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Romaniuc Sabina Elena

Germana Engleza
Anul II

Not long ago there lived in uptown New Nu cu mult timp n urm, a trit n New
York, in a small, almost meager room, though York, ntr-o camer mic, aproape ngropat,
crowded with books, Leo Finkle, a rabbinical de cri, Leo Finkle, un student rabinic la
student in the Yeshivah University. Finkle, Universitatea Yeshivah. Finkle, dup ase ani
after six years of study, de studiu, urma s fie hirotonit n iunie i a fost
was to be ordained in June and had been informat de o cunotin c ar fi mai uor s
advised by an acquaintance that he might ctige o congregaie dac ar fi cstorit. Din
find it easier to win himself a congregation moment ce nu avea nici o perspectiv de
if he were married. Since he had no present cstorie, dup dou zile agitate ii vine ideea n
prospects of marriage, after two minte, l chema pe Pinye Salzman, un broker
tormented days of turning it over in his de cstorie al crui anun l citise n Forward.
mind, he called in Pinye Salzman, a Matchmaker-ul a aprut ntr-o sear dintr-un
marriage broker whose two-line hol nchis la etajul al patrulea al casei, unde
advertisement he had read in the Forward. locuia Finkle, apucnd un portofoliu negru.
The matchmaker appeared one night out of Salzman, fusese mult timp n afacere, avea o
the dark fourth-floor hallway of the construcie uoar, dar demn, purtnd o
graystone rooming house where Finkle plrie veche i un strat prea scurt i strns
lived, grasping a black, strapped portfolio pentru el. Mirosea a pete, pe care i plcea s
that had been worn thin with use. Salzman, mnnce i, dei i lipseau civa dini,
who had been long in the business, was of prezena lui nu era delsatoare, din cauza unui
slight but dignified build, wearing an old mod amiabil, n mod ciudat, contrastat cu ochii
hat, and an overcoat too short and tight for plini de njosire. Vocea, buzele, barba, degetele
him. He smelled frankly of lui osoase erau animate,dar d-i un moment de
fish, which he loved to eat, and although he odihn, iar ochii si albastri blndi i-au
was missing a few teeth, his presence was descoperit o profunzime de tristee, o
not displeasing, because of an amiable caracteristic care l-a lsat pe Leo puin n
manner curiously contrasted with largul su, dei situaia era, pentru el, inerent
mournful eyes. His voice, his lips, his wisp tensionat. El la informat imediat pe Salzman
of beard, his bony fingers were animated,
de ce a cerut ca el s vin, explicnd c
but give him a moment of repose and his
locuina lui era n Cleveland i c, pentru ca

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

mild blue eyes revealed a depth of sadness, prinii lui, se cstoriser relativ trziu n, el
a characteristic that put Leo a little at ease era singur n lume. El sa dedicat timp de
although the situation, for him, was aproape ase ani n ntregime studiilor sale, ca
inherently tense. He at once informed urmare , nu a avut timp pentru o via social i
Salzman why he had asked pentru o companie a femeilor tinere. Prin
him to come, explaining that his home was urmare, el a considerat c este partea cea mai
in Cleveland, and that but for his parents, bun a procesului - de ncurctur jenant - s
who had married comparatively late in life, apeleze la o persoan cu experien care sa-l
he was alone in the world. He had for six sftuiasc n legtur cu aceste probleme.
years devoted himself El a remarcat n treact c funcia
almost entirely to his studies, as a result of brokerului de cstorie a fost veche i
which, understandably, he had found onorabil, foarte aprobat n comunitatea
himself without time for a social life and evreiasc, pentru c a fcut practic, fr a
the company of young women. Therefore mpiedica bucuria. Mai mult, prinii lui s-au
he thought it the better part of trial and cunoscut tot prin intermediul unui brocker. Ei
error of embarrassing fumbling to call au fcut, o csnicie profitabil din punct de
in an experienced person to advise him on vedere financiar - din moment ce niciunul nu
these matters. posedasera niciun bun material ei au fost
He remarked in passing that the devotati unul altuia. Salzman a acultat cu
function of the marriage broker was mandrie roadele muncii lui povestite de Finkle.
ancient and honorable, highly approved in
the Jewish community, because it made
practical the necessary without hindering
joy. Moreover, his own parents had been
brought together by a matchmaker. They
had made, if not a financially profitable
marriage since neither had possessed any
worldly goods to speak of at least a
successful one in the sense of their
everlasting devotion to each other.
Salzman listened in embarrassed surprise,

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

sensing a sort of apology. Later, however,

he experienced a glow of pride in his
work, an emotion that had left him years
ago, and he heartily approved of Finkle.




