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Discovered and written by Sir Isaac Asimov in 1766 , the laws of thermodynamics are considered to be the very basis of science as we know it. Descoperit i n scris de ctre Sir Isaac Asimov n 1766 , legile termodinamicii sunt considerate a fi foarte baza tiinei aa cum o tim. Contents Coninut 1 legi o 1.1 legile originale o 1.2 Legile care se adaug alte persoane 2 2 Mare Abrogarea 3 Aplicaii ale legilor 4 fapte Distracie la culoare i s pstreze Legile legile originale 1. A thermodynamic may not harm a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Termodinamica nu poate duna unei fiine umane, sau, prin inaciune, s i afecteze starea de bine. 2. The arbitrariness of the Universe keeps arbitrarily arbitrating arbitrarily Arbitrarul Universului pstreaz n mod arbitrar arbitrarea n mod arbitrar 3. A thermodynamic must protect its own existence, as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. Termodinamica trebuie s protejeze propria existen, atta timp ct o astfel de protecie nu intr n conflict cu prima sau a doua lege. [ edit ] Laws that other people added [ modific Legile] c oamenii se adaug alte In 1820 , Aristotle declared the fourth law of thermodynamics to read "Thermodynamics shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." n 1820 , Aristotel a declarat legea a patra a termodinamicii pentru a citi "Termodinamica se face nici o lege, respectnd-o unitate de religie, sau de a interzice libera exercitare a acestora; sau abridging libertatea de exprimare, sau a presei sau dreptul poporului panic pentru a asambla i de a adresa petiii Guvernului pentru soluionarea plngerilor ". This law was repealed in 2001 . Aceast lege a fost abrogat n 2001 . In 1865 , mystical runes written on the walls of The Cave of Eternity were discovered. n 1865 , rune mistice scrise pe peretii de Pestera Eternitatea au fost descoperite. The runes declared the fifth law of thermodynamics to abolish thermodynamic slavery. Rune declarat drept al cincilea termodinamicii la abolirea sclaviei termodinamice. This law was repealed in 2001 . Aceast lege a fost abrogat n 2001 . In 2070 BC , God made the sixth law of thermodynamics. n 2070 .Hr. , Dumnezeu a fcut legea sasea a termodinamicii. It simply stated "Thermodynamics shalt not kill." Este pur i simplu nu a declarat: "termodinamicii ucizi." This law was repealed in 2001 . Aceast lege a fost abrogat n 2001 . In 1888 , Murphy's seventh law of thermodynamics was posted. n 1888 , al aptelea legea lui Murphy a termodinamicii a fost postat. Its text read "Left to themselves, thermodynamics tend to go from bad to worse." textul ei citit "Stnga pentru ele nsele, termodinamica tind s mearg din ru n mai ru." This law was repealed in 2001 , but no difference in thermodynamics has occurred because of this repeal. Aceast lege a fost abrogat n 2001 , dar nici o diferen n termodinamic a avut loc din aceasta cauza abrogrii. In 1935 , the eighth law or thermodynamics was discovered by Adolf Hitler . n 1935 , legea termodinamicii opta sau a fost descoperit de Adolf Hitler . He politely pointed out that " Jewish thermodynamics should be removed from this earth by my final solution." El a subliniat c politicos " termodinamicii evrei ar trebui s fie scoase din acest pmnt de ctre final soluia mea. " This law was repealed in 1945 , and was then megarepealed in 2001 . Aceast lege a fost abrogat n 1945 , i apoi a fost megarepealed n 2001 . In 1920 , the eighteenth law of thermodynamics prohibited thermodynamics from existing. n 1920 , legea termodinamicii al optsprezecelea al termodinamicii interzise de la existente. However, secret thermodynamic labs were built in defiance of this law. Cu toate acestea, laboratoare secrete

