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Optional course: English through Stories Vizat Director,

4th Grade
Classes/Week: 1 Vizat ef Comisie Metodic,

Annual Planning
1st semester

Nr. Unit Content Objectives Classes Week


1. Lets Tell Tales Familiarizing the pupils with 1 1st

the optional course they are
going to study week

2. My favourite story 1.1 S neleag semnificaia global

S 7 2nd -8th
a mesajului scris t
Jack and the Beanstalk 1.2 Sa neleag informaii cheie r weeks
dintr-un text u
2.1 S desprind sensul global cal
New words in context unui scurt mesaj audiat. t
2.2 Sa reacioneze adecvat la diferite
Reading tipuri de mesaje. r
comprehension 3.1 S reproduc scurte mesaje, pri
exercises ale unui mesaj s
4.1 S exteriorizeze tririle m
interioare ale perso-najelor prin u
The Story of gestic, mimic, timbrul vocii,
Cinderella Grimm micare scenic t
Brothers ,
Listening a
New words in context
Project: My tale in t
images o
Revision. Evaluation.
Structures: can, be able to.
Functions: describing
colourful photographs,
describing funny little stories;

3. Trustworthy Friends Structures: demonstrative 1.1. 6 9th-14th

pronouns, opposite adjectives 2.1.
Little Red Riding (good/bad, beautiful/ugly etc) 2.2. weeks
Hood Charles Perrault 3.2 S integreze cuvinte i expresii
noi n enunuri proprii
Reading and listening Functions: describing story 3.3 S emit enunuri scurte n
New words? Easy! characters situaii de interaciune

The Cracow Dragon 4.1.

adapted by Jenny
4.2 S se manifeste spontan,
dezinvolt n inter-pretarea
Listening personajelor
Words in context
Project: My favourite
Revision. Evaluation

4. The Fairies Structures: plural nouns, the 1.1. 4 15th-18th

adjective word order 1.2.
2.1. weeks
The Little Mermaid Functions: describing 2.2.
Van Gool edition supernatural characters 3.1.
Reading and listening 4.1.
New vocabulary
My life as a mermaid
Revision. Evaluation.

2nd semester
Nr. Unit Content Objectives Classes/ Week

1. The Fairies Structures: plural nouns, the 1.1. 3 1st-3rd

adjective word order 1.2.
2.1. weeks
The Frog Princess - adapted by Functions: describing 2.2.
Jenny Dooley supernatural characters 3.1.

Listening 4.1.
Reading comprehension
Project: My favourite character

2. My Favourite Hero Structures: present simple 6 4th -9th

tense, prepositions 1.2.
The brave little tailor - by Grimm 2.1. weeks
Brothers Fuctions: describing story 2.2.
characters, talking about 3.1.
Listening and reading heroic acts and major events
Words in context 3.3.
Me as a hero
Rapunzel by Grimm Brothers
Listening and reading
New vocabulary
Project: My Favourite Hero
Revision. Evaluation.

3. A Magic World Structures: present 1.1. 6 10th-16th

continuous tense, 2.2.
prepositions 3.2. weeks
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp Functions: writing a letter to 4.1.
adapted by Jenny Dooley and a pen-friend, making up a
Charles Lloyd story 4.2
12th week
Listening and reading Scoala altfel:
Words in context Sa stii mai
My version of the story multe, sa fii
mai bun!
A Mirror, a Carpet and a Lemon
folk tale adapted by Jenny

Listening and reading

New vocabulary
My English Stories Collection -
Revision. Evaluation.

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