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Pd) a= 2 MISS ENGLISH day BEGINNER Levet CouRSEBOOK one Nivel INCEPATORI VOLUMUL | English today Sine oi vei lo English Tod, ews de angles mined care le foe protagonist meted le de invatare! English tadey se compune din 22 do apo, deiote aha vel IneapBtor: 4 oper = nivel Elementor A oper ~sivll Intermediar 1: 4 gporit sive Intermedior 2: 5 apart = ivelal Avant: Soper Fiecore | oporije se compune din tei insrumente interconectte, care v2eex8 alingeree obiecveler pectice dedi intcun med ple reno You're American Tweet! hondsome 9 He's hondiome Ele fumos beovifil > She's beouifel E08 moose beauitel 91s beouiful —fromos fom > We're from Nov soem Canode Canade ain Conede Voi sunt sopsy 9Yovra hoppy oi from italy > They're from italy Ei sunt intake Fil tent forma contosd (sc), pootef foots numa Soca e uate de un a cuv $6 reciin linpreune colave propesii pe care lo-ov “folost proteni noir tn phim tend 2 epeodult Dupo um pol abseta, tote sunt propos ca folosse forme. nfs mM non de es fone Eu sunt Ane kom Oifocd’ Ev et din Onlord “9Cépicom |” Tues Coprcorn Avwricon’ thal onic Irom New York Ele dln New York really hapey Eo chiar Frc 18 Mexican hot Esto palone mexicond lon Alcon mock Este armesc® afin ‘really beaut Este minunols wonder” ool oars Fimooss flamates Noi syntom colepi de ‘Seorement shdants Voi guna student Se fiendly sunt att de pretoosi FORMA NEGATIVA Lo forma ragatva, erbl so be” urat de negation", ‘dopa cam ese cnempliica in echema uratoore 1 fom not eu nusunt You arenol tunvegt Heyshe/it ienet —el/eornv este You are not voinv sunt They arent ei nusunt Nic in stvofia aceasta construction se sehimbs Subiect + verb to be” + not + det Uherioore FORMA NEGATIVA CONTRASA cum s vedemforma nega controsé cut). Exceptood pevsoana in singuor, foot eee svohi se pot sca Er dows modal, exemplfeote In sthema caro urmecc Iam not fam New York Fm not from New York vn sunt din Now York You are not icon Youre not/erent Halon Tunv ephitalion Hei not from Spin inv este dn Spenio He's nots rom Spain She is mot rom Germany. She's nat/ent fiom Germany Ea ayes din Germania Ife nolan fantastic Weare not rom the USA We're net/aren’t from the us Noi mu suntem dn SUA Yeu ere not French [Yims ones You're not/aren't French They are not from Breil Theyre not/aren rom Bri | Brmsnin toto FORMA INTEROGATIVA, a forma interogaivg, subicu! nebuie pus dupe ver, | Seeetmacons resis ‘Verb yo be" + subiect + determing uterioare +? Sunt e ferictt Ey tw omerican? Este (se int) bine? te 0 dragut? | aiticute eit | Are we in Rome? | Are you hapeyt ‘Are they. from Seaint he fine? 1s che pratye Sunter oi a Romat Sunt vo fer Sune din Spano? Fi ctont: ls forma interogativs verb! to be" nu se poote 1s conte. FORMA INTEROGATIV-NEGATIVA Laforma introgatv-nagating,sbiacl se pune dupé vr, emer de meget wat Vorb to be” + subiect + not +? Is schimb, la forme conor (scur, sublet se pune ‘dupa negate, exceptend persoane Int singular, dupa {um vem schema rmdloore amt nott Amino Arey nt ent yet | Intataronett tt hier de at eww net | Ae you not fn ot det ot srw ht Exercifii Where are you from? (Solu le pg. 90) 3] fnceores oem 28 faci eer