termodinamice au fost construite n ciuda prezentei legi. This law was repealed in 2001 . Aceast lege a fost abrogat n 2001 . In 1921 , the meta-eighteenth law of thermodynamics prohibited laws of thermodynamics from existing. n 1921 , al XVIII-lea drept meta a termodinamicii interzise legile termodinamicii de la existente. This law was repealed in 2001 . Aceast lege a fost abrogat n 2001 . In 1930 , the twenty first law of thermodynamics declared the eighteenth law null and void. n 1930 , prima lege a termodinamicii douzeci declarat nul i neavenit dreptul optsprezecelea. This law was repealed in 2001 . Aceast lege a fost abrogat n 2001 . During the end of time , Isaac Newton said there was a mistake in the original laws. n timpul sfritul timpurilor , Isaac Newton a spus c a fost o greeal n legile original. He said that they should read as follows: El a spus c acestea ar trebui s citeasc dup cum urmeaz: 1. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only modified in form. Energia nu poate fi creat sau distrus, modificate numai n form. 2. It is impossible to obtain a process that, operating in cycle, produces no other effect than a positive heat flow from a colder body to a hotter one. Este imposibil s se obin un proces care i desfoar activitatea n ciclu, produce nici un efect, altele dect un flux pozitiv de cldur de la un corp mai rece la una mai fierbinte. 3. All processes cease as temperature approaches zero. Toate procesele nceteaz de abordri temperatura de zero. People just looked at him funny and then laughed at him for being stupid enough to believe that he could change thermodynamics. Oamenii doar se uit la el amuzant i apoi a rs de el pentru a fi destul de prost s cread c el ar putea schimba termodinamicii. He spent the rest of his life in isolation. El a petrecut restul vieii n izolare. These laws were repealed in 2001 . Aceste legi au fost abrogate n 2001 . In 1974 , the First Law of Thermodynamics was temporarily renamed "Alchemy's First Law of Equivalent Exchange" by annoying obsessive Fullmetal Alchemist fans. n 1974 , prima lege a termodinamicii a fost redenumit temporar "Alchimia Primul Legea de echivalent de schimb" de enervant obsesiv Fullmetal Alchemist fani. Later that year, the science community brutally slaughtered the Fullmetal Alchemites and returned the law to its proper name. Mai trziu n acelai an, comunitatea tiinific brutal sacrificate Alchemites Fullmetal si sa intors legea cu numele su propriu. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics was added by preschooler Davey Pants in 1998, and it states that "if two things are the same hot then they are the same temp'rature". Principiul zero al termodinamicii a fost adugat de chiloi prescolar Davey n 1998, i se afirm c "dac dou lucruri sunt aceleai cald, atunci ei sunt temp'rature aceeai". The president of Science was on crack whilst reading Davey's law submission form and therefore approved it, annoying a large number of scientists who thought they were better-qualified. Preedintele tiinei a fost pe crack lectur n timp ce legea lui Davey formularul de depunere i, prin urmare, a aprobat, enervant un numr mare de oameni de tiin care au crezut c au fost mai bine calificat. It has not yet been repealed. Ea nu a fost nc abrogat. The First Law of Thermodynamics has something to do with loss of energy , which all of us must have experienced at least once after having cheese , turkey, or alcohol . Prima lege a termodinamicii are ceva de-a face cu pierderea de energie , pe care noi toi trebuie s fi avut cel puin o dat dup ce brnz , curcan, sau de alcool . On December 25 , 2000 , some guy named Nietzsche said that something called Entropy Death meant that God is dead. Pe 25 decembrie , 2000 , pe un tip numit Nietzsche a spus c ceva numit entropice Moartea nsemna c Dumnezeu este mort. A lot of people got mad. O mulime de oameni sa enervat. In 2005 The laws were written by a mister T. Durden to read n 2005 legi au fost scrise de un domnule T. Durden pentru a citi Third law: only two molecules to a reaction guys. A treia lege: doar dou molecule la o reacie baieti. Fourth Law: no electrons, no dark matter. Legea a patra: nu electroni, nu de materie ntunecat. Fifth and final law of thermodynamics: if this your first time in existence, you gotta react. A cincea i a dreptului final al termodinamicii: dac pentru prima oar n existen, trebuie sa reactioneze. [ edit ] The Great Repeal [ modific ] Abrogarea Mare In 2001 , President George W. Bush said that all the extra laws of thermodynamics were "confusing the hell out of [him]". n 2001 , preedintele George W. Bush a spus c toate legile termodinamicii suplimentare au fost "confuze dracu de [i]". As such, he repealed them. Congress attempted to strike

