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- se foloseste cratima intre numeralul zecilor si cel al unitatilor Exemple: 21 twenty-one; 99 ninety-nine - se pune virgula dupa fiecare grup care indica miile Exemplu: 1,222,351 - mentionarea conjunctiei and este obligatorie inaintea grupului zecilor si unitatea finala Exemplu: 2,532 - two thousand five hundred and thirty-two - cifrele zecimale se citesc astfel: 2.4832 - two point four eight three two Exercitii: 1. Scrieti in litere urmatoarele cifre: 123 1,450 58 33 1,024 985 24 48 2. Traduceti in limba engleza: a) Ziua mea de nastere este pe data de 22 mai. b) Am ajuns in Bucuresti pe data de 14 iunie. c) John este al patrulea elev din clasa. d) 4 Iulie este ziua nationala a Americii. e) Primul autobuz din parcare este al nostru. f) Sunt 14 elevi in aceasta clasa. 3. Scrieti in litere urmatoarele ore: 10:45 11:25 12:40 13:30 14:05

ARTICOLUL Exercitii 1. Completati cu a / an / the acolo unde este cazul: ___ woman ___ unit ___ United States of America ___ Johnsons ___ elephant ___ beauty ___ hour ___ Thames

2. Completati propozitiile din textul de mai jos cu a/an: a) ___ old woman laughed at him. b) ___ cat and ___ dog were in the kitchen. c) I saw ___ elephant at the zoo. d) It was ___ excellent movie. e) She watched ___ TV show 3. Completati cu a / an / the acolo unde este cazul: Daniel is ___ teacher. He likes ___ Physics very much. He teaches at ___ Theoretical Highschool from ___ Bucharest. ___pupils like him very much. One day, he decided to take ___ children to see ___ laboratory from another highschool. There, they made ___ experiment. All ___ children considered ___ experiment ___ most interesting they have ever made.

PRONUMELE Pronumele reflexive si de intarire myself --- ma, insumi, insami yourself --- te, insuti, insati himself --- se, insusi herself --- se, insesi itself --- se, insusi, insasi (neutru) ourselves --- ne, insine, insene yourselves --- va, insiva, inseva themselves --- se, insisi, insesi Pronumele demonstrativ this --- acesta, aceasta, asta, asta that --- acela, aceea, ala, aia these --- acestea, acestia, astia, astea those --- acelea, aceia, aia, alea Pronumele posesive mine --- al meu, a mea, ai mei, ale mele yours --- al tau, a ta, ai tai, ale tale his --- al sau (a lui), a sa (a lui), ai sai (ai lui), ale sale (ale lui) hers --- al sau (a ei), a sa (a ei), ai sai (ai ei), ale sale (ale ei) its own --- al sau, a sa, ai sai, ale sale (neutru) ours --- al nostru, a noastra, ai nostri, ale noastre yours --- al vostru, a voastra, ai vostri, ale voastre their --- al lor, a lor, ai lor, ale lor Pronumele nehotarat some + body, one, thing any + body, one, thing no + body, one, thing Pronumele relativ who --- care whom/who --- pe care whose --- al (a, ai, ale) carui, careia, carora what --- ce, ceea ce which --- care, pe care (pt. lucruri, obiecte ...) that --- care Pronumele interogativ who? --- cine? whom? who? --- pe cine? whose? --- al (a, ai, ale) cui? what? --- care?, pe care,ce? which? --- (pe) care dintre?

