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Adverbe si folosire pt timpurile limbii engleze

Present Simple:
often, usually, never, always, every day, in the morning, on Sunday, rarely,
seldom, sometimes, occasionally, generally, twice a week etc
- pt actiuni obisnuite, care se repeta

Present Continuous:
just, now, today, right now, tonight, this year, at the moment etc
- actiuni care se intampla in momentul vorbirii

Past Simple:
when, then, yesterday, last (week), that day, once, in 1989, on Sunday, (an hour)
ago, at that time, just now
- actiune din trecut, cu momentul terminarii specificat si asupra careia nu se
mai revine

Past Continuous:
while, when, as
- pt o actiune din trecut pt care nu stim cand a inceput si cand s-a terminat
- pt mai multe actiuni din trecut care au loc in acelasi timp (imperfect)
Present Perfect Simple:
- pt trecutul apropiat: lately, recently, late, latterly, till now, at to now, so far, up
to the present, during the last week, the last few days, these 20 minutes, how
- just (numai la afirmativ. Topica: I have just eaten)
- already (numai la afirmativ si interogativ. Topica: I have already eaten sau la
sfarsitul propozitiei)
- yet (numai la interogativ si negativ. Topica : la sfarsitul propozitiei)
- adverbele de la Present Simple si Present Continuous care sunt in propozitii cu
verb la trecut (perfect compus din romana)
- since (de obicei este insotit si de o perioada de timp, data) : since 1980
- for (de obicei este insotit si de o perioada de timp) : for half an hour
- pt actiuni din trecut care tocmai s-au terminat dar e posibil sa mai aibe
legatura cu prezentul

Present Perfect Continuous:

for, while, since, how long
- o actiune inceputa in trecut ce continua si in present cu durata specificata

Past Perfect Simple:

while, when, before, as soon as, after, just, already, hardly, barely, since, for, by
- pentru o actiune care s-a intamplat inaintea unei alte actiuni din trecut (mai
mult ca perfect)

Past Perfect Continuous:

- pentru o actiune care s-a intamplat inaintea unei alte actiuni din trecut cu
durata specificata (mai mult ca perfect)
Non Continuous Verbs List

appear believe belong

care cost dislike
exist expect feel
forget have hate
hear hope imagine
include know like
look love mind
need own prefer
realize remember see
seem smell suppose
taste understand want
mean sound think
notice can must