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n aceast lecie, explicm i exemplificm 60 de termeni medicali n limba englez.

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allergy alergie, allergic to alergic la

Spring is an uncomfortable season for those with a pollen allergy.
Are you allergic to anything else besides pollen?

anesthetic anestezic, anesthesiologist (US) or anaesthetist (UK) anestezist

The hospital has run out of anesthetic.
The surgery starts in one hour, but the anesthesiologist is nowhere to be found.

aneurysm anevrism
His loss of balance and speech problems might be caused by an aneurysm.

antibiotics antibiotice
Shes got a severe bacterial infection. She should start an antibiotic treatment right away.

antibody anticorp
Your blood test doesnt show any antibodies, so you dont have the virus.

blood transfusion transfuzie de snge

The patient needs a blood transfusion, but we must check his blood type first.

(high/low) blood pressure tensiune arterial (ridicat/sczut)

This monitor allows you to measure your blood pressure at home.

(high/low) blood sugar glicemie (crescut/sczut)

Exercising usually lowers your blood sugar levels, but in some cases it can increase them.
brain tumor tumoare cerebral
After the MRI, the doctor was confident that her brain tumor could be removed.

breathing respiraie
His breathing problems are caused by sinusitis, but smoking doesnt help at all.

cardiac arrest stop cardiac

He took CPR training; he now knows how to perform CPR when someone is in cardiac arrest.

chest pain durere toracic

Your chest pains may be caused by anything from fatigue to angina. You should go see a doctor.

coagulation coagulare
The ambulance staff focused on stopping the bleeding and accelerating coagulation.

(common) cold rceal

I caught a cold and wont be able to go to work today.

convalescence convalescen
You may feel well now, but one week of convalescence is still required.

dehydration deshidratare
During her illness, she experienced an excessive loss of body water. We should treat her
for dehydration.

dementia demen
Dont count on his recollection of facts; he suffers from dementia.

diabetes diabet
Dont be sure that youve inherited diabetes from your parents. Lead a healthy lifestyle and get
regular check-ups.

diagnosis diagnostic
The patients diagnosis is essential for recommending the best treatment.

disease boal
Your alcohol problem is not a disease yet; it is in your hands to quit.
drug 1. medicament, 2. drog
I cant take any more drugs; Im fed up with them.
The clinic launched a program that explains the consequences of doing drugs.

edema edem
Edema can occur anywhere within the body. It shows that there is an abnormal accumulation of

electrocardiogram or ECG, EKG electrocardiogram

An electrocardiogram records electrical signals as they pass through your heart and indicates
whether there are irregularities in the rhythm of your heartbeat.

embolism embolie
Her pulmonary embolism was caused by a blood clot that formed in one of her legs and travelled to
her lungs.

emergency room/department or ER camer de urgen

After the car crash, three persons were brought to the emergecy room.

euphoria/elation euforie
The patients depressive episode was followed by a brief period of euphoria.

fainting fit lein

After three fainting fits in one morning, it was obvious that she wasnt doing well.

fever febr
Fever stimulates the bodys immune system because it makes it difficult for bacteria and viruses to

flu (influenza) grip

Ive got chills and muscle pains. I hope Im not getting the flu.

food poisoning toxiinfecie alimentar

It is unacceptable to get food poisoning while in the hospital.

fracture fractur
We must call the ambulance. This is an open fracture that requires immediate attention.

gallstones pietre la vezica biliar

Small gallstones will pass through the bile duct and be eliminated, but larger ones may cause

gastric ulcer ulcer gastric

gastrointestinal gastrointestinal
Infection with Helicobacter pylori is quite common, but it should be treated, as it can cause gastric
ulcer or othergastrointestinal diseases.

geriatric medicine/geriatrics geriatrie

Geriatrics focuses on the prevention and treatment of diseases in elderly people.

germ 1. germen, 2. microb

Wheat germs are very healthy because they are packed with nutrients.
Before and after performing a surgery, doctors scrub their hands with iodine soap in order to
eliminate germs.

haematoma hematom
Haematomas are collections of blood outside the blood vessels.

hearing aid aparat auditiv

Hearing aids can help people with hearing impairments function normally.

heart attack infarct miocardic, atac de cord

The patient is an obese smoker who experiences chronic stress daily; its no wonder he had a heart

heart failure insuficien cardiac

Heart failure is not a death sentence; surgery, medication and lifestyle changes can prolong life
span considerably.

hypochondriac ipohondru
Hes a bit of a hypochondriac; he washes his hands far too often and tests himself for diseases he
cant possibly have.

