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In the text about George Ionescu, you learned the expression on the one hand ....

on the other hand which means pe de o parte ... pe de alt parte. Lets learn more expressions containing the preposition on: to be on duty = a fi de serviciu; on account of = pe baza, din cauz c, lund n consideraie c; on and on = fr ntrerupere, la nesfrit; and so on = i aa mai departe; on this ground = din acest motiv; to turn on/ to switch on (the light, the radio, etc.) = a deschide/ a aprinde (lumina, radioul,etc.); on this assumption = pe baza acestei presupuneri; on the basis of = pe baza; on behalf of sb. = n numele cuiva, din partea cuiva; on the contrary = din contr; on a large/small scale = pe scar mare/mic; on record = cunoscut; on the score of = ca rezultat; on the verge of = pe punctul de, pe cale, n pragul; on the whole = n general, n ntregime; on demand = la cerere; on condition that = cu condiia; on purpose = dinadins, intenionat; on principle = din principiu; on the first attempt = la prima ncercare; on a sudden = brusc, deodat, pe neateptate; on trial = de prob. not yet = nu nc; nor yet = nici mcar; as yet = pn acum; as compared with = n comparaie cu; as a consequence of = ca o consecin a; as if/ as though = ca i cum; as far as = ntruct, pe ct, n msura n care; as far as it goes = n ceea ce privete; as follows = precum/ dup cum urmeaz; as long as = att timp ct; as regards = n ceea ce privete; as a rule = de regul, n principiu; as seen = dup cum se vede; as shown in Fig. 2 = cum s-a artat n Fig. 2; as such = ca atare; as well = deopotriv, de asemenea; as well as = ct i, tot aa ca; as when = ca atunci cnd, ca n cazul n care; as yet/ so far/ up to now. up to the present = pn n prezent; such as = astfel ca, ca de exemplu. beyond all doubt = n afar de orice ndoial; all at once = dintr-o dat; all the better = cu att mai bine; all in all = n ntregime, cu totul;

all in good time = toate la timpul lor; all the more as = cu att mai mult cu ct; all over = peste tot; all worn out = complet uzat; first of all = nainte de toate; of all kinds = de toate felurile; that is about all = ca, asta-i tot; it is all one to them = le este tot una; once for all = o dat pentru totdeauna. with due regard for/ with all due deference to = cu tot respectul cuvenit; with an eye to = urmrind, fr a pierde din vedere; with the exception of = cu excepia c; with full steam on = cu toat viteza nainte; with reason = pe drept, pe bun dreptate; with reference/ respect to = n privina, referitor, cu privire la; with a view of = n scopul de a; as with = la fel ca i; together with = mpreun cu; to do away with = a nltura, a termina cu. that far = att de departe; that is the point = aceasta-i problema; that much = cam att; thats how it happened = aa s-a ntmplat; that is why (thats why) = de aceea, din aceast cauz; that is to say = adic; but for that = dac nu ar fi fost asta; for all that = cu toate acestea; in order that = pentru ca, s; like that (just like that) = aa; in all probability = dup toate probabilitile; in all together = n total; in the beginning = la nceput; in contrast to/with = n contrast cu; in common with = n comun cu; in itself = n sine; in order to/ that = ca s, pentru ca; in particular = n special; in the place of/ in lieu of = n loc de; in practice = n principiu; in progress = n curs de; in print = tiprit; in return for = n schimbul a; in quantity = n cantitate; in search of = n cutare de; in spite of = n ciuda faptului c; in such a manner = n aa mod; in sum = pe scurt, n dou vorbe; in that = n aceea c; in token of = n semn de, ca dovad; in turn = cu rndul;

