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School: „Andrei Șaguna” School

Teacher: Alexandra Nicoară
Grade: 2 nd
Date: 21.12.2017
Time: 50 minutes
Number of classes/week: 1
Textbook: Comunicare în limba engleză, Manual pentru clasa a II-a
Lesson: 7 – My House
Type of lesson: Combined
Specific competences:
- to review and improve the pupils vocabulary range;
- to introduce and practice new words to describe the house;
- to activate the pupils’ knowledge of the world and of the language;
- to encourage the pupils to communicate freely and spontaneously during the activities;
- to develop pupils’ speaking and writing competences.
Objectives: By the end of the lesson students will be able to:
- identify and name the rooms;
- identify different pieces of furniture;
- say/ compose short sentences about the theme;
- practice vocabulary related to the topic in sentences of their own;
Skills: speaking, listening, writing, reading
Methods: conversation, explanation, observation, exercise
Materials: textbook, notebooks, whiteboard, computer

Nb. Lesson stage Time Teacher’s activity Pupils’ activities Skills Materials Organization Obs
1. Warm-up 2’ Greets the pupils and Greet the teacher, Speaking T- Ps
introduces herself. Teacher answer who is absent,
asks who is absent and checks and prepare their
if the pupils are ready to start notebooks and
the lesson. “I’m glad to see textbooks.
you! Sit down, please!”
2. Homework 5’ Asks if they had any Answer: they had the Speaking Notebooks T-Ps
check-up homework. exercise 5, page 41.
Teacher corrects any mistakes
only after first giving the
pupils the possibility to correct
3. Revision 5’ Teacher asks pupils to find the Pupils look first at the Listening T- Ps
word and to write it. (ex. 6, pictures, try to find Speaking images whole class
page 41) each word and
Did you find the word? What complete the computer
is it? crossword.
Is the skyscraper a block of
Are there many flats?
Is there another word for flat? HOME/HOUSE
4. Lead-in 3’ Teacher writes the word house Listen to the teacher, Speaking T- Ps
on the board. Teacher asks the look at the pictures Listening whole class
pupils to name four rooms. and answer the Writing Flipchart
Teacher writes the rooms on questions. Notebooks
the board with different
colours: living room - green,
bedroom – red, kitchen – Listen to the teacher.
yellow, bathroom – blue.

HOUS Tell the title of the

E lesson and write it in
the notebooks.
Announces the theme of the
new lesson and then writes the
title and the date on the
5. a)Presenta- 15’ Teacher shows the flashcards Listen to the teacher. Speaking T- Ps
tion on the board. T points to the Listening flashcards/ whole class
objects: fridge, Tv set, Writing computer
Reading cd
wardrobe, table, bed, carpet,
cooker, armchair, chair, sink,
wash-basin, picture, night Flipchart
table, bath tub, lamp, one at a
time, and presents them. Then The pupils repeat Notebooks
T points to the objects in after the teacher.
random order. Teacher writes
The pupils write the
the words on the blackboard.
words on their
Teacher asks the pupils to open
their books at page 42. She
writes the number on the board
and hold up her book.
b)Practice 15’ Invites pupils to look at the Pupils look at
exercise 1, point and answer exercise 1, point and Speaking Computer/
(ex.3/43). answer. Reading textbooks
Where is Tanya’s bedroom? whole class
Can you show Etsuko’s
Point to David’s farm!
Point to the house in Romania!
Asks the class to look, ask and Pupils look, ask and
answer. (ex.4/43) answer.
Is there a fridge in Alice’s
kitchen? Yes, there is.
Is there a TV set in Etsuko’s No, there isn’t.
Now, it’s your turn. Look at Ask their deskmate.
the pictures in exercise 2 and Pair/ group
ask your deskmate. work
6. Evaluation 2’ Praises the active pupils, Listen to the teacher. Speaking T- Ps
giving marks and encourages
the others too.
7. Issuing 2’ Write the exercise 7/45 Write the homework Speaking Notebooks T- Ps
homework in the notebooks. Writing
8. Dismissing 1’ Greets the pupils. Greet the teacher. Speaking T- Ps
the class
- Comunicare în limba engleză, Manual pentru clasa a II-a, Editura Aramis, 2014
-Planificările calendaristice anuale
-Planificările calendaristice pe unităţi
-The Internet