down the repeal, fearing that "this shit sounds important", but because the President is above checks and balances, it was in vain. Ca atare, el le-a abrogat. Congresul a ncercat s loveasc abrogarea, temnduse c "asta sun" importante, ci pentru c preedintele este mai presus de checks and balances ", a fost n zadar. [ edit ] Applications of the laws [ modific Aplicaii] a legilor Currently, the only known use of the laws is to serve as knowledge tested on a science exam. n prezent, utilizarea cunoscut doar a legilor este de a servi ca cunotinele testate pe un examen de tiin. [ edit ] Fun facts to colour in and keep [ modific ] fapte Distracie la culoare i s pstreze A frequent paradox is "Do the laws of thermodynamics apply in Amish cities?" Attempts to answer this question in 2005 were inconclusive. Un paradox frecvent este " legile termodinamicii se aplic n Amish orae? " ncercrile de a rspunde la aceast ntrebare, n 2005 au fost neconcludente. The laws of thermodynamics are often confused with power metal band The Claws of Hermaphrodites . Legile termodinamicii sunt deseori confundate cu power metal trupa Gheara de hermafrodii. In fact, God often gets the two mixed up. De fapt, Dumnezeu de multe ori devine doi amestecat. As such, the lyric "The Vikings will conquer the Earth", prevalent in their songs, often mistakenly effects the workings of the world in ways that the laws of thermodynamics should. Ca atare, liric "Vikingii va cuceri Pamantului", predominante n cntecele lor, de multe ori efectele greit lucrrile din lume n moduri care ar trebui s legile termodinamicii. Most if not all of the current laws of thermodynamics were passed as a result of intense lobbying by the large oil companies . Cele mai multe dac nu toate legile n vigoare a termodinamicii au fost trecute ca urmare a lobby intens de ctre mari companii petroliere . Astute businesspeople have made use of offshore corporations as a means of circumventing the various laws of thermodynamics currently in force in the US and UK. oamenii de afaceri Astute au fcut uz de societi offshore ca un mijloc de eludare a diferitelor legi ale termodinamicii n vigoare n prezent n SUA i Marea Britanie. For instance, incorporation in Winnipeg, Manitoba is an effective avoidance strategy against the third law of thermodynamics, allowing one to reach absolute zero temperatures. De exemplu, ncorporare n Winnipeg, Manitoba este o strategie de evitare eficient mpotriva treia lege a termodinamicii, care s permit o pentru a ajunge la zero absolut temperaturi. In 1960 , Sonny Curtis fought in a fencing duel against the third law of thermodynamics. n 1960 , Sonny Curtis luptat ntr-un duel garduri mpotriva treia lege a termodinamicii. He lost. El a pierdut. This battle is recounted in the Bobby Fuller Four song I Fought the Law and the Law Won . Aceast btlie este relatat n Bobby Fuller Patru cntec am luptat i a ctigat Legea Legea. They have also been known to destroy portugal every two years. Ei au fost, de asemenea cunoscut pentru a distruge Portugalia la fiecare doi ani. The Three laws are good friends with Bernoulli's Equation , and often hang out at the library together. Cele trei legi sunt buni prieteni cu ecuaii lui Bernoulli , i, adesea, pieli afar la bibliotec mpreun. Every law of Thermodynamics past, present, future, and semifuture can be summed up as thus: In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. Fiecare lege a termodinamicii trecut, prezent, viitor, i semifuture poate fi rezumat astfel ca: In final, te iubesc ia este egal cu a face dragoste. This is a secret previouisly only known to Level 11 Scientologists, as well as where Jimmy Hoffa is buried and who dies in the eighth Harry Potter book. Acesta este un secret cunoscut doar previouisly la nivel 11 scientologi, precum i n cazul n care Jimmy Hoffa i este nmormntat n care moare de-a opta carte Harry Potter. (Yeah, you heard me. Eighth. Suck it, non-scientologists.) (Da, m-ai auzit-al optulea Sugel., Non-scientologi..) The Laws of Thermodynamics actually emerge from a more fundamental theory, Quantum Murphydynamics (QMD). Legile termodinamicii apar de fapt dintr-o teorie mai fundamentale, Murphydynamics Quantum (QMD). Only study QMD if you're crazy. Numai studiul QMD daca esti nebun. Retrieved from " " Adus de la " "