1. Finkle, after six years of that that he might find it easyer
study, was to be ordained in June
and had been advised by
an acquaintance that
Future-to show an action that is
-Past tense posterior to the main verb
he might find it easier to win
2. if he were married. himself a congregation
If clause type 2
of conditional
past future

3. He remarked in passing that the function of the

marriage broker was ancient and

Past tense past tense- to show an action that is

simultaneous with the main verb

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

4. however, he experienced a glow of pride

an emotion that had left him years in his work,
ago and he heartily approved of
concesive clause

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

Dear Gracie Mae [he wrote from "Drag Gracie Mae [a scris din Germania],
Germany], Cum te simi? Bine, sper ca asta ma face sa
How you? Fine I hope as this leaues me doing ma simt foarte bine. nainte de a veni n
real well. Before I come in the army I was armat, am ctigat mult greutate i am avut
gaining a lot of weight and gitting jittery from ghinionul de a face toate filmele prost. Dar
making all them dumb movies. But now l acum m antrenez i mnnc bine i m
exercise and eat right and get plenty of rest. I'm odihnesc mult. Sunt mai treaz de cnd am fost
more awake than I been in ten years. I wonder n zece ani. M ntreb dac mai scriei cntece?
if you are writing any more songs? Cu sinceritate , Traynor
Sincerely, Traynor I-am scris napoi:
I wrote him back: Drag Fiule,
Dear Son, Noi toi suntem bine cu voia Domnului i
We is all fine in the Lord's good grace and sper c sit u esti la fel. J. T. i cu mine vom iei
hope this finds you the same. J. T. and me be din toate ziua i noaptea n maina pe care mi-
out all times of the day and night in that car ai dat-o- despre care tii c nu trebuie s faci.
you give mewhich you know you didn't have i apreciez nurca i noul cuptor cu auto-
to do. Oh, and I do appreciate the mink and the curare. Dar dac mai trimitei ceva de
new self-cleaning oven. But if you send mncare din Germania va trebui s deschid un
anymore stuff to eat from Germany magazin n Cartier doar pentru a scpa de ea.
I'm going to have to open up a store in the ntr-adevr, avem mai mult dect suficient de
neighborhood just to get rid of it. Really, we toate. Domnul este bun cu noi, iar noi nu stim
have more than enough of everything. The ce vrem.
Lord is good to us and we don't know Want. M bucur c te simi bine . Nu exist nimic ca
Glad to here you is well and gitting your right exerciiile pentru a ajuta la asta de-a lungul
rest. There ain't nothing like exercising to help timpului. J. T. i cu mine lucrm o parte din
that along. J. T. and me work some part of fiecare zi si nu mergem s pescuim n grdin.
every day that we don't go fishing in the Ei bine, att de mult Soldatule.
garden. Well, so long Soldier. Cu sinceritate,
Sincerely, Gracie Mae
Gracie Mae El a scris:
Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

He wrote: Drag Gracie Mae,

Dear Gracie Mae, Sper c tie i lui J. T. va place puterea
I hope you and J. T. Iike that automatic power automata. L-am vazut intr-unul din magazine si
tiller I had one of the stores back home send l-am trimis. Am trecut printr-un munte de
you. I went through a mountain of catalogs cataloage care-l cutau i mi doream ceva pe
looking for it&emdash;I wanted something that care o femeie il putea folosi. M-am gndit s
even a woman could use. I've been thinking scriu nite cntece de-ale mele, dar de fiecare
about writing some songs of my own but every dat cnd termin unul, nu pare s fie despre
time I finish one it don't seem to be about nimic, de fapt, despre nimic din ce nu am trait.
nothing I've actually lived myself. My Agentul mi trimite mesaje cu melodii ale altor
agent keeps sending me other people's songs persoane, dar ei doar sun mooney. Nu pot s
but they just sound mooney. I can hardly git le duc prin ele, fr s-mi zglie. Toi nc
through 'em without gagging. Everybody still mai iubesc acel cntec al tu. M ntreab tot
loves that song of yours. They ask me all the timpul ce cred c nseamn, ntr-adevr. Adic,
time what do I think it means, really. I mean, vor s tie exact ceea ce vreau s tiu. De unde
they want to know just what I want to know. venea din viaa ta?
Where out of your life did it come from? Cu sinceritate,
Sincerely, Traynor
Traynor 1968
1968 Nu l-am vzut pe biat timp de apte ani. Nu,
I didn't see the boy for seven years. No. Eight. de opt. Pentru c aproape toi au murit cnd l-
Because just about everybody was dead when I am vzut din nou. Malcolm X, regele,
saw him again. Malcolm X, King, the president preedintele i fratele su i chiar J. T. J. T. au
and his brother, and even J. T. J. T. died of a murit de frig.
head cold.

