood will look very different (see pictures below). De snge sntoase i esntoase va arata foarte diferit (a se vedea imaginile de mai jos). In healthy blood, the red cells re not stuck together and move about freely, thereby optimizing their potential for health. n snge ntoase, celulele roii nu sunt lipite mpreun i pentru a trece cu privire la liber, optimiznd astfel otenialul lor de sntate.

n unhealthy blood there are aglutinations, bacterial like developments, & overall congestive factors, which can lead to degenerative processes. n snge nesntoase exist aglutinations, bacteriene um ar fi evoluia, & global factori congestiv, care poate duce la procese degenerative.

f you are interested in anti-aging & disease prevention live cell or blood microscopy is an additional pecific screening test that will further assist you in determining your optimal nutritional program & olistic therapies. Dac suntei interesat de anti-imbatranire si de prevenire a bolilor de celule vii sau e snge microscopie este un test de screening specifice suplimentare, care vor asista n continuare n stabilirea programul optim de nutriie & terapii holistice. It is also extremely helpful for those with chronic illness, especially of the immune system, which are associated with bacteria & arasites, including, rheumatoid arthritis & infectious diseases like AIDS, hepatitis, giardiasis & hronic fatigue syndrome. De asemenea, este extrem de folositoare pentru cei cu boli cronice, n pecial a sistemului imunitar, care sunt asociate cu bacterii si paraziti, inclusiv, artrita reumatoida si oli infectioase cum ar fi SIDA, hepatit, giardiaza & sindromul de oboseal cronic.

ive cell blood analysis is different from regular blood analysis because it uses whole blood (as opposed o just parts of the blood); the blood is unstained & uses higher magnification. Live analiza de celule din nge este diferit de analize de snge regulate pentru ca foloseste snge integral (spre deosebire de oar pri din snge); snge este unstained & utilizri mrire mai mare. Live cell microscopy offers a uick & reliable means of seeing microorganisms & their waste bi-products in living, whole blood, ersus conventional desiccated blood cultures which are not 100% accurate. Celul Live microscopia fer un mijloc rapid i de ncredere de a vedea microorganisme & bi-lor de deeuri produse n via, ngele total, fa de culturile convenionale deshidratat de snge, care nu sunt 100% exacte. Live ell microscopy allows us to see the living microorganisms free floating in your blood stream very learly, thus allow De celule vii microscopia ne permite s vedem microorganisme care triesc liber plutind n fluxul sanguin foarte clar, prin urmare, s permit ing earlier detection of certain conditions. ING depistarea din timp a anumitor condiii. Skeptics of live cell microscopy believe that the blood of healthy individuals is totally sterile and therefore viruses, bacteria, fungi & parasites cannot exist in the blood stream. Scepticii de celule vii microscopie cred c sngele persoanelor sntoase este complet steril i, prin urmare, virusuri, bacterii, ciuperci si paraziti nu poate exista n fluxul de snge. They argue that if this were so patients would be in hospitals dying. Ei susin c dac acest lucru au fost att de pacieni ar fi n spitale pe moarte. Scientific

esearch worldwide, including Germany, Eastern Europe & New Zealand, to name a few, has onsistently disproved this very inaccurate theory. tiinific la nivel mondial de cercetare, inclusiv Germania, Europa de Est i Noua Zeeland, pentru a numi cteva, a infirmat n mod constant aceast eorie foarte inexacte. The list of research papers describing the presence of viral, bacterial, fungal & arasitic toxins in the blood of 'healthy' individuals is extensive. Lista de lucrari de cercetare care escriu prezena virale, toxine bacteriene, fungice si parazitare n snge de "persoane sntoase" este xtins.

he main advantage of live blood microscopy is that many nutritional imbalances can be more readily etected before standard, chemical blood tests show any abnormalities. Principalul avantaj al sngelui ii microscopie este faptul c multe dezechilibre nutriionale specifice pot fi mai uor detectate nainte e standard, testele de snge chimice arat orice anomalii. As the wise saying goes, an ounce of revention is worth a pound of cure. Dup cum spune nelept merge, "o uncie de prevenire este n aloare de o jumtate de kilogram de cura."

How Is Cum este It Done? It done?

A sophisticated microscope is attatched to a high-qualitiy, colour, video amera which is connected to a computer moniter. Un microscop sofisticat ste attatched la un high-qualitiy, culoare, camera video care este onectat la un calculator MONITER. Just one drop of blood taken from a tiny fingertip puncture

eveals valuable information about various health concerns, which are then correlated with other hysical & bio-chemical tests . Doar o pictur de snge prelevate de la o puncie degetului

mic dezvluie informaii importante despre diverse probleme de sntate, care sunt poi corelate cu alte teste fizico-chimica si biologice.

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