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Global Assessment of Funtioning (GAF) Scale

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The GAF is a 100-point tool rating overall psychological, social and occupational functioning of people over 18
years of age and older. It excludes physical and environmental impairment.

The GAF is included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision
(DSM-IV-TR) in the section on multi-axial assessments.

GAFS - Scala de evaluare global a funcionrii poate fi utilizat n examinarea persoanelor ncepnd cu vrsta de
18 ani. Scala nu evalueaz handicapul fizic i de mediu. Scala este inclus n DSM-IV-TR, n seciunea
referitoare la evalurile multi-axiale

Superior functioning in a wide rage of activities, life's problems never seem to get out of hand, is sought out by others because of his
or her many qualities. No symptoms.
Funcionare la nivel nalt ntr-o sfer larg de activiti; deine controlul asupra propriei viei; calitile sale sunt apreciate
de ceilali; nu prezint nici un simptom de boal mental/psihic.
Absent or minimal symptoms, good functioning in all areas, interested and involved in a wide range or activities, socially effective,
generally satisfied with life, no more than everyday problems or concerns.
90-81 Simptome absente sau minime (ex., anxietate uoar naintea unei situaii noi); funcionare bun n toate ariile psihice;
interes i implicare ntr-o gam larg de activiti; eficien social; satisfcut n general de via; nu are mai mult dect
probleme i griji cotidiene (ex., o ceart ocazional n familie).
If symptoms are present they are transient and expectable reactions to psychosocial stresses; no more than slight impairment in
social, occupational, or school functioning
80-71 Dac se evideniaz anumite simptome (dificulti psihologice); ele sunt reacii trectoare i de ateptat fa de stresori
psihosociali (ex., dificulti de concentrare dup o disput); uoar deteriorare (dificulti trectoare / de intensitate redus)
n funcionarea social, profesional sau colar.
70-61 Some mild symptoms OR some difficulty in social, occupational, or school functioning, but generally functioning pretty well, has
some meaningful interpersonal relationships.
Unele simptome uoare / blnde( ex., insomnie ocazional, depresie uoar); sau unele dificulti n funcionarea social,
profesional sau colar (ex., chiul ocazional, nerespectarea unor termene n activitate).; n general, funcioneaz destul de
bine; are unele relaii interpersonale semnificative.
Moderate symptoms OR any moderate difficulty in social, occupational, or school functioning.

60-51 Simptome moderate (ex., afect plat, limbaj circumstanial / dezafectiv, atacuri de panic ocazionale); sau dificulti medii n
funcionarea social, profesional sau colar (ex., prieteni puini, comortament conflictual n relaiile cu colaboratorii /
Serious symptoms OR any serious impairment in social, occupational, or school functioning.
50-41 Simptome severe (ex., ideaie suicidar, ritualuri obsesionale, furturi, vagabondaj); sau dificulti serioase n funcionarea
social, profesional sau colar (ex., nici un prieten, incapacitatea de a-i pstra serviciul).
Some impairment in reality testing or communication OR major impairment in several areas, such as work or school, family
relations, judgment, thinking, or mood.
40-31 Deteriorri n testarea realitii ori n comunicare (ex., distorsiuni cognitive; limbaj ilogic / neinteligibil / irelevant); sau
deteriorri majore n mai multe arii funcionale: profesie, coal, familie, judecat logic i gndire n general, dispoziie
afectiv (ex., neglijare familie, agresivitate, incapacitate de a desfura o activitate profesional, nclcri ale normelor /
Behavior is considered influenced by delusions or hallucinations OR serious impairment in communications or judgment OR
inability to function in all areas.
Comportamentul este influenat de iluzii ori halucinaii; sau tulburri grave n domeniul comunicrii ori gndirii; sau
incapacitate de a funciona, manifestat n toate domeniile.
Some danger or hurting self or others OR occasionally fails to maintain minimal personal hygiene OR gross impairment in
Un anumit pericol de a se rni pe sine ori pe alii; sau ocazional nu reuete s-i menin igiena personal minim; sau
depreciere sever a comunicrii.
Persistent danger of severely hurting self or others OR persistent inability to maintain minimum personal hygiene OR serious
suicidal act with clear expectation of death.
Pericol persistent de a se rni grav pe sine ori pe alii; sau incapacitate permanent de a-i menine igiena personal minim;
sau intenii suicidare serioase cu ateptri clare de moarte.

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