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II


1. I wonder if you are writing any more songs?

Type I of
Present Future
I'm going to have to open up a store in
2. But if you send anymore stuff the
to eat from Germany neighborhood just to get rid of it.
type I of
present future

3. I wanted something that even a woman could use.


4. They ask me all the time do I think it means, really.


present Present tense- to show that the action is

simultaneous with the main verb

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

I couldnt imagine what Jim King might have Nu mi-am imaginat ce i-ar fi spus Jim King;
told her; Lisa Lee was undaunted. Im sure Lisa Lee nu s-a descurcat. "Sunt sigur c vei
youll make the drive worthwhile. face ca motorul s merite."
In bed that night I puzzled over the phone call. n pat, n noaptea aceea, am ncurcat telefonul.
Why had Lisa Lee been put up to this? I tried De ce a fost pusa Lisa Lee n legtur cu asta?
to contact Jim King, but was unsuccessful; the Am ncercat s l contactez pe Jim King, dar nu
alumni office at the CIA wouldnt divulge his am reuit; Biroul absolvenilor de la CIA nu i-
exact Where abouts, a condition of his ar fi divulgat locul exact unde este, o condiie a
employment. I mulled over the facts, scarce as angajrii sale. M-am gndit la fapte, aa cum
they were. Finally I decided: Jim King must erau. n cele din urm am decis: Jim King
have a stake in this, he must be in pursuit of trebuie s aib o miz n asta, trebuie s fie n
this Lisa Lee and is simply using me as bait. cutarea acestei Lisa Lee i pur i simplu m
My role is that of a culinary Cupid. Fair folosete ca momeal. Rolul meu este acela al
enough. One day Ill call in the favor, have unui Cupidon culinar. echitabil
King set me up with a Kennedy. destul. ntr-o zi voi sosi n favoarea mea, iar
I was so pleased with my revelation that I regele ma va face cu Kennedy.
bounced out of bed and wrote to Bliss. On the Am fost att de mulumit de revelaia mea c
back of a John and Yoko postcard (its their m-am zbtut din pat i i-am scris lui Bliss. Pe
wedding day), I shouldve known better, but I spatele unei cri potale John i Yoko (e ziua
spilled the beans. I put it all down, except the nunii lor), ar fi trebuit s tiu mai bine, dar am
bit about King and the debt hell repay with a vrsat fasolea. Am pus totul, cu excepia
Kennedy. Im innocent; totally up-front, right? picului despre rege i datoria pe care o va plti
But honesty isnt enough for Bliss. Shell cu un Kennedy. Sunt inocent; Complet n fa,
never admit it, but some corn-yellow tooth is nu? Dar onestitatea nu este suficient pentru
going to go unpulled because shes jealous, in Bliss. Nu va recunoate niciodat, dar un dinte
love, and coming east to protect what she galben de porumb se va desprinde pentru c
believes is hers. So it goes, the laden table, the este gelos, ndrgostit i vine spre est pentru a
overflowing cup. Im talking to Fuchs, the proteja ceea ce crede c este a ei. Aa c
butcher I buy from. How about a nice capon? merge, masa ncrcat, ceaca deasupra. V
Fuchs says that he has muttonchop Fuchs, mcelarul de la care cumpr.spune "Ce
Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

sideburns and a nose with hairs like alfalfa zici de un capon drgu?" Fuchs spune c are
sprouts. I grimace; with his talk of capons, Arsuri si un nas cu fire de par, cum ar fi varza
Fuchs suddenly assumes a sinister, perverted de lucerna. Am grimas; Cu vorbele lui
cast. Ive never cooked capon before, he sayd. despre , Fuchs i asum brusc o distribuie
Serving castrated rooster isnt my bag. All I sinistr, pervertit. N-am mai gtit niciodat c,
want is a four-, four-and-ahalf-pounder, a a spus el. Servirea cocoului nu este treaba
biggish bird so Lisa Lee wont think Im going mea. Tot ce vreau este o pasre de patru, patru
cheap on her. i jumtate, o pasre mare, aa c Lisa Lee nu
va crede c o pacalesc.
David Wong Louie


