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ANUL SCOLAR 2017-2018
Nr. Coninuturi ale unitii de nvare Competene specifice Saptmna Observaii
Crt. *detalieri tematice ore
**elemente de construcie a comunicrii Valori i atitudini alocate
***funcii comunicative
Diagnostic test 4 S1
Grammar Integrated Skills and Language Revision S2
*Unit 1 : Whats on
**Grammar Revision of simple tenses 6 S3
Present perfect simple and continuous S4
Vocabulary Recording vocabulary S5
Word formation
Meaning from context
Dezvoltarea interesului
2 Reading Reality TV multiple matching
pentru descoperirea unor
Writing Informal email
aspecte culturale specifice,
- ordering paragraphs
prin receptarea unei varieti
Use of English Key word transformations
de texte n limba modern i
Listening Film survey sentence completion
prin raportarea la civilizaia
spaiului cultural anglo-
***Speaking Films (discussion)
Exam focus: introduction
*Unit 2: Worth the risk? 6 S6
**Grammar Making comparisons S7
Articles 1.1 S8
Vocabulary Adjectives of feeling 1.5
Word formation: negative prefixes 2.1
Meaning from context 2.5
Reading The cable racer multiple choice questions 3.1
The great outdoors multiple matching 4.3
Writing Semi-formal letter or email Manifestarea flexibilitii n
- expanding notes cadrul schimbului de idei i
Use of English Why do people take risks? Word formation n cadrul lucrului n echip n
Listening Tanya Streeter, free diver diferite situaii de
Multiple-choice questions comunicare
***Speaking Risk taking (discussion)
Exam focus: multiple matching
*Unit 3: Fact or fiction? 6
**Grammar Like, as, as if/though 1.1 S9
Adverbs 1.4 S10
Narrative tenses 2.2 S11
Vocabulary Using a dictionary 3.2
Modifiers / intensifiers 4.1
Meaning from context Dezvoltarea interesului
4 Reading Strange landings gapped text pentru descoperirea unor
Writing Story aspecte culturale specifice,
- sequencing expressions prin receptarea unei varieti
Use of English Error correction de texte n limba modern i
Listening What people read multiple matching prin raportarea la civilizaia
Coincidences multiple choice questions spaiului cultural anglo-
***Speaking Asking for and reacting to opinions saxon
Exam focus: multiple-choice cloze
*Unit 4: Food for thought 4
**Grammar Countable and uncountable nouns S12
Future forms S13
Vocabulary Food
Body and health
Reading Tickle your taste buds multiple choice questions
5 Disponibilitatea pentru
I cant go out gapped text
acceptarea diferenelor si
Writing Article
pentru manifestarea
- paragraph topics
toleranei prin abordarea
Use of English Designer water open cloze
critic a diferenelor i
Listening Jamie Oliver sentence completion
stereotipurilor culturale
***Speaking Advantages and disadvantages
Exam focus: multiple-choice questions
*Unit 5: Material world 4 S14
**Grammar Indirect speech 1.2 S15
Reporting verbs 1.5
Vocabulary Consumer society 2.3
Describing objects 2.5
Shopping and leisure facilities 3.1
Reading Here come the alpha pups multiple-choice questions 3.2
Writing Review 4.1
- features of a review Dezvoltarea interesului
6 Use of English Are brand names worth it? Multiple-choice cloze pentru descoperirea unor
Key word transformations aspecte culturale specifice,
Listening Radio adverts prin receptarea unei varieti
Shopping multiple matching de texte n limba modern i
***Speaking Advertising (discussion) prin raportarea la civilizaia
Product presentation (role-play) spaiului cultural anglo-
Expressing uncertainty saxon
Exam focus: key word transformations
Progress Check Units 1 5 2 S16
Integrated skills
*Unit 6: Its your call 4
**Grammar Certainty and possibility S17
Passives S18
Vocabulary Technology
Communicating with others
Reading Now were getting the message gapped text
Writing Report
8 4.1
- features of a report
Contientizarea rolului limbii
Use of English Would you like to be famous? Word formation
engleze ca mijloc de acces la
All thanks to the mobile phone Open cloze
piaa internaional a muncii
Listening Photography and the media Multiple matching
i la patrimoniul culturii
Song: We are the champions
***Speaking Long turn (exam focus)
Exam focus: long turn (part 2)
*Unit 7: Back to the future 1.2 4 S19
**Grammar Relative clauses 1.4 S20
Conditionals 1.6
Vocabulary General nouns 2.3
Collocations 3.2
9 Reading Where is science going? Multiple matching 4.3

