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Manual de administrare SAP ERP

SAP menu->Tools->CCMS-> Jobs-> Maintenance sau selectati tranzactia SM37 (pag 7) SAP menu->Tools->Administration->Monitor->Batch Input sau selectati tranzactia SM35 (pag 8) Verficati sa vedeti daca vreunul din programele ABAP sunt n curs de desfasurare executind tranzactia SM50 (pag 9 / 34) Folositi pe tranzactia /nSM04 pentru a va asigura ca nu exista utilizatori n sistem n afara de dvs. (pag 9) Deconectati-va din sistem folosind tranzactia END. (pag 9) SAP menu->Tools->CCMS->Control/Monitoring->Control Panel sau selectati tranzactia RZ03 (pag 10) SAP menu->Tools->CCMS->Spool Administration sau selectati tranzactia SPAD. (pag 14) Cererile de spool sunt ndeplinite cu ajutorul Output Controller-ului (tranzactia SP01), (pag 19) SAP menu->Tools->CCMS->Output Controller. n mod alternativ puteti selecta tranzactia SP01 (pag 19) SAP menu->Tools->Administration->Monitor sau executati tranzactia SSAA (pag 23) Pentru a accesa CCMS executati tranzactia RZ20 (pag 24) se face load al unui monitor in tranzactia RZ20 (pag 25) Dupa executarea tranzactiei RZ10 se selecteaza alerta pentru care se doreste modificarea pragului de alerta (pag 29) Pentru a vizualiza Log-urile de sistem executati tranzactia SM21. (pag 31 / 34)

Verificare starii proceselor de lucru - executati tranzactia SM51 (pag 33)

Ecranul Process Overview (tranzactia SM50) (pag 34 / 9) Sistemul nregistreaza aceste erori n log-urile de sistem (tranzactia SM21) (pag 34 / 31) Executati tranzactia ST22 (pag 34) Verificarea update-urilor (erorilor de modificare) SM13 (pag 36) Verificarea intrarilor blocate - vizializarea acestor obiecte executati tranzactia SM12 (pag 38) Verificarea sesiunilor de batch input - pentru vizualizarea lor executati tranzactia SM35 (pag 38) Verificarea job-urilor care ruleaza n background - tranzactia SM37 (pag 39) DBA Planing Calendar - tranzactia DB13 (pag 45) Verificarea backup-urilor bazei de date - tranzactia DB12 (pag 49) Monitorizarea cresterii bazei de date - tranzactia DB02 (pag 50) Verificarea performantelor bazei de date - tranzactia ST04 (pag 54) Crearea unui nou utilizator - tranzactia SU01 (pag 65 / 68) Pentru stergerea tuturor utilizatorilor din sistem se foloseste tranzactia SU12 (pag 68) (A SE EVITA !!!)

Teach yourself sap in 24 hours - CCMS

ST06, the Operating System Monitor, ideal for analyzing the performance of the entire SAP technology stack

ST03N, the Workload Monitor, useful in drilling down into online and batch workloads, "top 40" transactions, peak workload details, and more executed over a particular time period

SSAA, useful in conducting routine daily, weekly, and monthly systems administration functions

SMLG, to monitor how well SAP's logon load balancing is performing; use F5 to drill down into group-specific performance data

AL08, useful in reviewing the end users logged into particular SAP application servers (and the transactions they are executing)

ST07, useful in reviewing end users logged into the entire system, sorted by functional areas (such as SAP ECC FI, MM, PM, PS, SD, and so on)

SM66, ideal for looking at system-wide performance relative to processes executing on every application and batch server within an SAP system

ST22, to review ABAP dumps and therefore identify program errors (to aid in escalating such issues to the responsible programming team)

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