(bacterial/viral) infection infecie (bacterian/viral)
Sexually transmitted infections among young people have risen dramatically in the last decades.

inflammation, inflammatory process inflamaie, proces inflamator

My toes are red, swollen, and they hurt badly. This inflammation is killing me.

injection/shot injecie
The worst part of an injection is not the needle; its the serum entering the tissue.

injury ran
He suffered a leg injury at work and now he will wear a plaster cast.

insomnia insomnie
During his rehabilitation, he experienced severe insomnia.

intensive care (unit) or ICU terapie intensiv

Were in the ICU waiting room. The nurse should show up anytime now.

jaundice icter
Jaundice often indicates theres something wrong with your liver.

kidney transplant transplant de rinichi

Two of his relatives are suitable donors for the kidney transplant.

laboratory laborator
Only the medical staff is allowed in the laboratory.

lab results rezultate de laborator

We must wait for the lab results in order to establish the appropriate treatment.

lesion leziune
The fight caused him many external and internal lesions.

limb membru
Your limbs are cold because of your poor peripheral circulation.
liver cancer cancer hepatic
The patients liver cancer is at stage A and well start by removing the affected section.

manic-depression/bipolar disorder tulburare maniaco-depresiv/tulburare bipolar

During the manic stages of his bipolar disorder, he doesnt want to take his pills.

measles pojar
The child mustnt go to school; measles is extremely infectious.

medication medicaie
He started taking anti-sickness medication before his first cycle of chemotherapy.

migraine migren
If these analgesics dont work, Ill prescribe some triptans for your migraine.

muscle damage traum muscular

Muscle damage can release muscle cells into your bloodstream and affect your kidneys.

narcolepsy narcolepsie, narcoleptic narcoleptic

Her daytime sleep episodes are uncontrollable. Shes a narcoleptic, currently undergoing treatment.

nausea grea
Dont worry. Nausea is a common side effect of this treatment.

necrosis necroz
The patients necrosis had extended quickly. They had to amputate his entire leg.

neonate / newborn / infant nou-nscut

Newborns react well to sounds they heard while in their mothers womb.

nerve cell neuron

Drugs mimic neurotransmitters and trick nerve cells into sending abnormal messages.
neurology neurologie, neurologist neurolog
The autistic child is being evaluated by a multidisciplinary team from the neurology, psychiatry and
pediatrics departments.

obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD tulburare obsesiv-compulsiv

Her OCD is time-consuming: before leaving her apartment, she opens and closes all doors, turns all
the lights and the taps on and off again, and checks the gas cooker knobs everything five times!

obstetrics obstetric, obstetrician obstetrician

Her obstetrician decided to induce labor in her 35th week of pregnancy.

obstruction obstrucie, ocluzie

The patients peritonitis was caused by an untreated intestinal obstruction.

oncology oncologie, oncologist oncolog

The pathologists evaluation of the biopsy determined the oncologist to start radiation immediately.

optic nerve nerv optic

His optic nerve damage is a consequence of his elevated intracranial pressure.

overdose or OD supradoz
Heroin and morphine overdoses can be prevented with antagonist drugs, like naloxone.

pacemaker stimulator cardiac

Pacemakers maintain an adequate heart rate when the patients heart is unable to do so by itself.

painkiller calmant, analgezic

They started her on morphine because milder painkillers didnt work anymore.

panic attack atac de panic

When the panic attack subsided, he was completely exhausted.

paralysis paralizie, paralyzed paralizat

During REM sleep, most of the body is paralyzed, so that we dont act out our dreams.

parasite parazit
Keratin and sebum protect us from parasites trying to enter our skin.
pathology patologie, pathogenic patogen
The virus mutated and has become even more pathogenic.

pediatrics pediatrie, pediatrician medic pediatru

You should see a pediatrician because these symptoms could mean something else in a child.

physician medic
It is best to consult a physician before taking any supplements.

plastic surgery chirurgie plastic

He underwent reconstructive plastic surgery one year after the accident.

pregnancy sarcin
She started wearing maternity clothes during her second trimester of pregnancy.

prophylaxis profilaxie
Post-exposure prophylaxis doesnt guarantee that the virus wont start replicating.