Writing Essay Manifestarea flexibilitii n

- planning and organising cadrul schimbului de idei i
- linking expressions n cadrul lucrului n echip n
Use of English Open cloze diferite situaii de
A famous library multiple choice cloze comunicare
Listening Living in the Iron Age multiple choice questions
***Speaking Ranking; discussion
Exam focus: open cloze (part 2)
Extracts (listening)
*Unit 8: We are family 4
**Grammar Gerunds and infinitives S21
Expressing hypothetical meanings S22
Vocabulary Word formation: adjective suffixes
Reading Steppe by step multiple-choice questions
Writing Article
10 - planning and title
Disponibilitatea pentru
- opening paragraphs
acceptarea diferenelor si
Use of English Friends word formation
pentru manifestarea
Listening Sentence completion Planning a wedding
toleranei prin abordarea
Song: Drowning
critic a diferenelor i
***Speaking Quiz: What kind of friend are you?
stereotipurilor culturale
How to keep talking; adding ideas
Exam focus: sentence completion
*Unit 9: A new look 4
**Grammar Present and past habit S23
Participle clauses S24
Vocabulary Fashion
Phrasal verbs with up
Things in the home
Reading Making a new man of himself gapped text
Vocabulary: word formation
Manifestarea flexibilitii n
Writing Report
cadrul schimbului de idei i
- ways of making suggestions
n cadrul lucrului n echip n
11 Use of English Word formation
diferite situaii de
Key word transformations
Listening multiple-choice questions Before and after
***Speaking Comparing rooms
Stressing key information
Exam focus: word formation
multiple-choice questions
*Unit 10: Use your brain 4
**Grammar Obligation, necessity and permission S25
It is, there is; get and got 1.1 S26
Vocabulary Expressions with mind 1.3
Education 2.1
Word formation 2.2
Reading Keep playing that computer game multiple choice questions 2.3
101 ways to avoid studying multiple matching 3.1
Writing Article 4.3
- checking for mistakes Disponibilitatea pentru
12 Use of English Sleep why bother? open cloze acceptarea diferenelor si
Listening A man with an amazing memory sentence completion pentru manifestarea
***Speaking Collaborative task / discussion toleranei prin abordarea
Exam focus: collaborative task/discussion critic a diferenelor i
stereotipurilor culturale
13 Progress Check Units 6 10 2 S27
Integrated skills
*Unit 11: Hard at work 4 S28
**Grammar Ability and possibility S29
Conditionals 1.2
Vocabulary Employment 1.4
Numbers and money 2.1
Phrasal verbs and expressions 2.5
Reading Taking a bite at the Big Apple multiple matching 3.3
Writing Letter of application 4.1
- evaluating a sample letter Contientizarea rolului limbii
Use of English A precious metal open cloze engleze ca mijloc de acces la
Multiple-choice cloze piaa internaional a muncii
Listening Multiple matching Working in a city i la patrimoniul culturii
What makes people happy multiple-choice questions universale
***Speaking Personality quiz
Exam focus: a complete test

*Unit 12: Strange but true 1.1 4 S30

15 **Grammar Passives 1.2 S31
have / get something done 2.2
Vocabulary Crime and punishment 3.1
Nouns linked by of 3.2
Reading Rebecca comprehension questions 4.1
Gapped text The lost city of Caral Dezvoltarea interesului
Writing Making your writing more interesting pentru descoperirea unor
Story aspecte culturale specifice,
Use of English Buried treasure multiple-choice cloze prin receptarea unei varieti
Listening The Stella Awards sentence completion de texte n limba modern i
Song: Men in Black prin raportarea la civilizaia
***Speaking Crime and punishment (discussion) spaiului cultural anglo-
Exam focus: gapped text saxon
*Unit 13: Natural wonders 4
**Grammar So, such, too, enough, very S32
Emphasis with what S33
Vocabulary Animals
The natural world
Phrasal verbs
Reading The unexplained powers of animals multiple matching
Alone in the jungle gapped text
16 4.2
Writing Informal letter
Disponibilitatea pentru
- features of informal writing
acceptarea diferenelor si
Use of English Its a dogs life multiple-choice cloze
pentru manifestarea
Somewhere over the rainbow open cloze
toleranei prin abordarea
Listening Charlotte Uhlenbroek sentence completion
critic a diferenelor i
***Speaking Why people keep pets (discussion)
stereotipurilor culturale
Quiz: How much do you know about the world around you?
Individual long turn
*Unit 14: Getting there 4
**Grammar Ways of giving advice 1.3 S34
Vocabulary Hopes and ambitions 1.6 S35
Holidays and travel 2.2
Word formation 2.3
Reading It could happen to you multiple-choice questions 3.1
A new direction for tourism? Gapped text 4.3
Writing Essay Manifestarea flexibilitii n
- linking expressions (reasons, results and examples) cadrul schimbului de idei i
Use of English Where does motivation come from? word formation n cadrul lucrului n echip n
17 Mount Everest, the worlds highest mountain open cloze diferite situaii de
Listening Dreams and ambitions multiple matching comunicare
Song: Search for the hero
***Speaking Quiz
Progress Check 2 S36
Integrated Skills