cv regula i skucturile | 5] eramaticle pe core foemea loi nv. ‘Anne, Ace $i Jack cioenese un pohar de vin, asezoi pe { ‘conopea. | I | exereruey | | ‘Alice, Anne and Jock: Cheers! | Alege forme verbo cree ih acest exec ea ma mite ‘Alice: Ur. This wine i ory good! | ‘orion de eepune ne: Un Yes it ally good! By the way, you ae very mynees Byes unbopert eae took i ching now Ly ‘ery teresting, Daj ln Ky: Look sin Bo) ore Db Ac Db} om not Oe) Am not Uhm, that's my pho album there. The pictures of Baie ‘Anne: Uhm, thas my pheto album there. T | telly fiends are in hore | dake Oh thors nterestng! Show mel leecancs Bi Thoy stor Dol We'e Bojere ‘Anne: So, tis s Mary She's rom Irland, Her mather and b}I'm bls father oe Greek | Ce) Are they Oelisnt tack: Her pares re kom Greece? | exercipiut 2 ‘Arata doct propostile sunt corece righ) gry wrong) ‘Jocks Oh, and who's tate 6 firevcr-le covet alu! cénd e neva. ‘Anne: thos Ais! j ‘dad No, thos not Aes Rw | I Alice: Yos, its! After party. a Hellowoon pay I ack: That's funny. Andi. Oh. and who ae hey? | Biimnotsudens, 0 a ‘Anne; Tho’ Sharon ond Ptr, they ive in the flat ner tere Theyre good Tens | Sock: She's very prety. 1 Eithey ist no very boout 20) Wienothehondsome? OO Sa infelegem {Slui e poo 90) Vesiies docs ai injles scene, rospunnénd la umotoorle rivet WW ore thoy crinkingt a} Chomposne Db} Wine Ce beer B1Whot national is Mor, Anne's ond De) Greak D6) Enaish Dalrsh BIWich photo does Jock find fanny? {1} The one wth Anne and the cot 1b} The one of Alize afer 2 Hellowoon party 14) The one of Mary's porents Ba Wht feacinaos Jock? {a} The view rom the lt 1b) Alc’ legs 1D Sharon's photo Focus Tari si nafionalitayi In scone cite anterior, protaoriqiiauflosi odeseo nome de tar de naionli. € foarte impart! 38 inelegem tine diforenia. dre aceste doud fipolog. 58 espem Imediat eu un sxomplo:n povestew news, Alice vine usta, ere dec do nofonelele custdians. Frese, “Rosalia” ora 9 un oume prop, ,2useaiand” esto Geiecivl do natenalite, Tebolut urmator ined che remple de rtf de noone : Land ncleiies | ete festole | Ataton | tng sie | tien | mon Fane Beigivm Belgion raxl__| __Broxiion Portuguese Canada Canodian Chine Chinese Chinese EnglhiFrench Denmerk Desh Denish Engin ot) nae) Beth (a) rion) Exglond English France French Freeh Germany Gemen Germen Holland [te Netherlands Dutch Dutch yon Tala Tepan Jepanese Topanese Keres Korean Meson Spanish Newean Norway Norwegion Ponguese orga! Ponuguese Spin | __ Spanish - Sponish Sweden Swecish Swegth [Gernonyfrench "ikon English Switetand ] Swise ine Unied Skee] American Fri otent “Trrengles, sume i odnctvae de nafonaioo se sctiv infotdeoune ev Heraimore (de exami: She is American > Ea eomarconcd Aine 2 floes niiodot aclu pent o inca limbo {ee exemple: | study Engi > Shes englezo). Exercifi Gait pos. 90) Emomantl x exarsim pin. FB exerci ex ume ler, 2 adjedvele de nofonaile geo numee lb. exeRcITIUL 3 ‘ge covintl cree n aces exerci cu me! mut varante e rspune Wi Americons spook... EL People from Holland lo} Amercan speck D5) ach Bo} German elenglsh Bb) Ouch Oe) Hollend BL... people ive IL... ove he languages inthe Setzectond of Conadians a) Swedish 1D 6} American ond