Exercitii: 1. Completati propozitiile urmatoare cu forma corecta a pronumelui reflexiv: 1) I enjoyed _______ at the party 2) My father didn't buy the book for _______ 3) The dog cut _______ while running in the street. 4) Help _______ with some fruit, John and Mary. 5) We saw _______ in the snow. 2. Completati propozitiile de mai jos cu forma corecta a pronumelui posesiv: 1) This is my cat. It is _______ 2) That is his lamp. It is _______ 3) These are our maps. They are _______ 4) Those are their shoes. They are _______ 5) This is her shirt. It is _______ 3. Completati corect spatiile goale cu unul dintre pronumele din paranteze: 1) I saw Mr. Thompson _______ is John's father. (that, who, which) 2) _______ did you meet last week, John or Steve? (which, who, whose) 3) Puffy, _______ is a big cat, is very lazy. (which, who, whose) 4) _______ are you doing? (whom, what, that) 5) _______ is going with you at the theatre? (who, that, whom)

Prezentul Simplu
Exercitii: 1. Puneti propozitiile urmatoare la persoana a III-a singular. Consultati mai intai exemplul: Exemplu: They live in Craiova. (He) He lives in Craiova, too. 1. I fly from Bucharest to Rome every week. (Mary) 2. We usually play in the park. (John) 3. They like their jobs very much. (He) 4. I want a new car. (She) 5. You wake up at 7 o'oclock. (Paul) 6. You always wash the dishes. (Angela) 7. We watch TV every afternoon. (Tom) 8. I go to school by bus. (My brother) 9. You cook every Saturday. (My mother) 10. We study hard for our exams. (Mark) 2. Scrieti forma interogativa a urmatoarelor propozitii: Exemplu: You like swimming. Do you like swimming? 1. He lives in Bucharest. 2. You wear an uniform at school. 3. My father drives very well. 4. Mr. Smith teaches English. 5. You like pizza and hamburgers. 6. My neighbour works as an engineer. 7. Your father repairs the car every month. 8. We drink coffee every morning. 9. Mary pays her bills every month. 10. He goes to bed very early every evening. 3. Folositi forma negativa pentru propozitiile urmatoare, folosind cuvintele din paranteze, la fel ca in exemplul de mai jos: Exemplu: I like Maths. (Physics) I like Maths, but I don't like Physics 1. Mary writes postcards. (letters) 2. I go to the cinema. (theatre) 3. They read newspapers. (books) 4. You study French. (English)

5. Mr. Brown works in an office. (at home) 6. I like football. (rugby) 7. He drives a car. (a lorry) 8. Dan and John travel by train. (plane) 9. We drink tea. (coffee) 10. She plays chess every day. (tennis)

Exercitii: 1. Alcatuiti pluralul urmatoarelor substantive: table ---> clock ---> leaf ---> gentleman ---> baby ---> tooth ---> friend ---> city ---> life ---> chief ---> 2. Inlocuiti substantivele urmatoare cu pronumele personal potrivit: the girl --the dog --the actor --the schoolboy --the pencil --the grandmother --3. Alcatuiti cat mai multe substantive compuse cu ajutorul urmatoarelor cuvinte: dining, bird, school, class, kinder, mate, room, boy, father, black, book, girl, board, living, garden, note, exercise, parents, grand.

2. Transformati urmatoarele adjective in adverbe: horrible ---> careful ---> nervous ---> desperate ---> slow ---> sudden ---> bright ---> proud ---> 3. Subliniati termenul corect din urmatoarele propozitii: a) Denisa was wearing a pretty / prettily dress at the wedding. b) I had a terrible / terribly dream last night. c) Final / Finally, she passed the exam. d) She was walking rapid / rapidly. e) Sam is fluent / fluently in French. f) Was your grammar test easy / easily? g) They were talking loud / loudly so everybody could hear them. 4) Alegeti varianta corecta: 1. Please don't talk so .................... . I'm trying to sleep. a) louder; b) loudest; c) loudly 2. We .................... go on picnics on weekends. We love fresh air. a) never; b) usually; c) seldom 3. The bouquet was .................... . She loved it. a) beautiful; b) beautifully; c) ugly. 4. James .................... put the broken glass into the rubbish bin. a) careful; b) more carefully; c) carefully

