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I'm sitting in my room and I'm looking out

the windows. According to the calendar

hanged over my desk, its December, the
first month of winter when days are getting
shorter and darkness comes sooner.

Stau n camera mea i caut pe fereastr .

Conform calendarului spnzurat pe biroul
meu , e decembrie, prima lun de iarn ,
atunci cnd zile sunt mai scurte i
ntunericul vine mai devreme .

Large snowflakes keep falling from the sky,

filled with fluffy clouds. One by one, they lie
on the frozen ground, layer upon layer,
similar to a carpet woven with silver thread.
Their whiteness is so pure and they sparkle
like diamonds under the sunlight. Each
snowflake looks like a gentle flower petal,
bleached by frozen temperatures.

Fulgi de zpad mari de tot care se

ncadreaz din cer , umplut cu nori pufosi .
Unul cte unul , s se afle pe teren ngheat
, strat peste strat , similar cu un covor esut
cu fir de argint . Alb lor este att de pur i
ele stralucesc ca diamantele sub lumina
soarelui . Fiecare fulg de nea arata ca o
petal de floare blnd , albite de
temperaturile ngheate .

The nature is dressed in white and shiny

cloths, like a princess who is preparing for a
ball. Our princess name is Winter. She seeks
admirers, people able to see her in its entire
splendor, to admire and treasure her
The first fans who enjoy its presence are a
group of happy children. Their cheeks are
red colored due to the low temperatures
but they don't seem to feel the cold
because they have warm clothes, beanies
and gloves. They are running over the new
layer of fresh snow, laughing and screaming
of joy, throwing snowballs at each other.
I have realized that light gradually
decreased, almost imperceptible until dusk
came. I almost forgot how time flies. Our
princess will shine soon under the moon
light and others will admire her.

Natura este mbrcat n crpe albe si

stralucitoare , ca o prines care se
pregtete pentru o nou pas . Numele
nostru este printesa de iarn . Ea caut
admiratori , oameni capabili s o vad n
toat splendoarea sa , pentru a admira i
preui frumuseea ei .
Primii fani care se bucur de prezena sa
este un grup de copii fericiti . Obrajii lor
sunt de culoare roie din cauza
temperaturilor sczute , dar ele nu par s se
simt frigul , deoarece acestea au haine
groase , cciulile i mnuile . Ele se execut
pe noul strat de zpad proaspt , rznd
i ipnd de bucurie , a aruncat bulgri de
zpad la cellalt .
Am dat seama c lumina a sczut treptat ,
aproape imperceptibil pn cnd a venit
amurg . Aproape c am uitat cum zboar
timpul . Printesa noastra va strluci n
curnd n lumina lunii , iar altele vor ei
admira .

My Hobby is reading. I read story books,

magazines, newspapers and any kind of
material that I find interesting.This hobby
got started when I was a little boy. I had
always wanted my parents to read fairy
tales and other stories to me. Soon they got
fed up and tired of having to read to me
continually. So as soon as I could, I learned
to read. I started with simple ABC books.
Soon I could read simple fairy tales and
other stories. Now I read just about
anything that is available.Reading enables
me to learn about so many things that I
would otherwise not know. I learned about
how people lived in bygone days of magic
and mystery. I learned about the wonders
of the world, space travel, human
achievements, gigantic whales, tiny viruses
and other fascinating things of our
world.The wonderful thing about reading is
that I do not have to learn things the hard
way. For example, I do not have to catch a
disease to know that it can kill me. I know
the danger so I can avoid it. Also I do not
have to go deep into the jungle to learn
about the tiger. I can read all about it in a
book.Books provide the reader with so
much information and facts. They have
certainly helped me in my daily life. I am
better equipped to cope with living.
Otherwise I would go about ignorantly
learning things the hard way.So I continue
to read. Besides being more informed about
the world, I also spend my time profitably.
It is indeed a good hobby.

My Hobby meu este de lectur . Am citit

cri de poveti , reviste , ziare i orice fel de
material care mi se pare hobby
interesting.This a fost nceput atunci cnd
am fost o feti . Am dorit ntotdeauna
prinii mei s citeasc basme i alte
povestiri pentru mine . Curnd ei s-au
sturat i obosit de a avea de a citi la mine
continuu . Deci, ct de repede am putut, am
nvat s citesc . Am nceput cu cri simplu
ABC . Curnd am putut citi basme simple i
alte povestiri . Acum, am citit doar despre
ceva care este available.Reading mi
permite s nvee despre att de multe
lucruri pe care a altfel nu stiu . Am aflat
despre modul n care oamenii triau n
vremuri de magie i mister . Am aflat despre
minunile lumii , calatoriile , realizrile
omului , balene gigantice , virui mici i alte
lucruri fascinante ale noastre world.The
lucru minunat despre lectur este c nu
trebuie s nvee lucruri la fel de greu . De
exemplu , eu nu am pentru a prinde o boal
s tie c m poate ucide . tiu c pericolul ,
aa c am pot evita . De asemenea, nu
trebuie s merg adnc n jungl pentru a
afla despre tigru . Pot s citesc totul ntr-o
book.Books oferi cititorului cu att de multe
informaii i fapte . Ei m-au ajutat cu
siguran n viaa mea de zi cu zi . Sunt mai
bine echipat pentru a face fa cu via .
Altfel , a merge despre ignoran lucruri
nvarea way.So greu voi continua s
citesc. Pe langa faptul ca mai multe
informat despre lume, mi petrec , de
asemenea, timpul profitabil . Este ntradevr un hobby bun .

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