English 116} Gormen (D5) Franch and American De Swiss EXERCITIUL 4 rot doc& propontile sunt corecte igh) sou gree inrong reser coed end necer Rw Wesconsspeck = «0 Pomuguese Blip Swizetand riobody specks ion Erthe longuage of Beoion ie French, BiAcsiians spook Vocabular ‘fon un, © ‘Afican officals cher dupe allot ‘Shao de exemenen nc fomating de necreru! ‘American omericonied cond pple mor ‘Athens Aene ‘australia Asli be te) of Beautiful iumesiooss bedroom dornior big mere bolle silo but dor bythe way cb ver vorbo, oppo, Cane putea, a ftn sare 3, Cheer! sonata! ‘dean evral/® door dar/é ical ai English enaler ame flat ooaroment flatmate coleg de friend prieton/8 ‘fiend prctenos/o0s {oui} pstonese (od) from dn, de fanny crostios, doc fled bucures/ocse Sood buns, brew bi Great mare Greece Greco Greek orec/arecooied hand mont ‘happy fer hat plarie hall, hi bee help to} 3 ole her lps 20 here ci ot house cost interesting interest Ireland iaand Mlian ton/et aly lo eve) fine, 2 Teriol eleva, « permis Tike tte alecee Tee fe} ot, loos Tiingeroom sone comera de Took to} © piv 0 onerne Wek norocos/oos® rmogie magie/® soak nat ‘meat (fo) nt, Geunoote ‘Mexican mosicon/cé ‘nether moma ty al mevra mee, oi mel ‘de mele new nou tee so, foto of oo ei of course desgue,frove Painter peters Parent parine part pare Pay petecere Photo album abo feoarfe Pidure tograie pleasure piscae prety reg4/3, fproiowoors Putte} pone Fain to lous really derigr eu odeort (not realy chi right cored bine, (to be Fight: @ veo dretote; thar 030, pees show ie} 2arato to. sei, ojodor ferry pore ru, suze rH incepet $Hudy io} oinvot, 0 sudo that pl: those oclo/ ‘coea, acio/ocelea the eriot Port (I, 0 there aol, is paren thing luc this pl. these} ocesio/ very mult ‘wonderful forte fumes! Fermoas; minunot/8 worry (lo) 230 nario your alteufete; al vesru/ Lectia 2 That's life! An old flame Novlepizodnerexer@srprize:prolagonislseventlnese de demult (Shon) are, prnt-o one a soi ‘Speromant ldhrs cl n cre sl de-obs0 In porea de gromatce, confinuém cu stuiul verbull slo be” si co anumie forme iserogative importante — {Cum te cheoma/numegit", .CBh ant if” procum gi {ale Tnkebtr! pono concent deele pervonce. Apo Studer alfobet!subdiviat In grupur foneie fi Iverom 8 ums pn lo 100. What's your last name? Jacke Hello... My name's Jock, fm the new Haimete We rice to mest you, 3 Peter: Helo loch! Vm Peer Nosh... Ad Shoront... Okey, fd this fs Shoron, ‘Sharon: i's pleasure ack How ore yu, Sharon? Sharon: Fine, thanks. ‘Anne: Oh, good, you're frends! Bu so guys... Thre’s work inte kichon for overyone (Alice gi Peter sunt in roger.) ‘Alice: loos hap me Pte: Sore ‘Alice: Here's the form. 'm ot very good with computer Poter: Okay ot me #08... Yee, Pe simple. Whol our iat nome, Ace? ‘Alice: My last name i Dubois Peter: And where are you From? Alice: Ym from Ausalio, but om proud 49 hove French boca Potor: Realy? ‘Alice Yes! My grandmother was fom Avignen! Peter: Foscinating.. And how do" you spell your lost Alice: 0-U8-0-45, Peter: Dubois, ond the nome is ALI-C.E. Okay, what's youriobe ‘Alice: Well. octal. @ student, but | consider mel Peter: Yor know... And wha’ your addres? Alice: The same 0s you 