1. I couldnt imagine ANALYTICAL what Jim King might have told her;

2. . On the back of a John and ANALYTICAL I shouldve known better, but I spilled
Yoko postcard (its their wedding SUBJONCTIV the beans.
day), E

3. Fuchs says that has muttonchop

Present tense present tense-to show that the action is
simultaneous with the main verb

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

4. he said, Ive never cooked capon before,

Past tense Past perfect- to show that the action si

prior to the main verb

4. English Romanian
Hes out of the action now, Mel said that "Acum a ieit din aciune", Mel a spus ca e
he was terminat. Mel mi-a dat farfuria cu lamai. Am
dead. Mel handed me the saucer of limes. I luat o seciune, am strns peste butura mea i
took a section, squeezed it over my drink, and am micat cuburile de ghea cu degetul.
stirred the ice cubes with my finger. - Se nrutete, spuse Terri. "S-a mpucat n
It gets worse, Terri said. He shot himself in gur. Dar el a btut i asta. BIetul Ed ", a spus

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

the mouth. But he bungled that too. Poor Ed , ea. Terri cltin din cap. - Nu e nimic srac,
she said. Terri shook her head. Poor Ed spuse Mel. "El a fost
nothing, Mel said. He was Periculos ". Mel avea patruzeci i cinci de ani.
dangerous. Mel was forty-five years old. He Era nalt cu prul moale. Faa i braele lui
was tall and rangy with curly soft hair. His face erau maronii de la tenisul pe care l-a jucat.
and arms were brown from the tennis he Cnd era treaz, gesturile, toate micrile lui
played. When he was sober, his gestures, all his erau precise, foarte atente.
movements, were precise, very careful. - Dar el ma iubit, Mel. Credeti-mi acest lucru
He did love me though, Mel. Grant me that, Spuse Terri. Asta-i tot ce-i cer. Nu m-a iubit
Terri said. Thats all Im asking. He didnt asa cum ma iubesti. Nu spun asta. Dar m-a
love me the way you love me. Im not saying iubit. Puteti crede asta, nu-i aa? "" Ce vrei s
that. But he loved me. You can grant me that, spui, El a btut-o? ", Am spus. Laura se aplec
cant you? What do you mean, He bungled nainte cu paharul. Ea i-a aezat coatele pe
it? I said . Laura leaned forward with her mas i i-a inut paharul n ambele mini. A
glass. She put her elbows on the table and held privit de la Mel la Terri i a ateptat cu o
her glass in both hands. She glanced from Mel privire neclar pe faa ei deschis, de parc
to Terri and waited with a look of uimitC astfel de lucruri s-au ntmplat
bewilderment on her open face, as if amazed oamenilor cu care i erai
that such things happened to people you were prietenosi cu. "Cum a btut-o cnd s-a
friendly with . Howd he bungle it when he sinucis?", Am spus. - i voi spune ce s-a
killed himself? I said . Ill tell you what ntmplat, zise Mel. "A luat douzeci i doilea
happened, Mel said. He took this twenty-two pistol pe care-i cumprase pentru a ne
pistol hed bought to threaten Terri and me amenina pe Terri i pe mine. Oh, eu sunt
with. Oh , Im serious, the man was always serios, omul a fost ntotdeauna
threatening. I wish you could see the way we periculos. A vrea s vedei modul n care am
lived in those days. Like fugitives. I even trit n acele zile. Ca fugari. Chiar mi-am
bought a gun myself. Can you believe it? A cumprat o arm. Poi s-l crezi? Un tip ca
guy like me? But I did. I bought one for self- mine? Dar am fcut-o. Am cumprat unul
defense and carried it in the glove pentru auto-aprare i l-am dus n
compartment. Sometimes Id have to leave the compartimentul torpedoului. Uneori trebuia s

