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Test docimologic- limba englez, gramatic- Clasa a V-a

I. Obiective:
s identifice forma corect de singular sau plural;
s transforme propoziiile afirmative n propoziii negative, respectiv
s scrie formele de plural ale substantivelor comune, aplicnd
regulile nvate;
s ordoneze cuvintele date pentru a putea forma propoziii coerente
i corecte din punct de vedere gramatical;

II. Test docimologic

Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 50 de minute.

Se acord 10 puncte din oficiu.

I. Choose the correct word/ Alege varianta corect: (5 items x 0,20p=1p)

1. .. room is very beautiful.

a. My b. Mine

2. There is .. elephant in the garden.

a. a

3. There are .. in the forest.

a. wolves b. wolfs

4. She hasnt got . friends.

a. some b. any

5. We got a new car.

a. have b. has
II.Turn into negative and interrogative/ Transform propoziia dat n propoziie negativ i
interogativ: (10 items x 0,20p=2p)

1. She comes to work every morning.



2. They are sitting on the sofa.



3. You will write a novel next year.

4. You speak English.

5. She is swimming in the pool now.

III. Write the plural/ Scrie pluralul cuvintelor: (10 items x 0,20p=2p)

1. man- 6. city -

2. church- 7. photo -

3. foot- 8. wife -

4. boy- 9. fox -

5.child- 10. goose -

IV. Make true sentences/ Realizeaz propoziii corecte: (4 items x 0,50p=2p)

1.from/ Where/ they/ are ?

2.England/ student/ in/ am/ I/ a.

3.She/ not/ America/ from/ is. spell/ your/ Can/ name ?

V. Describe your favourite pet/ Descrie animalul preferat (3-5 lines). (2p)

III. Baremul de corectare

I.Alegerea variantei corecte:

1.a) My: 2.b) an; 3.a) wolves; 4. b) any; 5.a) have (0,20p+ 0,20p+ 0,20p+0,20p+0,20p) 1punct

II. Transformarea propoziiei afirmative, n propozi ie negativ i interogativ: 1.She does not come to
work every morning. Does she come to work every morning?; 2.They are not sitting on the sofa. Are
they sitting on the sofa?; 3.You will not write a novel next year. Will you write a novel next year?;
4.You do not speak English. Do you speak English?; 5.She is not swimming in the pool now. Is she
swimming in the pool now?( 0,20p+ 0,20p+ 0,20p+0,20p+0,20p+0,20p+ 0,20p+ 0,20p+0,20p+0,20p)
2 2 puncte

III. Scrierea; 2.churches; 3.feet; 4.boys; 5.children; 6.cities; 7. photos; 8.wives;
9,foxes; 10. geese ( 0,20p+ 0,20p+ 0,20p+0,20p+0,20p+0,20p+0,20p+ 0,20p+0,20p+0,20p) 2puncte

IV.Realizarea propoziiei corecte: 1. Where are they from?; 2.I am a student in England.; 3.She is not
from America.; 4. Can you spell your name? (0,50p+0,50p+0,50p+0,50p) 2 puncte.

V.Exemplu de rspuns pentru descrierea animalului preferat: My favourite pet is a cat. My cat has a
name. Its name is Tom. He is all black and he has brown eyes. He is very friendly. I love him very
much. I am sure he loves me too. He loves to sleep and to eat every day. Sometimes he plays with me.
He is very playful. I love my cat. 2puncte