to be interested in = a fi interesat de; to result in = a avea ca rezultat; to succeed in (+doing sth.) = a avea succes n; a reui n.(e.g. She succeeded in passing the exam). at best = n cel mai bun caz; at a disadvantage = n dezavantaj; at ease = linitit, pe ndelete; at full load = cu sarcin plin/ total; at intervals = la intervale, intermitent; at liberty = fr restricii, liber; at most = cel mult; at once = imediat; at request = la cerere; at right angle = la unghi drept; at stake = n joc; Now learn more expressions containing the word way: by way of = prin mijlocirea, n calitate de, cu ajutorul; by the way = apropo; in this way= n acest mod; in every way = n toate privinele; in a general way = n genere/ n general; in one way = ntr-un fel; one way or another = ntr-un fel sau altul; out of the way = afar din cale/ drum; under way = n curs de; way above = mult deasupra; way ahead = mult nainte; way below = mai jos; way off = la o bun distan; to give way to = a ceda la; to make ones way = a-i croi drum, a face carier. Now lets learn some expressions containing the word so: so as/ that = aa nct, astfel nct; so far = pn acum, pn n prezent; so far as = ntruct, n msura n care; so it seems = aa se pare; so much = att de mult; so to say/ so to speak = aa zicnd, ca s zicem aa; in a week or so = cam ntr-o sptmn; so on and so forth = i aa mai departe; in so doing = procednd astfel/ aa; in so far as.. is concerned = ntruct privete. Now lets learn a few expressions containing this word: for about = circa, aproximativ, n jurul a; for all that = totui, cu toate acestea; for certain = sigur, cu siguran; for example/ for instance = de exemplu; for reasons given = pentru motivele date; for the time being/ the present = pentru moment/ n prezent; as for = ct despre;

not for the world/ not for the life of me = pentru nimic n lume; to compete for = a concura pentru; to mistake sth. for sth. else = a lua un lucru drept altul; to provide for = a se ngriji de. a avea grij de; to take for granted = a lua de bun, a lua drept sigur; Now learn some expressions containing the word by: by and by = treptat; by all means = cu orice pre; by chance = din ntmplare; by the end of week/ month/ year = spre sfritul sptmnii/ lunii/ anului; by force = cu fora; by hearsay = din auzite; by no less than = cu nu mai puin de; by no means = nicidecum, n nici un caz, cu nici un pre; by-pass = unt, derivaie, condesator legat n dervaie; by-pass system = sistem inelar/ cu ci de ocolire; by reason of = pe motiv c, din cauz c; by sight = din vedere; by stages/ steps = discontinuu, n trepte; by so much more = cu att mai mult; by then = pn atunci, pn la acea dat; by this time = ntre timp, pn la acea vreme; by turns = cu schimbul, pe rnd; by virtue of/ dint of = n virtutea, cu ajutorul, prin mijlocirea; better by far = cu mult mai bine. Now learn some expressions containing the word time: at the same time = n acelai timp; for the first time = pentru prima dat; at times = din timp n timp, la rstimpuri; by that time = pn atunci, la vremea aceea; some time or other = cndva; the time is up = timpul a trecut, intervalul de timp s-a scurs; time after time = n repetate rnduri; time will tell = timpul va dovedi, timpul va hotr; for a long time = de mult timp; all in good time = oricnd; from that time forth = de atunci nainte; within the time = n decursul; time-lag error = eroare de temporizare; time release = declanare temporizat. Lets learn some expressions in which the verb to make occurs. to make an attempt = a face o ncercare; to make the best of = a trage ct mai mult profit de pe urma, a profita la maximum de; to make believe = a face s cread; to make it clear = a clarifica; to make it possible = a face posibil; to make for = a contribui; to make out = a nelege, a demonstra, a redacta; to make over = a transfera, a ceda; to make ready = a fi gata, a (se) pregti;