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

apartment in the middle of the night. To go to plec. Apartament n mijlocul nopii. Pentru a
the hospital, you know? Terri and I werent merge la spital, tii? Terri i cu mine nu eram
married then, and my first wife had the house cstorii, iar prima mea soie avea casa i
and kids, the dog, everything, and Terri and I copii, cinele, totul, iar eu i Terri locuiam n
were living in this apartment here. Sometimes, acest apartament aici. Uneori, aa cum spun, o
as I say, Id get a call in the middle of the night s primesc un telefon n mijlocul nopii i
and have to go in to the hospital at two or three trebuie s merg la spital la dou sau trei
in the morning. Itd be dark out there in the dimineaa. Ar fi ntunecat acolo n parcare i a
parking lot and Id break into a sweat before I sparge o sudoare nainte s pot ajunge chiar la
could even get to my car. I never knew if he maina mea. Niciodat nu tiam dac urma s
was going to come up out of the shrubbery or ias din tufi sau
from behind a car and start shooting. I mean, Din spatele unei maini i ncepe s traga
the man was crazy. He was capable of wiring a Adic, omul a fost nebun. El era capabil s
bomb, anything. He used to call my service at lanseze o bomb, orice. Obinuia s-mi sune
all hours andsay he needed to talk to the serviciul la orice or i a trebuit s vorbeasc
doctor, and when Id return the call hed say, cu doctorul, iar cnd voi reveni la telefon, mi-
Son of a bitch, your days are numbered. Little ar fi zis: "Fiu de cea, zilele tale sunt
things like that. It was scary, Im numarate". A fost nfricotor
telling you. I still feel sorry for him, Terri - mi pare ru pentru el, spuse Terri. - Suna ca
said. It sounds like a nightmare, Laura said. un comar, spuse Laura. "Dar ce s-a ntmplat
But what exactly happened after he shot exact dup ce s-a mpucat?" Laura este
himself? Laura is a legal secretary. Wed met secretar juridic. Ne ntlnisem in beneficiul
in a professional capacity. Before we knew it, profesional. nainte de a ne cunoate, a fost o c.
it was a courtship. Shes thirty-five, three years Ea este cu treizeci i cinci, trei ani mai tnr
younger than I am. In addition to being in love, dect mine. Pe lng faptul c suntem
we like each other and enjoy one anothers ndrgostii, ne place unul pe cellalt i ne
company. Shes easy to be with. bucurm de compania noastr. E uor s fii cu
What happened? Laura asked again. ea.
Mel said, He shot himself in the mouth in his - Ce s-a ntmplat? ntreb Laura din nou.
room. Someone heard the shot and told the Mel spuse: "S-a mpucat n gur n el

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

manager. They came in with a passkey, saw camer. Cineva a auzit mpuctura i i-a spus
what had happened, and called an ambulance. I administratorului. Au venit cu un accesoriu, au
happened to be there when they brought him, vzut ce s-a ntmplat i au sunat o ambulan.
alive, but past recall . The man lived for three Eu am fost acolo cnd l-au adus, viu, dar
days. His head swelled up to twice the size of a amintesc trecut. Omul a trit timp de trei zile.
normal head. Id never seen anything like it, Capul i umfla pn la dou ori mai mare dect
and I hope I never do again. Terri wanted to go un cap normal. N-am vzut niciodat aa ceva
in and sit with him when i sper c nu mai vad niciodat. Terri a vrut s
she found the whole truth. intre i s stea cu el cnd
ea a aflat tot adevrul.
ABOUT LOVERaymond Carver


1. Mel said that he was dead

Past tense Past tense- to show that the action is

simultaneous with the main verb

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

2. I wish. Subjonctiv past you could see the way we lived in those

2. Laura asked again: what happened?

Past tense Past tense- to show that the action is

simultaneous with the main verb

4. Terri wanted to go in and sit she found the whole truth.

with him


5. English Romanian
And I knew that Edna was already i tiam c Edna se uita deja la crile ei i
looking at her cards and thinking about a gndindu-m la o micare, pentru c nu era
move, since it wasn't the first time I'd been in pentru prima dat cnd eram n viaa mea. Ea
law scrapes in my life. She herself had already nsi avea deja necazuri, pierzndu-i copiii i
had her own troubles, losing her kids and inndu-i exuberana, Danny, de la intrarea ei
keeping her exhusband, Danny, from breaking n cas i furtul lucrurilor ei n timp ce era la
in her house and stealing her things while she lucru, de aceea s-a mutat n primul rnd, i

