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23. Patologia ficatului

23. Patologia ficatului

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Published by: Ion Garstea on Dec 01, 2010
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c .a c Morfologia normal a ficatului: a ± aspect macroscopic.structura microscopic a lobulului hepatic portal (zonele 1. b ± aspect pe sec iune. 2 i 3) b .

Pattern of Liver Damage ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Zonal ± Toxin/Hypoxia Bridging ± Viral severe Interface ± Immune Apoptotic .Viral .

Steatoza ficatului .

Necroz masiv a ficatului (distrofie toxic ) .

Acute .Chronic .Hepatitis .

steatoz i corpusculi Mallory p .Hepatit alcoolic .

Alcoholic Liver Damage .

distorfie hidropic i corpusculi Councilman n.Hepatit viral . infiltra ia limfoid a tractelor portale (necroz periportal parcelar )o .

n Hepatocite ³de sticl mat ´ cu citoplasma omogenizat (acumul ri masive de HBsAg) Ground glass hepatocytes with homogenous cytoplasm (massive accumulation of HBsAg) n Fragmente rotunde eozinofile de hepatocite apoptozice ± corpusculi Councilman n Rounded eosinophil fragments of apoptotic hepatocyte ± Councilman bodies .

(a.a c d b Ciroz macro. d) . b) i micronodular (c.

Ciroz hepatic . aspecte microscopice .

Dilatarea varicoas a venelor esofagiene o i peretelui abdominal anterior p p .

Jaundice .

Splenomegalie .

Calculi i staz biliar în ficat .

Carcinom hepatic nodular .

Carcinom hepatic hepatocelular. structuri trabeculare .

Metastaze de carcinom în ficat .

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