Exercitii: 1. Completati cu prepozitia corecta: of, on, at, to, with, in, for, along 1) His t-shirt has a picture ______ it. 2) The queen ______ England wanted to wear golden dress at her wedding. 3) I went ______ Brussels last week. 4) She spent the afternoon ______ her friends. 5) We walked ______ the banks of River Seine. 6) She's been waiting ______ me for about four hours. 7) What's the weather like ______ Paris? 8) She was ______ the cinema last evening. 2. Traduceti in limba engleza: 1) Mihaela a plecat la munte la ora 8 dimineata. 2) Statuia este in fata stadionului. 3) In spatele operei se afla un hotel. 4) Trenul a trecut prin tunel foarte rapid. 5) Lui Philip ii place sa zboare deasupra oceanului. 3. Completati spatiile libere cu prepozitia corecta: in, on, at, to 1) They live ____ Dubai. 2) We are staying ____ a nice hotel. 3) Philip always plays tennis ____ the afternoon. 4) They where very close ____ their cat. 5) We got ____ the first train to Sibiu. 6) Romania is ____ Europe. 7) You are going ____ a city tour tomorrow.

Prezentul Continuu
Exercitii: 1. Puneti verbele din paranteze la timpul Prezentul Continuu: Exemplu: Diana (play) with Tim now. Diana is playing with Tim now. 1. Everybody (wear) blue T-shirts today. 2. I (listen) to classic music at this moment. 3. What (do) mother in the kitchen? 4. We (organize) a study trip this week.

5. Our colleagues (plan) a surprise party for John's birthday these days. 6. I (meet) with my best friend at the cinema tonight. 7. My father (work) in the garage now. 8. This week, you (go) to the theatre with your geography teacher. 9. At this moment, in Bucharest, it (rain). 10. My friends (travel) to Egypt this week. 2. Corectati afirmatiile false ca in exemplul urmator: Exemplu: Jim is playing basketball. (watch TV) No, Jim is not playing basketball. Jim is watching TV. 1. Mother is cooking at this moment. (iron) 2. My brother is learning English now. (study French) 3. All my colleagues are working hard for their final exams these days. (plan their holiday) 4. The cat is climbing the tree now. (eat a mouse) 5. I am taking some photos for my album. (read a book) 6. You are drinking Coke Cola now. (drink a coffee) 7. Joana is swimming in the pool. (play voleyball on the beach) 8. I am making an apple-pie now. (do my homeworks) 9. It is raining today. (snow) 10. We are riding by bycicle to school. (go by bus) 3. Scrieti forma interogativa a urmatoarelor propozitii: Exemplu: I am having lunch at this moment. Am I having lunch at this moment? 1. We are playing cards. 2. Mother is washing dishes. 3. My brother is reading a newspaper. 4. We are serving breakfast. 5. They are decorating the Christmas tree. 6. My family is planning a trip to Maldive Islands these days. 7. Father is sleeping in the bedroom. 8. You are watching a horror movie. 9. Your sister is doing her homeworks. 10. I am sending a postcard in France now. 4. Alegeti varianta corecta la Prezentul Continuu: 1. We ............... basketball in the schoolyard. a) play; b) prepare; c) ski 2. They ............... a movie in the dining-room. a) watch; b) play; c) eat

3. My friends and I ............... some flowers in the garden. a) read; b) water; c) travel 4. I ............... my homeworks at Maths. a) do; b) make; c) give 5. You ............... a novel to your little brother. a) read; b) create; c) put 6. The poet ............... a poem about love at this moment. a) create; b) give; c) look 7. I ............... after my lost cat. a) look; b) search; c) spend 8. ........ we ............... to the cinema tonight? a) go; b) watch; c) eat 9. The sun ............... brightly. a) show; b) shine; c) rain 10. My friends ............... on a picnic without me. a) go; b) play; c) read 5. Corectati forma gresita a verbului: 1. I am makeing an apple-pie. 2. Mary is comeing from Italy today. 3. We are siting in the living-room. 4. He is geting off the bus at the first station. 5. My brother isn't writeing poems. 6. You aren't plaing with kids. 7. They are leaveing Bucharest tomorrow evening. 8. He is comeing tonight to see me. 9. She is haveing lunch at this moment. 10. Are you flyng to New York next week?


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