psychosomatic psihosomatic
Placebo treatment can work when the illness is psychosomatic.

quarantine carantin
The entire building was in quarantine after the anthrax attack. Most people left in the evening, after
a decontamination shower.

radiotherapy radioterapie
Before surgery, radiotherapy is used to shrink the tumor and make it easier to remove.

rash urticarie
By the time they saw a doctor, the babys diaper rash had spread to his back.

relapse recidiv
He had been sober for three years, but had a sudden relapse during the winter holidays.

remission remisiune
Although her pancreatic cancer has been in remission for three years, she is afraid it might come
renal stone, kidney stone piatr la rinichi
Passing a renal stone usually requires nothing more than plenty of water and pain medication.

retinal detachment dezlipire de retin

The retinal detachment became obvious when he started seeing curved door edges.

rheumatism reumatism
There are various types of rheumatism. Most of them have joint pain and swelling in common.

saliva saliv, salivary gland gland salivar

Hepatitis C cant be spread through saliva, but you can never be too careful.

seizure atac, criz

Convulsive epileptic seizures are dangerous. Somebody must join you at all times.

septicemia septicemie
Her fever, high respiratory rate and high white cell count indicate septicemia.

sclerosis scleroz
Atherosclerosis can go undetected for a long time. The best treatment is prevention quit smoking,
eat healthy food and exercise daily.

subcutaneous subcutanat
Subcutaneous injections are less scary than intramuscular and intravenous ones.

stroke atac cerebral

Strokes usually leave survivors with some type of disability.

syndrome sindrom
She decided to have an abortion because her baby would have had the Down syndrome.

tapeworm tenie
Dont consume undercooked food. You can ingest tapeworms and get a digestive infection.

thermometer termometru
There are three places in which a thermometer can be inserted. Hopefully, the doctor will measure
your axillary or sub-lingual temperature.
thrombosis tromboz
Flight attendants are prone to deep vein thrombosis because of the cramped space and the
reduced air pressure.

tomography tomografie, computed tomography or CT tomografie computerizat

A CT scan provides pictures of thin slices of your organs, in order for doctors to better assess your

toothache durere de dini

My excruciating toothache ended when my tooth nerve died. I fell in a deep slumber and woke up
fresh as a daisy.

tuberculosis or TB tuberculoz sau TBC

Although most often found in the lungs, TB can spread to any other organs.

ultrasound ultrasunet
An ultrasound examination will help confirm the pregnancy.

unconsciousness incontien, unconscious incontient

He has been unconscious for too long. The concussion must be quite severe.

urea uree
Urea has no physiological purpose in our bodies. However, we synthesize it from inorganic materials
to use it as a fertilizer and in various other ways.

urinary tract tract urinar

If you treat them, urinary tract infections are not dangerous. But, if you dont, they can spread from
the bladder to the kidneys and cause serious damage.

urology urologie, urologist urolog

The urologist believes that her urinary incontinence is caused by stress and that surgical treatment
probably wont be necessary.

uterus uter
By the end of a pregnancy, the uterus becomes the size of a watermelon.

vaccine vaccin, vaccination vaccinare
The HPV vaccine does not protect against all types of HPV.

valve valv
Two of his heart valves need to be replaced with artificial ones.

varicose veins vene varicoase

Her varicose veins dont allow her to stand for too long.

ventricular fibrillation fibrilaie ventricular

Ischemic heart disease is the most frequent cause of ventricular fibrillation.

vertigo vertij
The doctor is trying to determine the underlying cause of his vertigo.

visual acuity acuitate vizual

visual field cmp vizual
Although her visual field is narrow, her visual acuity is quite impressive.

water retention retenie de ap

Water retention is very common in people with a disorder of the thyroid gland.

weight loss pierdere n greutate, to lose weight a slbi

Dont starve yourself if you want to lose weight. Your body will feel threatened and will deposit all
the fat it can get.

white blood cell leucocite

A high white blood cell count indicates that there is an infection in your body.

wisdom tooth msea de minte

All of my wisdom teeth had to be extracted because they were affecting my other molars.

X-ray raze X
Based on your chest X-ray, you might have emphysema. A CT scan is required at this point.

yeast infection candidoz
Yeast infections can normally be prevented through good personal hygiene.

zoster zona zoster

Chickenpox and zoster are triggered by the same virus. Zoster occurs when the latent virus