45 Tent Lane Peter: Fight! How old are your ‘Alice: Ym 28 yoors od Peter: Ar you marvied? ‘Alice: ill ' onthe you intersted Peter: You know, Alice, tony love my muse ‘Alice: And whet about Sharon? Sa injelegem {Soho pop 91) ‘icin otefidlogul acest’ rime sane? Aineles tot? Bine, csc! pune la incarcare copociolee de irlegere, Fspunzénd la urmotooraeineber II Wot docs Alice oak Peter help er wiht {a} Tolin job appeaton form Db) olay thetadle Bel To vend fax Wht own dors Ales grandmother come from? ho) Avignon Db) Toren De Belonie hice considers here Co) Avior Db) A singer Dea painier Bice is nal. Dol Troe 8) False Focus intrebari despre date personale De obi, cand trebuie sé cmpletdm un formula, aya cum Fnatnlémpll lui Ale, nize cor mute norma ey cracier (generol. Sunt Inkebari ce privee sla noosa personalé Fr rolesoncls,prinre care numele,proverierf, vast, profesa, Corsructia oxxor tebe foro simgl6: cea frei more pate dina ee incep cv 0 pareulsierogatve, {y0 cum 28 ro In schema urmatoars Paricelsinerogativs + verb tobe" + subject +? 8 eciim acum principale nei pe core o-am gsitn What is your name? Comte cheoma#/ Como nomele Bu? What is your surname ‘ost name/femily nero? Care © mele tu defame How do you spell? Com se see My sname/loet nome! family name Dubois DU-BO1S ‘Are you married? Fy cleotortot Whot's your address? Core exe aches io? Unde focaept? What's your job? Cele /Core eocupatio fot No l'm single 45 Tiny Lore, Flot C ma student How old are you? Cajon ot What's your phone number? Ws 0454 786 2097 Core» sumérol ou de eafon? on 28 yeor old Where are you from? mom Sidney Dende vi? ‘What's the Postcode? Coro e code portal? Weer aN Fi otent Silete exis tei model de exprimare pecirs Trutnele de fom": surmame”, lost nome" i family Srrebarle cre cer drep xpuns un ya" of un "ou Srmttoores sire: verb oui fr eazl est verbal Ge") f subiec + un evenivl verb sau oder fvemely ‘he you hoppy > Ep fers) Exercitii (Self topos 91 seme ums bi an in eon tered ped video pen @fememore cam floes: diferitele expresii " EXERCITIUL 1 ‘Alege forma coree' in aces! eerciiy eu moi multe variants de raspuns Bi ow do you spell your + ROSS! Go} nome Dijon Deel surname BL... your odévest 19) How ie 0b} Whotie Da Whereis Bm 3. Da) What your age (Bb) How mony years (De) How old re you Wvihere xe you from 19} 13 Ctton Villas 11 London Dg English exercifiut 2 Gases edn grein acest exci Biitow oldis yout De} How Oboe oes BiHow ore you fom? Do} How 1b) ove Daren Whats your work Ch) What Db)yeur De) How do you wite itt Dol How Bb) write Bait Alot of questions for a set of Chinese plates! SCENA2 Jock: Anne, you oe 8 grec cook! Fee nen you, lke, Big ennouncement: Fry | have ‘Attn points end ean get thot marvelous st of Chinese Jock: What? ‘Rane: Yes, withthe cookies, Help me to fil in Jock, please 2 for, Jock: Al sight, Let me see the questions... Whats your noma? Inne: Are you jokin? Jock: Okey okay, ANNE. And what's your Family name? ‘Rone: My surname? Jack: BAXTER. And what's your phone number? ine: i: 0454 786 2097 docks 0454 788 2097, ‘ame: No, i 0454 786 2097, decks Right Fre Boe have to remember, ths is your telephone umber too! docks You's ight. Are you mariedt