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

was at work, which was really why I had A trebuit s-i dau fiicei mele, Cheryl, o
moved in in the first place, that and perspectiva mai bun a lucrurilor.
needing to give my litde daughter, Cheryl, a Nu tiu ce s-a ntmplat ntre Edna i mine,
better shake in things. pur i simplu nconjurat de aceleai valuri cnd
I don't know what was between Edna and am ajuns acolo. Dei dragostea a fost
me,just beached by the same tides when you construit pe un teren mai frapant dect asta,
got down to it. Though love has been built on aa cum bine tiu. i cnd am venit acas n
frailer ground than that, as I well know. And dup-amiaza aceea, am ntrebat-o dac va
when I came in the house that afternoon, I just merge cu mine la Florida, s lase lucrurile
asked her if she would go to Florida with me, acolo unde au stat i ea a spus: "De ce nu?
leave things where they sat, and she said, Edna i cu mine am fost cu opt luni, mai mult
"Why not? My datebook's not that full." Sau mai puin sot i soie, timp in care am fost
Edna and I had been a pair eight months, more fara munca, iar unii cnd Eda a lucrat la pista
or less man and wife, some of which time I had de cai ca un conductor i a putut ajuta cu
been out of work, and some when eda worked chiria i a vorbi cu Danny atunci cnd a venit.
at the dog track as a lead-out and could help Danny mi-a fost team de faptul c Edna i-a
with the rent and talk sense to Danny when he spus c am fost n nchisoare n Florida pentru
came around. Danny was afraid of me because c am ucis un brbat, dei nu era adevrat. Am
Edna had told him I'd been in prison in Florida fost o dat n nchisoare n Tallahassee pentru
for killing a man, though that wasn't true. I had c am furat anvelope i am intrat ntr-un
once been in jail in Tallahassee for stealing lupta pe ferma judeteana unde un barbat si-a
tires and had gotten into a pierdut ochii. Dar nu ranisem i Edna tocmai
fight on the county farm where a man had lost dorea ca povestea s fie mai rea dect a fost
his eye. But I hadn't done the hurting, and aa nct Danny nu ar fi fost nebun i ar fi
Edna just wanted the story worse than it was so trebuit s-i ia copiii napoi, deoarece ea a
Danny wouldn't act crazy and make her have to fcut o bun ajustare pentru a nu-i avea i eu
take her kids back, since she had made a good Deja a avut Cheryl cu mine. Nu sunt o
adjustment to not having them, and I already persoan violent i niciodat nu as putea face
had Cheryl with me. I'm not a violent person rau nimanui sau sa-l omor. Fosta mea soie,
and would never put a man's eye out, much Helen, ar veni pn la plaja Waikiki

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

less kill someone. My former wife, Helen, s depun mrturie pentru asta. Nu am fost
would come all the way from Waikiki niciodat violent. Dei Danny nu tia asta. Dar
Beach to testify to that. We never had violence, am fost pe jumtate n jos prin Wyoming,
and I believe in crossing the street to stay out mergeam spre 1-80 am simtit lucruri, cnd
of trouble's way. Though Danny didn't know lumina de petrol a aprut n maina pe care am
that. But we were half down through furat-o, un semn pe care-l tiam c e unul ru.
Wyoming, going toward 1-80 and feeling good Am primit o main bun, un Mercedes
about things, when the oil light flashed on in Am furat din lotul oftalmologului
die car I'd stolen, a sign I knew to be a bad one. Whitefish, Montana. Am furat-o pentru c m-
I'd gotten us a good car, a cranberry Mercedes am gndit c ar fi fost confortabil ntr-o
I'd stolen out of an ophthalmologist's lot in cltorie lung, pentru c am crezut c a
Whitefish, Montana. I stole it because I obinut un kilometraj bun, ceea ce nu a fcut-o
thought that would have been comfortable over i pentru c nu am avut niciodat o main
a long haul, because I thought it got good bun n viaa mea,
mileage, which it didn't, and because I'd never Chevy i camioanele folosite de cnd
had a good car in my life, just old eram copil nflorind citricele cu cubanezii.
Chevy junkers and used trucks back
from when I was a kid swamping citrus with

Rock SpringRichard Ford


1 And I knew Edna was already
that looking at her cards and thinking about a
move, since it wasn't the first time I'd been
in law scrapes in my life.

Past tense Past tense to show that the action is

Romaniuc Sabina Elena
Germana Engleza
Anul II

simultaneous with the main verb

2I don't know was between Edna and me,just beached by

the same tides when you got down to it.

Past tense Past tenseto show that the action is

simultaneous with the main verb

3. I just asked her If she would go to Florida with me

Past tense Type II of Future with would


4. I thought twould have been comfortable over a long

Past tense Past tense- to show that the action is
posterior to the main verb


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