to make a stand = a se opune; to make sure of = a se asigura de; to make short work of/ sth = a scurta, a face ceva repede, a termina, a finaliza; to make tight = a ermetiza, a etaneiza, a nchide etan; to make up ones mind = a se hotr; to make up for ones losses = a-i recupera pierderile; to make up for lorst time = a rectiga timpul pierdut; to make as if/ though = a prea ca i cum, a pretinde ca i cum, a face ca i cum; to make use of = a ntrebuina; to make way for/ to make room for = a face loc pentru. e.g. to do ones best = a face tot ce-i posibil; to do the donkey work = a munci din greu; to do sbd. a good turn/ a favour = a face cuiva o favoare; to do sth. with your eyes closed = a ti ceva foarte bine, a face ceva cu ochii nchii; to do harm = a face ru; to do wonders = a face minuni; to have sth. to do with = a avea de-a face cu. Now learn some expressions containing this preposition: from first to last = de la A la Z, de la nceput pn la sfrit; from this point of view = din acest punct de vedere; from... to = de la... pn la; from experience = din experien; apart from = n afar de, separat de; far from it = departe de acest lucru; far be it from me = departe de mine. Now learn some expressions containing the word than: other than = cu excepia; little more than = cu puin mai mult dect; rather than = mai degrab dect; no sooner... than = de ndat ce... c. Lets learn some more containing the preposition to. to advantage = cu profit/ folos; to the best of ones power/ ability = dup puterea/ capacitatea cuiva; to cut the matter short = pe scurt; to date = la zi; to the dot (of an i) = pn n cele mai mici amnunte; to this effect = n acest scop; to a fraction = pn la milimetru; to and fro = nainte i napoi, ici i colo; to hand = la ndemn; to little purpose = cu puin efect, mai degeaba; to my knowledge = dup cte tiu; to ones mind = dup prerea cuiva; to the letter = ntocmai, ad litteram; to the utmost = (pn) la maximum, n cea mai mare msur; to the very moment = chiar pn n clipa; short and to the point = scurt i la obiect. Now learn some expressions containing the word off: off hand = fr pregtire anterioar, ntmpltor; off the point = n afara subiectului;

all thats off the point = toate acestea nu au legtur cu problema; far off = ndeprtat; on and off = la intervale neregulate; to be off duty = a fi liber/ n afara serviciului; to turn off/ switch off (the radio, the light) = a nchide (radioul, lumina) Now learn more phrases containing the preposition after and the verb to take: after all = la urma urmelor; after a while = dup ctva vreme; day after day = zile n ir; to look after = a avea grij de; soon after = curnd dup. to take advantage of = a utiliza, a valorifica, a se prevala de, a se folosi de ocazia; to take an active part in = a lua parte activ la; to take account of = a ine seama de; to take care of/ to take charge of = a-i asuma rspunderea, a avea grij de; to take control of = a-i asuma controlul; to take its course = a-i urma cursul; to take for granted = a lua drept sigur, a considera indiscutabil; to take an interest in... = a manifesta interes fa de...; to take the liberty of (+-ing form) = a-i lua libertatea de a (e.g. She took the liberty of doing it in her own way.); to take into account/ consideration = a lua n consideraie; to take note/ notice of = a ine seama de; to take ones own way = a-i urma calea proprie; to take on = a lua asupra sa, a se nsrcina; to take over = a prelua; to take a stand = a adopta un punct de vedere, a lua o poziie; to take warning = a fi prevenit; to take a view of = a considera, a privi; The Ordinal Numeral The form of the ordinal numeral 1st the first 11th the eleventh 2nd the second 12th the twelfth 3rd the third 13th the thirteenth 4th the fourth 14th the fourteenth 5th the fifth 15th the fifteenth 6th the sixth 16th the sixteenth 7th the seventh 17th the seveteenth 8th the eighth 18th the eighteenth 9th the ninth 19th the nineteenth 10th the tenth 20th the twentieth 21st the twenty-first 22nd the twenty-second 23rd the twenty-third 30th the thirtieth 40th the fourtieth 50th the fiftieth 60th the sixtieth 70th the seventieh 80th the eightieth 90th the ninetieth